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Chuuuuu said: before you get into an online relationship should think if its really worth it cuz its gunna be super tough in the long run lol Oh nooooo, gotta stay positive on this stuff Chu! She's right, there's a lot more to it than just tossing your stuff into a briefcase and make a first class trip to the person's house.

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There is no standard to be held to, no consequences, and no way to tell truth from lie. Tidusblitz said: Ramuh. Shallow said: Bahamut. Pimpjuice said: Alexander.

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The worse that will happen is that it wont work out Seanna said: Ramuh. Dont do it is my advice. Stanflame said: Fenrir.

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Tidusblitz said: Bismarck. The amount of homages to earlier zombie works makes it good. The art style is nice but I think only a true zombie fan would get it. I mean they ripped one of the songs directly from 28 days later.

Pimpjuice said: meh, i work to damn much and spend all my time with my little girl.

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Chuuuuu said: Alexander. Shallow said: Bismarck. I have no quarrel with them, except if they want to be ridiculously "lovey-dovey" while they are sitting behind their monitors next to eachother irl, they can be so far away from me. By Ramuh. I'm actually friends with a couple who met in FFXI and got together in RL and now a few years later they are getting married.

Then quit the game after they met IRL haha. By Siren.

Apr 19, I can fully agree, I once knew a girl, who me and my friend got interested in FFXI. she is a nice girl don't get me wrong. Anyhow she used her famine ways to well do what ladies have the charm to do, starts dating Shell leader, Shell breaks up the make new shell named after themselves, lol. And the tyranny begins! [+]. Jul 07, Forum Topics Posts Last Post; FFXI: General. Anything related to FFXI. 1 hr 29 mins drakefs: Crafter's Crib. News and ates for FFXIV. 2 years 8 months keitaiplus.comi: General. Anything FFXIV related. 4 hrs 34 mins Qualo: Suggestions. Suggestions for Square-Enix. 1 year 2 months. Videos recording FFXIV players' stints in so-called "GM jail," located in the Coral Tower in Limsa Lominsa, are pretty funny. Sometimes, players run around, irreverently spamming emotes.

I met my gf on xi. She lives in the states and me the uk. Even we initially didn't think it would work though, but hey, we've been going out almost 2 years now, i've visited her twice, most recently which was 2 months over xmas. And to make this more funny, I have a female character ingame, but I don't act like a chick to get free stuff.

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You all talk as if people that have a relationship ingame just involves talking ingame though. We barely ever talk ingame now, we always sit talking for hours and hours on Skype and stuff. By Gilgamesh. Nothing at all wrong with it.

I can see both sides of this. I think people who don't know that assume we are an e-couple. We're not. FF just happens to be something that we do together.

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I've had friends in-game who had e-relationships, though, and they almost always ended badly. I don't mind if my pals do that, as long as they understand that the person they are 'with' might be the sweetest, most loving person alive or they might be a lying axe murderer.

Met her brother in Last of Us multiplayer, he's a good guy. We played for awhile and at that time FFXIV ARR was about to be released, the brother ask if any of us would be willing to guide his sister as she doesn't play much video games, i was reluctant at first but seeing i was the only one with free time in the afternoon because of my job's flexible working hours, i decided to 'co-op' with her. Sep 01, FFXIV "dating" interaction from the 5-year anniversary hour livestream (Part 2) - Duration: Hezkezl 7, views. Resident Evil 2 Developers React to 49 Minute Speedrun Sep 13, maybe i should try online dating, since i am failing at irl dating. lol Yeah just remember they can and probably will be much different irl and might do complete s after you meet them irl. Also, if your dating online your putting pretty much trust in someone.

If you trust that person, then best wishes and have fun! There is one problem I have with it, though. But lets not get carried away O.

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The couples that tend to indulge in egregious PDA in real life tend to be younger folks for whom being in a relationship is still excitingly novel, and they want to show that off. I imagine it's much the same in FFXI.

Ffxiv dating forum

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Just having something in common, then finding out that personally they have much in common, people fall in love, Do I need to teach the birds and bee's as well? Sorry to troll, but it's not really that complex why people fall for each other. Airbag said: and for every 3 of those people that it works out for theres men playing mithras trolling other gullible men yah, I've seen that happen, it's all over the screenshot areas, people flaming about how Men shouldn't play Mithra's that it's "mis-leading" What about the real life females that play male characters?

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ffxiv - Free Dating, Singles and Personals. Im just kinda taking it slow right now until I find out what I actually want. Flare Sunflame (Sargatanas) posted a new blog entry, " First 90 days after Free Trial FFXIV."-We Do Jobs For Money (Spriggan) has been formed.-Zansetsu Primrose. Aegis (Elemental) Zansetsu Primrose (Aegis) posted a new blog entry, "You TubeLIVE????."-Layla Flora. Masamune (Mana). Jul 06, Forum Top: English Forums. Welcome to the English forums! Sub-forums Last Post. Information. Important Notices / Maintenance / General / ates / Status. Important Notices. FFXIV: ARR One Year Anniversary Video Contest (EU) Letter .

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