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Love is universal. There is no such thing as French love or American love. That said, we have all agreed by now that French and Americans are different. When it comes to love and relationships, there is the French way and the American way. From the way they meet each other to how they date, French and American people operate differently. It is that simple, and the very reason that there is no French word for date or dating.

Ultimately, it means that the experience is much more laid-back in comparison to the US. There is a lot less pressure on each person in a group environment.

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In the US, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the various roles that each sex should take on during the dating game. In other words, one woman in a relationship might be quite flirty and pursue a man, while another might be much more passive.

French dating vs american dating

Men are regarded as being far more active as they pursue women, while women tend to be a little shyer. The real seal comes in the form of a kiss. Once a couple of kiss, they are regarded as girlfriend and boyfriend; no questions asked.

And being romantic in a French way might not be what an American girl needs, so starting relationship with a guy from France sometimes leads to disappointment. We decided to make everything clear and draw parallels between American and French dating. So here is what we are ready to present you: a comparison of dating an American and a Frenchman. May 16,   Emily Chavez, an American law student here, said the accelerated approach the French take to dating hasn't always ended well for her. One man admitted the morning after they hooked up .

Even a lot of French men nowadays think that this approach is too formal. What do you generally imagine speaking about a date?

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Going to a cafe and talking the whole evening or visiting a cinema to watch a movie. While these are not bad things to do as well as it might be the best way to spend time for some people, this is not a scheme French men follow. You will visit art galleries and museums, go on long strolls through beautiful parks, escape from the city once there is a chance to do it and discover nearby places.

Now think what you wish, but after conversations with other American men and upon reflecting on my own dates, I've found that the American man/French woman relationship doesn't often work for a very simple reason: expectations. One of the most obvious examples is when a French date told me this particularly harsh, semi-compliment. Jun 18,   IMO, "dating" and "rendezvous" or whatever you want to call it is not significantly different between the American and the French. Basically, if you're horny, you have sex -> if there's mutual attraction, you become a couple -> if you're compatible, you spend more time together -> if you are no longer compatible, or one dies. Jan 09,   By way of a different culture, language, and romantic norms, dating someone from any country is bound to present some serious differences. But dating in France-or dating a French guy on American soil-presents a whole new world of romance that can't necessarily be ordered a la carte.

And even if he chooses to bring you to a cafe you will not visit the same one twice as it can easily get boring and each date should be special. No matter how much a French guy courts his woman, he still understands she is a personality who demands respect. It is not the same recognizing-as-equal situation as it is in, for example, Scandinavia.

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In France, men see nothing wrong in paying for their date, holding the door and bringing bouquets. But they respect the demand to be successful and are happy to support you in any of your beginnings. Not everyone will appreciate their girlfriend paying more attention to career rather than relationships.

At the same time, even though Americans, as well as the rest of the world, moves towards gender equality, there is still plenty of men who think the main goal for woman is to get married. Judging by this description, you might think that dating a French man is a whole lot better than looking for a partner in America.

But let us remind you: our cultures are different and no matter how loving your partner is, you might need some time to adapt his traditions.

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Flirting is on Yes, both men and women in France like to flirt and they know how to do it. No need to define In America there is a tendency to mark a definite date when you officially claim your are a couple.

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Jealousy is not a thing If you had an American boyfriend, you probably know what jealousy is. Attention is plentiful American mentality often comes with constantly being busy as career and personal realisation are the main values in society.

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No pointless time There always has to be a point in going out and each date is supposed to be truly unique and memorable.

Women are equal No matter how much a French guy courts his woman, he still understands she is a personality who demands respect.

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Is it all perfect? As a person who is used to making decisions when they are well-thought, the speed relationships with French people develop can be overwhelming.

If you feel that everything goes on too fast, better approach it straight to your partner. Interestingly, this is a conversation that my wife French and I American have had on a number of occasions. While the article suggests that a kiss is all it takes to become exclusive, this ignores the fact that the French tend to be more liberal about casual sex.

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French women tend to ignore question NOT because they are uncertain whether they are in an exclusive relationship as the article suggestsbut rather because French tend to ignore the question of marriage altogether; as demonstrated by the increasing number of relationships who agree to have children, but are not interested in getting married.

Until the advent of the internet, most American relationships started in groups introductions from friends, coworkers, family, etc. However, the internet internet dating, meet ups, etc.

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If the article was about arranged marriages vs. You have the French insight on this that a non-French person is not able to bring to the discussion. I found the information you mentioned about how French kids meet and date is right on the money.

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Obviously, this is,not entirely your fault. To be honest, it bothered my husband at first, too.

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We both eventually adapted to and accepted this behavior because I realized that French kids, who tend not to move out on their own as early as American kids do, have no where else to go. The truth is, there are advantages to both ways. The acceptance into the family so quickly was very touching to me. Perhaps it might be better to just try to combine the best of both worlds.

Ah, finalement, un article pour prouver mes points Merci Jennifer!

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Just go out to eat sounds good! You forgot one very important thing in this really interesting article. I appreciate your speaking out on regards to the french community.

The language is captivating to my soul. I grew up under her roof.

Loving Abroad #6: French dating vs American dating

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