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I just want people to know. It was right before internet dating got huge. I had just ended a relationship I had since a teen. Moved away and saw a newspaper article about an awesome matchmaker in AZ. I called her and she said no one would date me till I lost weight.

Who do I talk to tell my story and get my money back? Crazy evil people. Reply 0 0. Location Bay Shore, New York. Service Great Expectations Online Dating. Share Share Tweet. Oct 21, Angel c of Hinsdale, IL. Comment Helpful 0 Not helpful 1.

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Location Hinsdale, Illinois. Great Expectations - Worked there back in the day. I managed a center back in the early 90's and it was very successful membership. Yes, you got some unhappy people who did not put in the effort, but typically, when people are willing to spend money, they are more committed and that part of it was a good thing. Then online dating came in and changed the game.

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I think as sales dropped, they started to do some things that were not too cool like setting different costs for different people. I helped 's of people find love back in the day and it was fun and rewarding. Times are just different now.

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Being newly remarried, I can say that online dating is a lot less expensive but boy did I have to kiss about frogs to find the one! Service Great Expectations Matchmaking Service. Reason of review Good quality. Rating Details Advertised vs Delivered. Customer service. Chicagoland singles is a scam tracy trys to sell you dollars everyone does not pay the same this company is a scam. Great Expectations - Feel scammed. So unfortunate, I joined Great Expectations which is now Minneapolis Singles 23 years ago where I met my husband of 22 years.

It's now and I'm divorced so I decide to give them another try. Big mistake!!! Today there are so many dating sites that the available men are spread very thin.

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Their pool of available men is too small to warrant what they charge. Do Not Join! As soon as I saw their data base of many inactive members or men that were not what I was looking for I realized that I was dooped.

Pursuing a refund now, wish me luck. Their methods are understandable, they don't want you to know that they don't and are unable to secure enough quality available men.

Their time is over but they still take your money and as soon as they have it you can not get a refund. They need to change with the times and charge much less because they offer much less. Great Expectations - I realized I was not a good fit for their clientele. You can't view who is on their roster prior to joining. More than likely You will find that those who you are told you would be suited for will not be interested in you.

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I have heard this from one other member and HE also heard this from another member. The amount of pictures lying around the office in no way reflects who are active members.

Once they have your thousands there is a no refund policy. I was mislead and hope to help you avoid similar mistake in judgement. Reason of review Bad quality. Pissed Consumer Your trust is our top priority. Great Expectations - Martied but a widow now. Meet my husband 7 years ago but he passed away last September. I was lucky to have such a wonderful man. Great Expectations - Careful - Intro is just the beginning of grabbing your personal Info.

I was interested in a cruise, and someone contacted me to come in for an interview. I did, filled out a basic questionaire, but skipped the personal info like birthdate and SSN and signed the form. I think she copied down my drivers license number.

Great expectations dating service cost

I called, another receptionist wasn't sure, put me on hold, talked to someone, then came back and said I signed the form so it was legal, but a director would call me back.

I still don't know how they ran a credit check without a SSN and possibly no birth date.

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They never called back, ran a credit check for no legitimate reason. This is not ok. If you are thinking about using them.

Do not sign the form, do not let them copy any information down from IDs. They have to have some other nefarious reason to do the credit check - are they selling the information? I wish I would have read these reviews first. Comment Helpful 1 Not helpful 0.

Cons Running credit report when specifically said no. Reason of review Improper Credit Check. May 24, Erabella of Indianapolis, IN. Great Expectations - Also known as Indianapolis Singles.

This service is a complete joke. Ellie uses high pressure tactics to close the "deal" and establish membership. They provide NO kind of compatibility screening. Your profile is comprised of whatever information the customer wants entered.

Customers aren't allowed access to the member's-only website until after a payment agreement is signed.

Great Expectations cost varies by client. Which brings us to. Several lawsuits have been filed against Service Expectations, including those initiated by the states of Cost, Wisconsin and Washington. Complaints included deceptive marketing great site dating and high pressure sales tactics. Arizona also prevailed in their lawsuit against Great Expectations, where the dating service once again had to pay fines and restitution totally $, in And in Washington state's lawsuit, Great Expectations settled by agreeing to pay $37, in restitution to affected customers, as well as a $5K civil penalty and court costs to the. Full service great expectations - great expectations by john with matchmaker. Great expectations dating refund. Com is a great jun 15 how they are the places to online dispute experience that support. n of selling dating service as great expectations. So many roles in the world's largest social security levels of you can the 21st c,

The members-only website has outdated information newsletter from February is still posted on the website, with no newsletters for March, April, or May There have been no "events" or activities for members scheduled since I have been a member. And there are not very many new members being added to their database.

Honestly, sites like Match. DO NOT sign up with these folks. You will regret it, and waste your hard-earned money! This isn't just sour grapes, and I am not a malcontent. This service has a negative history, and there are additional reviews and complaints on the BBB website that indicate the same types of problems.

I have also posted a similar review on yelp. And by the way, the business has "disparaging clauses" in their contract, meaning that they can deny you services if you write negative things about them, and they prohibit you from discussing how much you paid for services, because they charge everyone a different fee, based on creditworthiness. The contract does not allow any period of time to change your mind about signing up for the service and making a large financial commitment.

Also, if you refuse to make payments, it negatively impacts your credit score. Rosaly Rosaly Mar 19, Reply 2 0. Anonymous PissedConsumer Jul 02, Rosaly Not only for finding life partner, you will also find lots of friends after attending few single events.

Reply 1 0. Anonymous PissedConsumer Jun 15, I have probably already done that on my own. Reply 0 1. View more comments 2. Location Indianapolis, Indiana. Cons High pressure sales tactics Pulling hard credit to screen me. Great Expectations - Scam, you're better off with eHarmony.

I'm typically a savvy consumer. It's true you can't get a refund after the 3rd day and here's the trick. They won't let you see the member base before the 3rd day because if you did you'd run screaming from the building. And the building is in Edina leading you to believe it's upscale and legitimate.

I have yet to have a man with a higher than high school education contact me. It's like to social rejects are drawn to this service. I requested a refund and I was quoted contract language.

It's a scam and I'm embarrassed that I fell for it. If they were a credible business they'd let you experience the service for 3 days before refusing a refund. Let the new member see the antiquated 3-ring binders or web site and search for 3 days.

If not satisfied then refund a substantial portion. The member base is carp, and now I'm a member. So what can you do but be embarrassed and suck it up. I'm writing the attorney general and hope to get a fraction of the membership fee back. Anything is better than nothing. Anonymous PissedConsumer Jun 23, Anonymous PissedConsumer Jun 22, Yes they tell you what they think can get you to sign.

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Minnesota can learn from that lawsuit. View more comments 1. Reason of review Dishonest practices. Preferred solution Full refund.

Great expectations dating service cost. GreatExpectations Sign Up Form. Great Single Sporting Events. GreatExpectations Dating Concierge Service. This site is a free online resource that offers valuable content and comparison features to consumers. Such compensation impacts the location and order in which such companies appear on this page. Nov 27,   Great Expectations has closed. If you were interested in this type of dating service you may want to check out our Matchmaking services category to find other similar sites. Below, we have left our original Great Expectations review for your continued reading. This review received its last major ate during the month of March

Compare Companies Great Expectations. Great Expectations Dating Service Review. Isn't it in their policy that if you starting dating someone you can't be a member of Great Expecting right. Location Tukwila, Washington. Reason of review Poor customer service.

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Great Expectations - Rip off. Misrepsented the service. They claim it is an exclusive dating service, and promise to "look for matches" for you. Many members are actually inactive, and the dating pool is very small comparted to other dating sites.

Realized it was scam. Then I cancelled my card, at which time they cancelled my account. Location Minneapolis, Minnesota. In after being a widow for over 3 years, I fell victim to this predatory business. I had a terrible encounter with them and would like other consumers to be aware of the following: 1. Great Expectations GE is a nationwide scam dating service that goes under a variety of aliases including Chicagoland Singles. Once they obtain your contact information, they will harass you through email, phone calls, etc.

At the interview, the following duplicitous tactics are used by their corrupt sales persons: a. High powered aggressive sales tactics and distractions to lure you into a contract b.

Misrepresent the services they offer and the hidden fees e. The basically utilize any strategy to fraudulently persuade you to sign. They purposely and defiantly briefly go over the contract.

Federal and State Dating Service laws indicate 3 business days to cancel a dating service contract. If you contact them immediately after signing the contract even the next daythey will not give you accurate information on how to cancel I contacted them several times in an attempt to cancel my contract and Sharon M.

She was cruel and verbally abusive If you attempt to contact their manager, Tracy W. You are completely denied access. She outright refuses to work with you to resolve the issues. In addition, they will threaten you with lawsuits But it said I wanted kids clearly on my intake form. She said she would message the guys again. One lanky nerd happened to be from my hometown. Please leave him alone".

I paid all this money for such rudeness? I have never had anyone insult my looks like that. I was only 24, all the men were older.

Finally I met someone from GE. He was nice but unemployed. He was on heavy psych meds for "visions of violence" from military service and had tremors. I felt bad for him but unsafe around him. I told GE about his issues and they had the nerve to say I had to buy another photo shoot to stay active. However I noticed my picture stayed on their site for at least a year last I checked it.

Criminals here. Then the calls, no matter the cease and desist given to never call again, every now and then. Her tonality and when told, as I do each time, to stop calling me, they call now and then just to have fun at my expense.

Morbid scum to call a number they know has had enough of them. IMAGINE that, getting a call every now and then, just because these scum have no life, no boss overseeing them, or one that condones their criminal activity. I will be posting this everywhere to let people know they are scum of the earth. I happen to have the call recorded and am filing suit against them.

They are about to get the hint that screwing with someone the way that scum just did, will get them sued. She was so kind and understanding about my divorce and not wanting the kids to meet all different men when they don't work out. A week later, I had my photo video appointment with Marty and I was so nervous Wendy re-wrote my profile and I just loved it. Obviously, so did Jack because we are engaged to be married at Christmas - In St. What are you waiting for? Please dont take this review as my bias opinion as to tell you what to do, but as any consumer should know; only you can make the best decision for yourself.

I was not fired. I got so fed up with their un-ethical practices that I decided to get up and walk out. The best thing about GE is that they do run criminal background checks on everyone who joins. They will refuse a potential client if they have a felony. GE is located in SC because there is no 3 day refund clause.

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The Charlotte center is a little over 1 year old. They do have approx 2, clients, however a little under are active. Most of the members are average working men and women who live pay check to pay check, however they state these are all professional people.

With this you get to use the website, have a video done by the front office staff and professional photos. Right now the photographer is amazing and he is professional, but before he came, they just hired someone to take sub-standard pictures.

If you want more than one picture, you will be charged hundreds to thousands of dollars. To upgrade to global you can select and be seen by all the other members in the United States, approx 56 centers is an additional cost.

To have a V-Gram which is a little email with your picture on it is another few hundred dollars. When you walk in, they give you a screener which asks for your personal information and some useless dating information. They are not out to sell it, as a matter of fact all member files remain locked once you leave for the day, but they run your credit to see how much money they can get you for.

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If you though buying a car had some ruthless salespeople, try dealing with the Relationship Specialists. They feed on your emotional well being. Not everyone is even charged the same amount. They say the fee does depend on the length of your membership. Once you become a member, you are invited to join in the events they have. The events are not free. Even the staff that goes to the events has to pay and they don't get reimbursed. Aside from the background checks and the events, GE is no different than match.

You will stand a better chance using an online dating site.

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Some people say GE is a scam. It will work, but it's not worth the money!

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Mayfair RD. SuiteOregon, WI www. Because GE kept asking me to drive to Oregon to hear what their program could do for me.

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I told her that it didn't matter how much I left from the sale of my house because it was all needed because I was the only person saving street children in Brazil's Highlands. I have been traveling there caring for them since Other parts of Brazil have some sheltering, but in the Highlands its only me. I have seen it. I told her I take out bank loans every year and then pay the loads back each year.

In fact GE had just completed a successful fund raiser for her son who was in a drastic motorcycle accident It paid large medical bills and gave him extra money besides. She told me they have a history of big name local contributors such as Harley Davidson and the Milw Admirals to name just a couple. She said that one of their members is vice president of Sheridan Hotels who lets them use a Banquet room free And let the fund raiser begin!

Apr 18,   Great Expectations started out as a small family business, Ullman's parents gave him the start-up loan, and has now grown into a multimarket dating service. With more than 35 years of experience, Great Expectations has continued to not only set the standard in the dating world, but also the business model for all dating services. Another way that Great Expectations differentiates from other matchmaking sites is that they offer Dating Concierge Service. Since it understand the needs of single working professionals, it knows that there are many times where life is too hectic to manage dating needs like finding a babysitter, picking up dry cleaning, getting event tickets, arranging a wake-up call or making dinner. I joined Great Expectations back in Sept It cost a little over $ for a year and a half membership. They suck you in right away when you walk in the place-the receptionists all look like Playboy playmates, and I was told by a nice-looking saleslady how many dates I .

Well, I was ecstatic because over the years I have contacted lots of people to raise money for the street children unsuccessfully. I joined. She told me not to list my childhood handicap because it would signify low self-esteem to a future date or partner. When the fund raiser was not done, I phoned and visited GE many times. I was told they do not do fundraisers and that I would get out of their dating service how much effort I would put in. She did not return my calls. I have not slept good knowing I let myself get taken.

Some days it is even hard for me to function at work knowing that I ran out of money and those beautiful children are missing and many believed dead. I have asked for my money back so I can go back to Brazil and try to find them and give add to other street children there.

They told they would not refund my money. I was denied an appointment within the three days hearing the photographer was "booked. How did they get there? Don't all members have the same rules? I was told there were s hundreds of profiles in the age range I specified to select from. I have checked weekly since that initial review to find little variance. Worse, I was shown 8 profiles during my sales pitch, 2 beautiful, seemingly smart, business women to show I wasn't alone in making this BIG spending decision and 6 attractive gentlemen.

In my search I could only find 1 of the women in the database.

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