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It was Spain had organised, at great expense, a splendid international exhibition in Seville to celebrate the th anniversary of its discovery of the Americas. All over the city, a multitude of demonstrations, exhibitions, and performances took place. We requested, in particular, to visit an exhibition that brought together works of art, paintings, furniture, sculptures, and objects from all over the world, from every continent, dating back to the essential year of It was held on an island in the middle of the Guadalquivir river that watered Seville.

I also believe that much of its fundamental content is true and much needed to be said.

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Thank for your sincerity and boldness in speaking out. You are so right, Prince. I feel it the same way, and I had this cultural shock in Pakistan when I was Ambassadress of my countryearly nineties, and became close friend of late Mrs Benazir Bhutto,attending Parliament sessions each time she intervened as leader of the opposition and also when I could meet some Princesses and a Prince from the Royal Family of Afghanistan.

Talking with them anf facing the daily local reality convinced me of the worst dangers that were to come and that our Christian Civilization had to faceand for that our world was not prepared!!! So we live now in a tremendous anxiety facing the incapacity of the west leadership! All the postings and photographs are very interesting. I lived and worked near Darmstadt, Germany for a period of time. But even as pixels replace print, and as newspapers undergo wrenching surgery, necessitating deep cutbacks, reallocation of remaining reporters, and the slashing of decades-old overhead, some observers remain optimistic.

Splendid photos. Interesting the one with the Infanta Eulalia and the sign she is doing Special the one of the French Royal Family in Scotlan and beautiful the one of the young Visconti, that are my relatives.

Thank You so much for sharing these private albuns, Prince.

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Brilliant article,a condensation of your thaughts. Indeed we live in an incredible paradox! Thank you for your ideas and old photographs always so interesting. They are my favourite Portuguese Royals and my family both my mother and father sides was in great connection with them and belonged to the small group of gentry families that usually helped and financed the royal Charities during the reigns of both Kings : D.

Luis I and his son D. Carlos I. Maria Pia came to Portugal ,15 years old to marry King D. Luis, ater having lost her mother when she was only nine. During the Second World War my mother, then quite young, used to go riding to the horse ring that belonged to Queen D.

Thank You so much YRH for you kindness of sharing these wonderful stories. Thank You so much for opening a little more the window of this secret that always has been intriguing me, since my childhood. Impressive article and even more impressive and rare photos. Thank You so much, again, for sharing your Family story and opening such interesting windows to those difficult times.

Sounding almost like fiction! Thank you for this small and so eloquent cine-roman! His father died when he was a year old, leaving Michael an only child, and his mother died in when he was 14, leaving him an orphan.

I like very much the way you present the situation in the world nowadays. It is so human ,romantic ,poetic too. It is urgent to change our attitude to the misfortunated human beings. More compassion and love is needed.

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True interestingfascinating worrying and sa But reasuring and good to find so many of one s thoughts and worries put together in such a structured and beautiful way I m always so happy toread your pieces! Narrated as if it was written in the future by a Timeless Historian who observes panoramically how humanity moves on the quasi predictable graph-curves of statistical prophesies.

Wonderful article! Our company is linking to the great post on our website. Keep up the fantastic writing. Your Royal Highness, thank you sharing these very interesting stories and pictures with us.

I have read your biography of your early life leading to your arrival in Greece. As a fellow student of history I would like to ask you when are you going to share with us your experiences in the ,growing up with Greek Royal Family and experiencing all those turbulent events that shaped our lives and that of Greece. Thank for your time Nikolaos Logothetis. In light of the turbulent and mostly unfair and unforgiving events that shaped the history of the Royal family, did their love for their country ever diminish?

Sir, are you familiar with the book? With respect Suzanna Kalerandes. I lived 6 month in Peru inmy favorite country in Latin America. I visited Macchu Picchu in Thank you for your story Michael.

Warm regards. Indeed i herd about this history a while agoo. Thank you to refresh my memory. A very strange exiting history. A very proper answer! He was quite an eccentric king, poor old Ferdi, but certainly not a stupid one! Your grandmother was so beautiful! Have a god night, my dear Prince! Bravo and thanks for sharing!

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A well written article. Sorry to contradict but think the photo is Maria Pavlovna the elder and wife of the Grand Duke Vladimir. The Maria Pavlovna on the picture is the grand duchess Wladimir, here wearing the circle tiara now in the possession of queen Elizabeth II!

I should like to show you some pictures of my own family. Some of them look as the russian family. Have a good afternoon. Dear Prince Michael of Greece, probably a small mistake - or the picture was changed? Anyway - I love to read your short stories. Your Royal Highness these petit conte pour enfant sage are delightfull. They should be publish in a small book.

From the bottom of my heart many thanks. Dear Sir, this is not a comment but just a note to say that since July, I have not been receiving your chronicles at my email address. If possible, kindly add me back to your email list. Thank you very much. Dear Prince Michael: I thought that you were Orthodox!

I am Orthodox. Thanks for your thoughts, books and knowledge. HRH, thank You so much for sharing, always such interesting stories about amazing royal personalities of the XIX century, my favourite time. Wonderful and magical. So brilliant that we can see the scene, like in a movie. Thank You so much, HRH. Beautiful: when phantasy meets reality!!!! It gave me la chair de poule. Thank You so much. Always a great pleasure reading You, YRH. Le Roi De Grece en exile en Suisse ,il y a un siecle exactement baptise lui meme si il accepte la demande ou avec un representant?

Are you familiar with this book Sir? With great respect Suzanna Kalerandes. His son, George, second Duke of Cambridge died in More likely, this is George. This is such a lovely story! Thank you dear Michel for teaching us so many things Love from Helen. The bearers of certain names should try to change them!

Merci beaucoup de ce partage. I must say you have very interesting articles here. Your blog should go viral. You need initial boost only. Son muy interesantes e divertidas. Un abrazo Gola. Very nice to know the whole story of these beautiful emeralds! But at least we have the pics of Queen Ena with these enchanting jewels. I am sure and I hope that they will be found someday. Cher Michel, ravi de vous retrouver sur Face Book vos recits sont toujours passionnants.

We are very thankful! Yours Grazia. Love and thanks Helen. I was very interested to read the story of the young sailor and the german on Patmos. Thank you! Dear Michel, I am always delighted to see that there is a new, ukeitaiplus.comedictable story from you and I am never disappointed. You have a talent for discovering strange twists of history, family secrets, lost cities, ghosts and all. Thank you, again. Chi di spada ferisce di spada perisce. The vultures die of their sin; they eat corpses instead of respectfully let them go back to dust; what they eat makes them die.

What a great story!

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Big kiss Saskia v B. Dear Michel, Your stories are always a joy to read. I always feel I am around a dinner table and hearing you tell the story live.

Pure bliss! Hoping to see you in patmos this summer when I can be back There! All the best Antoine. This was a very nice, captivating article. I greatly appreciated the legends and your explanation of their source. I also really liked the top picture of the post.

Thanks for the nice pictures shared today. Is it possible to know the dates of them? At least the years. Wonderful Tale, could it be True?

apologise, but, opinion

Do our dreams bring us a reality we had another time and place? However, Dalrymple is a great writer, especially about India.

I absolutely find your love of history wonderful. Thank you for your dedication,and hard work to imform the public of these marvelous stories. Thank you Prince Michael. Dear Prince Michael. As a constant reader of your highly interesting blog, I cannot help but send a serious correction of the text to the picture of the Austro-Hungarian imperial family, as the text provided is more than just wrong.

The text should say: The Austrian imperial dynasty. From left to right: Emperor Franz Joseph, his brother Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, his sister-in-law Charlotte of Belgium, Empress of Mexico, who went mad after the murder of her husband by revolutionary forces in Mexico. Then the brothers of Franz Joseph: Ludwig Viktor, a raving homosexual and Karl Ludwig, a religious fanatic who died from drinking typhoid infested water from the river Jordan during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

He was by the way the father of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, murdered in Sarajevo in Sitting are Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sissi, with her son Rudolf, the Archduchess Sophie of Bavaria, his mother, and her husband, a man of no importance.

But I find the tale of the last generations of the Austro-Hungarian Habsburgs a very fascinating story. A mad family that brought the world its first world war, that changed everything that used to be. Thank you for your interesting blog. Thank you for your extremely interesting articles and fotos, history is so fascinating. Dear Prince Michael of Greece Your amazing photographs are brilliant, it is only a dream for most people to have the chance to look back on family history in pictures.

So a huge thank you for allowing everyone to have the chance to see them Many Thanks Suzan. Wonderful piece, thank you!! The European Aristocracy saw so many tragedies during the mid to late 19th century. Such a curious time. Merci encore de nous les faire partager. This story relates the facts without dramatic embroidery, but it is all the more chilling for that. Thank you Prince Michael! Marie Laveau is still well known in the deep south I am from Alabama and is a bit of a legend, especially along the Gulf Coast in places like Mobile, Biloxi, and of course New Orleans.

Thank you for sharing her history! Thank you, dear Michel, for introducing us to some US ghosts, much less traditional than the scottish or english ones, but unfortunately with as sad a destiny. Going to visit Bannerman Castle now does not involve moonlight swims or clandestine trespassing. There are walking tours available, outdoor performances and volunteer opportunities available.

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The buildings are still ruins, but the gardens are being tended as, hopefully, the money is raised to shore up, and possibly restore the structures. Thank you D. Comment faites-vous? I was fascinated by the Lincoln story. It was just a matter of time and the mourners were already there. Thank you again. Thank you for your interesting articles, I would very much appreciate receiving them on a regular basis, is that possible? Many thanks!

How fascinating and intriguing. It makes one want to go exploring the palace and tap on a few walls. Tank you for this fascinaging story of Duchess of Alba. I always admired her for her fantasy corage and love of the life. Quelle incroyable histoire! I just love reading your stories. Than you. Fabulous find Your Royal Highness. I can see a huge resemblance with all your relatives in this painting. I have really enjoyed your contributions to documentaries so I was delighted to find you had created this wonderful website.

Avez-vous une meilleure source? Je crois que cela va faire 20 ans que nous ne nous sommes plus vu. La Princesse Palatine etait une femme formidable.

Thank you for such an enjoyable read whilst learning historical facts. Yours sincerely, Suzan. La Princess Mathilde married Anatoly Demidoff? She did look imposing in your beatiful photograph! Eh bien! Thank you so much for all of your contributions to the wonders of history and the magic of charity. It is striking. And what a fascinating story! The book about our uncle the Granduke Nicholas is brilliant and one instantly wants to go to Tashkent to visit his palace to understand more about his life.

Thank you Michel for giving me much pleasure reading this fascinating book. All this is fascinating! I love reading about the pre revolution era of Russia! Why at the service staircase? I am not sure.

Agree, histoire du job dating right! excellent idea

I never believed Mrs. Anderson to be Grand-Duchess Anastasia N. I do believe in the Native American Spirit. Thank You for all those stories. This is an amazing story.

Thank you - and for all your stories. They always fascinate. Sending much love to you and Marina, Adele and John Guare. How interesting ,sad.

Histoire du job dating

Both of you must have felt lucky that you had that last chance to meet. Pourquoi elle, lui, pourquoi cette vie? What an incredibly beautiful story this is,very moving indeed. So glad Your dear cousin met You. Always intrigued by the often sad or funny but always captivating bits of precious history You share with us.

The story of your distant cousin Talya is very interesting, Your Royal Highness. I love anecdotes and biographies. Me encanta todo sobre su familia, adoro estas historias. She was absolutely wonderful women with courage and dignity.

I remember her very well. Thank you for the article. Ce genre de destin est fascinant. Cher Michel, quelle histoire hilarante.

Thank you for your fascinating story of Jane Digby.

Jan 21, Il vous parle du job dating et comment optimiser vos chances d'etre recrute, notamment lors d'un job dating. Au menu de cette interview: Qu'attendez-vous des etudiants? The musee d'art et d'histoire du Judaisme and the Fondation Pro mahJ express their gratitude all the donors who participated in the public subscription for the acquisition of photographs by Helmar Lerski . This public subscription raised . Pour rencontrer l'ame s?ur il y a le speed dating, pour trouver un emploi ou le candidat ideal il y a le job dating! Le numerique est friand de ce type de recrutement, Cecile Tordo a assiste.

Lovell, a richly illustrated book I once found in a Dutch bookshop, years ago. Could the Greek hero be the colonel Hadji Petros? REading your excellent article on photos of the Spanish royal family, I have a question and I would appreciate if you could answer this for me. What is the name of his third son who you mentioned was deaf and mute?

The fourth son was Juan of Bourbon. Thank you for this educative Post, Michael. Interesting to learn that Vlad was perhaps not as monsterous, as he has ubiquitously been portrayed.

Many thanks for so many more interesting and captivating accounts on your Web Site; I am an avid reader for a while now and have profited handsomely from your resourceful historic treasure trove ;0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Dear Michel, What a delight to find this glorious piece of writing. Yours ever, Robin. Darling Cousin, I live your Website - what wonderful Photos. Dearest MichaelHow wonderful!! I love it. Dear Michel Many congratulations I very much enjoyed your website. It was fascinating and very well done. Much love, Alexander. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images.

Much needed on this gloomy Winter day. Your travelogue is a gift. Great stuff! I enjoyed it a lot and wish it could be seen by everyone. Love, L. I felt I just took a holiday with you in ancient Greece, wonderful! I only wish I was able to travel with you!

The histoire du job dating consider, that

Un autre beau voyage! Merci Ghislaine. Dear Michel: Thank you so much for these wonderful stories and pictures. Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information. Adore your stories and feel priviledged to receive themthank yyou xoxox. Les photos sont vraiment incroyablement belles, et les bijous Merci!!!

Absolument passionnant. Merci Monsieur. His Royal Highness. Not HSH. What a. And what beautiful pictures, thank you. Encore un joli voyage. These memories are complex and marvelous. Many thanks. Thank you for sharing Julian.

intelligible message remarkable

Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing these precious shots. Great read! I love your blog. Thank you for your kind words and interest. Bravo Papa! Fascinant, charmant, personel, instructif et original! Thanks for sharing!

Think, that histoire du job dating remarkable

I love your way of writing storieshereas in your booksits a fascinating one. Thank you, I truly appreciate your interest. Lovely illustrations! I still look at your wonderful photo album. Je vous embrasee. Je vous remercie pour ces mots et votre enthousiasme. Thank you, I still want to share a lot of other stories! Merci, cher Michel, pour cette belle histoire vraie PS. Many thanks for your kind words. Cher Ralph, je vous remercie chaleureusement!

You are right!

Michel, That is very touching. I so much enjoy reading your reflections. Thank you, I truly appreciate it. Dear Helen, it is his eldest son. Bellissimi questi racconti! Prince M, You are a great inspiration and source of strengththank you. Thank you really much! President Truman was a friend of Ecumenical.

Patriarch Athenagoras I. Your Royal Highness, Thank you for sharing these fascinating moments and facts of your life. Best wishes from Canada. The U. It is a poinsettianot a hibiscus. Thank you for correcting me. It is indeed a poinsettia.

Love your blog. Thoughtful, magic, epic, stories of an almost by-gone World, Thank you! Thank you for the kind thoughts. A very interesting read.

Best regards. Wonderful article- beautifully written and so interesting. Thank you so much for your interest, I truly appreciate it. This was an extremely wonderful article. Thank you for supplying this info. I am glad you liked it, thank you. Appreciate you sharing, great forum. Much thanks again.

are mistaken. Let's

Thank you for your message. Bellissimo e troppo divertente. Mou aresi para poly na diavazo afta pou grafete. Thank you for the beautiful description. I should like to known the place of the pictures. Je suis ravi que mes chroniques vous plaisent. Merci beaucoup. Ola afta pou mas dirigiste ine oreotata. I am curious about the photos JB. Thank you for your nice comment and your interest in my work. I agree as I love American people Your photgraphs are magic and intriguing?

Love it! Splendid story! I loved reading it- thank you dear Cousin. Excellent text. I subscribe entirely. Thank You so much for sharing your thoughts and opinions! Excellent text that I fully subscribe. Thank You so much for sharing you thoughts and opinions. Hear, hear, no truer words in these days of global decadence - thank you, Michael.

Sadly, I have to agree. Sempre molto interessanti le notizie che ci da. Very good And interesting photos. Prince Michael What do you know of the Kings of Wurttemberg?

Sandra Nomikos. Santorini is where my Father in laws family originated. Regent Paul of Yugoslavia was kept in house arrest in Kenya. I read with a profound interest your remarks. Thank you Prince! Your place is valueble for me. Quite interesting! How did you come about this?

opinion you

Well spoken! Such a sad story! But is goes todayt, on for the Carlistas! Fascinations faces! Tank you. This is fascinating! A moral as well as historical tale, well told, of ego and greed. How true! I absolutely agree. Its fantastic as your other posts :D, appreciate it for posting.

whom can

Your website is magnificent. Prince Micael I love the tree, Sandra N. Synfono apolytos! Sobering reality. Very well writtem, from a compassionate and global perspective. Be well. So very true. I too have faith in man, but first we must make a gigantic effort to adjust our way of life! Another wonderful, nostalgic post. Lovely pictures and information. Appreciated it! I absolutely agree! Thank you for this! Hope springs eternal. Merci de partager ces photos historiques et fascinantes.

Very troubled and sad times for the European Royal Families! Good evening, Those historical events through the familial side are so much interesting!

Sire, It is a very sad story you are telling; please continue to share it with us, because we do live similar things, in the former communist Europe. I agree A lot of informations but no dialogue.

final, sorry, but

All my very best wishes! Thank you so much for this beautiful article about my last kings! Tank You for your familles histories which are vers intresting for me. Good evening. I really enjoyed this short story Also the previous article above. Thank You!!!!. Best wishes from Buenos Aires. Corneliapoupard me. Regards, Cornelia Klara Poupard.

So interesting!

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Delicious, eminently Italian! Texte et photos adorables. Merci de partagerMonseigneur. La Belgique etait deja surrealiste. Vraiment une histoire drole! You are quite right, I will ate the caption shortly. Could it have been the church the Empress builyt in which to bury Rasputin.? What a marvelous story!

Thank you for sharing it. Very interesting. I love The photographs, they bring historique to life. Quite revealing! How interesting! How well you tell this stories for our delight! Yes, indeed that was the case! Fascinating as always. Very funny! Very interesting indeed! Thank you Sir for this interesting article! A very interesting article on that part of Romania.

More please. Lovely story. As usual a fascinating story! Tous mes respects Ana Isabel. Merci de partager, Monseigneur.

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