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Keep reading. Originally posted by cyyphr. Part 2. Originally posted by sugagifs. Summary: You meet Suga at an awards event and reference him in one of your performances which gains the attention of not only the rapper but also his fans. You have seen pictures of his dyed hair and you cant deny he suits just about any colour.

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Dating Min Yoongi would include:.

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Cuddling all the time. All the members loving you yoongi getting upset when you hang out with Jungkook all the time. Being the biggest supporter when he releases his mix tape. You doing the same.

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Him apologizing first. Long cuddling after the fight. Tell me who you want me to do next in BTS. Part 7 Summary: You meet Suga at an awards event and reference him in one of your performances which gains the attention of not only the rapper but also his fans.

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Fall Date with BTS. Yoongi; Red Fox! Hoseok; Corgi Dog! Jimin; Tiger! Taehyung; Bunny! The three of us stand and Jungkook puts us behind him protecting us but nothing could protect us from what we saw. The two hybrid tigers throw Taehyung like he was nothing, luckily Jungkook catches him before he hits the ground. A bold man with a snake tattoo on his head approach us making Jimin put me behind him. They told me you left me.

Dating yoongi would include tumblr

I look up seeing Yoongi and Jackson leaving a room, I look at Yoongi, and he looks down shaking is head, nothing again. We will find them, safe. Come here! Jin takes my hand and smiles in hope. What are we waiting for! A day has passed and no one came to us again, we stay in our cell, in the dark, no food, no water until when we were all sleeping, we wake up when we hear Jungkook screaming.

Hours passed and no sign of Jungkook, the only sound in the cell is Jimin crying on my shoulder and Taehyung still whipping in pain on my other side, I look at the wall in front of me, crying, not knowing what to do, not knowing what to think.

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I wake up again, not knowing when I felt asleep, I look and see Jimin and Taehyung also sleeping until Taehyung suddenly opens his eyes and looks right into my eyes. I look at Taehyung again when he was going to say something, but he quickly got up and look at the door cell. You must be Bilbo. Welcom e dear! Come in,come in! I look to the beautiful dwarf who was waving me to sit next to him and I go towards him.

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He was going to talk when Thorin and Gandalf started talking again. Through the meeting me and Kili were always looking at each other through shy glances always blushing when we caught each other, not noticing the death glare of Thorin. The next day comes, and we started our journey without Bilbo.

I was on my horse feeling Thorin glare but I ignored him and look at the other dwarves that where betting with each other if Bilbo comes or not, until I feel Kili next to me. Bring it on girl! Then suddenly we hear Bilbo screaming for us to stop. I sign the contract!

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I look at Kili putting my hand in front of him waiting for my money. I blush at the eye contact but wink at him and quickly go to stay beside Gandalf and Bilbo.

The start of the journey was calming everyone was silence until we came to the first stop near a small cavern.

Dating Yoongi would include: When he realized he liked you in more than a friendly way he freaked out He would start observing you Trying to find something (anything) that could tell him that you liked him back He would stay nights awake figuring out how to tell you . #Bts #Suga #Min Suga #Min Yoongi #dating suga #dating yoongi #dating #would include #dating bts #min genius #lazy #sweet #salt #kisses #love #sleep #lazy days #what did you expect #swag #swaeag #sweag #masterlist #list #master #keitaiplus.com #jin #seokjin #jhope #hoseok #rap monster. We love you!" I say. Yoongi and I hugged him tightly when I felt Hoseok give me and Yoongi a little kiss on the lips. "Once again the family is united." I think. We all yawned at the same time and started laughing. "I think we'd better go to bed." I tell them. And we all went to our respective ones until minutes after I got into bed.

I help Bombur and Ori with food and fire until I sit next to Kili and Fili looking at Bilbo feeding an apple to his pony when suddenly we all got scared and me ready to fight when we hear Orcs.

After I braid Kili hair he felt asleep on my lap with a small smile on his face, I quietly put him on the ground near his brother and get up towards my horse preparing her for the next day. His my nephew and I would never allow him to be with someone like you. After finding the ogres and meeting and escape from the orcs, my biggest fear had come when me and the dwarves get out of the cave and look to Rivendell, the city of elves.

Are you okay?

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I look up and see Gandalf looking at me nodding in courage and Thorin looking at me suspicious. I guess I was right. Leave her be! I start looking for the dwarves and I quickly found them making drinking and laughing, but they stopped the moment they see me.

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You had the best intentions. Days have passed and Elrond let me stay in Rivendell to let me know more about elves and half lings until he came to me one day. I arrive there and kill one orc behind Gandalf. You came.

Check out my other versions of 'Dating - would include' Jin, Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook!! Gif not mine, credit to owner!! (also, my requests for imagines/texts/reactions are open!) First of all look at that gif im so in love with him ahhhhh; But let's be real; Yoongi .

I see Kili fighting a huge orc, so I prepare myself and attack the huge orc getting us some time to prepare other attack. I would do anything with you. I look down and I see a lot of blood, Kili was badly hurt.

Finally, leaving the dead body of Kili on the ground, I get up and start leaving meeting Gandalf on the way. Would you like to come? Thank you. Note: Sorry for the delay!

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Hope you like it! Our enjoyment was cut shortly when the night class start leaving their dorm and start walking near us. How are you? You look beautiful today. Some weeks had passed in Cross Academy, many things happen, Hanabusa stopped flirting with me, Ruka now started even more glaring at me, the other vampires in the night class started to be closer to me like protecting me but Kanama seems farther and farther giving more attention to Yuuki which makes me sad and Zero very angry.

Then Maria a strong vampire, came to the school and started causing troubles also Zero biology brother are here too so everything is chaos but when I was saving, trying to save Yuuki from Maria, she cut Yuuki enough to drop a little blood making me hungry, I try to control myself, but I was too weak and almost attack Yuuki only to be stopped by Kaname who hit me making me unconscious, the last thing I saw was Yuuki looking at me in shock with Zero holding her.

I woke up suddenly sitting up in a couch remembering everything that happen. Everything is okay now. I look up and see Kaname that was now hugging me. I cried for thirty minutes maybe more, now me and Kaname are just in silence in his office.


Only to be interrupted by Yuuki entering the office. How interesting. Note: Sorry for the delay. Hi everyone!

YOONGI EDITION. Note: I noticed that my boyfriend Jin got all weirdly formatted on the computer because it's got a lot of gifs, so I won't put too many on further posts:(Originally posted by sugagifs. i know what you're thinking about yoongi; think again; repeat after me - yoongi is not a coldhearted boyfriend; i believe that yoongi is soft. May 16,   Dating Min Yoongi Would Include: Oh boy where do I begin This man has a sweet spot for you Loves you to death Tho, he is always afraid he doesn't show it to you He doesn't say I love you a lot He'd rather say it once And prove it to you everyday Lazy kisses. - "Yah, Min Yoongi! You are the most caring, sweet, understanding, intelligent, brave man I know and I will say that to you whenever you need reminding." - He .

Sorry for not ating! So if you want some of my fanart bts drawings or want me to make one for you or to offer to a friend please go check these pages!

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Originally posted by twoy. Hii could you do a bts reaction to being on the same show as their crush and another idol admits that she's their ideal type and keeps on flirting with them Sorry the requests are close! So sorry!

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Can you do a Jacob Black imagine where he rejects the imprint but soon regrets it when he tries to go back to her only to find out she is also a wolf shapeshifter and the imprint of Paul Lahote and is pregnant with Paul's child? Posts Ask me anything Archive. New Family - Chapter 7 Genre: Poly!

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AU; Hybrid! The days after what happened pass slow and with embarrassing moments. New Family - Chapter 28 Genre: Poly! Au; Hybrid!

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