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Note: The numbers below are for Hylight and Biacrown Hiwatt amplifiers only! Any serial number that begins with one or more letters was made in the 90s or later, and is not included in this list. Please note also that the speaker cabinet serial numbers used a different progression. Please browse the Registry page for more specific data relating serial numbers to dates. I have not yet managed to collect enough information on the later models carrying the Hiwatt brand and manufactured by Turntone or Sterling, e. The serial numbers of these newer models often fall within the ranges listed below, but these were manufactured in the mids and later. Turntone started the "L" series of amps in or so, and these have no manufacturers brand on the serial plate, but say "Made in England.

Probably the earliest famous user was Glenn Cornickthen bassist of Jethro Tullwho often played up the road at the Toby Jug.

Two main heads powered four 4?12ał WEM speaker cabinets while the third head was a spare. David would also scale down his rig for TV-appearances in ał71 using only one Hiwatt head and a WEM cabinet. - Hiwatt DR All Purpose W heads with Mullard 4xEL34 power tubes and 4xECC83 pre-amp tubes. Please note also that the speaker cabinet serial numbers used a different progression. Please browse the Registry page for more specific data relating serial numbers to dates. I have not yet managed to collect enough information on the later models carrying the Hiwatt brand and manufactured by Turntone or Sterling, e.g. the Model 50L. History Origins of the Dave Reeves Hiwatt legacy. Hylight Electronics was the brainchild of British audio engineer David Reeves. He attended technical school in the late s, and did apprenticeships at Marconi Electronics and working his day job, young Reeves also started working evenings in a small room over Plato Music on Crown Passage in Morden from -Founded: Surrey, England .

It was at his urging that the first watt and later watt amps were produced. Hiwatt heads can be seen on the January 8, Toby Jug and subsequent pictures on the cornick. Certainly one of the most famous guitarists to endorse the brand in the early days was Pete Townshend of The Who.

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This arrangement only lasted for a short while as the popularity of the HIWATT amps were becoming more overwhelming on a daily basis. As the demand for HIWATT Amplification grew towards the end of the s, so did Dave Reeves passion for producing an even more "road-worthy" unit for professional musicians.

Peter Webber was a former band road manager whose savvy, experience, and connections with many high-profile British musicians made him the perfect choice to promote Dave Reeves premier line of amplifiers.

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Peter logged endless hours driving the lengths of the U. The bands initially trusted Peter for his reputation and knowledge, and the deals were closed once they plugged in. In particular, he would regularly take a set of Hiwatts up to a place in London called the Roundhouse, where they became the house amplifiers. The most critical and time-consuming stage in building the amps was in the wiring of the chassis.

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Note that the trademark "right angles and neat bundles" internal wiring was being used in Hiwatts as early asbefore anyone external was brought into the picture. In Reeves picked up the phone book to find a wirer that would be able to re-create and fine tune his "super neat" approach to wiring amplifiers, and came across the name Harry Joyce.

Hiwatt Vs Marshall - DR103 Vs Plexi

Harry had hand-picked his elite crew of wiring technicians who were "fresh" out of technical school and taught them his meticulous format for "military-spec" wiring.

After some prodding by Dave Reeves, Harry agreed to take on the chassis-wiring chores for Hylight Electronics on one condition: He insisted that they not be asked to produce more than forty units per month, to maintain a high standard of quality control.

Dave reluctantly agreed, and the legendary marriage between Hylight Electronics and Harry Joyce Electronics began in earnest. Harry's company wired many Hiwatts from this time until earlywhen Biacrown could no longer pay its bills.

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Once the services of Harry Joyce and Co. Just up the road from New Malden was the town of Kingston upon Thames. The next step in getting the production of HIWATT amps out of the garage and into the new facilities at ParkWorks was to find a superior cabinet-making team that could develop a "tank-like" skin to protect the premier electronics that Dave Reeves had developed.

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Mike Allen and Danny Edwardson were brought on board to improve upon the current crop of speaker cabinets that were currently being produced in the U. The first step was to use a more robust and acoustically sound material for the cabinets construction.

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This came in the form of ply Baltic Birch, which was a much heavier and dense wood product than most of the other amplifier manufacturers of the day were using. Next, the cabinets were internally braced at no less than 9 points, and the construction was finished using tongue- and-groove joints. The cabinets were finished off with the most resilient and "classic-style" vinyl covering Reeves could find made by Brymor Ltd.

To put the cabinets into a small production stage, Reeves enlisted the services of Henry Glass and Co.

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Henry's meticulous production techniques were a perfect complement to HIWATT'S already legendary road-worthiness, and Reeves fanatical approach to building nothing less than the ultimate guitar amplifier.

Another integral member that was added to the team at Hylight Electronics was Phil Dudderidgewhose specialty was the design and manufacture of public address systems. Phil's knowledge and extensive expertise in working with most of the major acts in Europe at the time, made him the perfect choice to expand the HIWATT name into the realm of sound reinforcement. Phil went on to form Soundcraft with Graham Blyth.

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The design of the amplifiers changed bit by bit through the s, reflecting changing tastes within the industry. Some odd designs briefly surfaced during this period, including the "SAP" model with footswitch and the mysterious DR Also, in a concession to modern times, the use of printed circuit boards was started at the end of the s, although the same strict construction and wiring standards were still employed.

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Also during this time, some custom amplifiers were produced by Hiwatt for their most famous clients, including Pete Townshend's CP a recreation of the early Sound City-era Hiwatt design and David Gilmour's linked-input models.

In earlyDave Reeves suffered a fatal fall down a flight of steps.

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Because he was divorced at the time and had not remarried, control of the company fell into the hands of solicitors lawyers. Although his stated intention had been for his three children to inherit the business, this did not happen. Mary Clifford, the admin for the company at the time, along with other existing employees formed Biacrown Ltd. There were some minor innovations to the circuitry produced during this time, including the "OL" overload model which had an extra gain stage added.

Some were labeled "OL", while many were not.

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Some had an additional gain control added to the front panel labeled "overdrive". Some 4-inputs may have been made this way. This change was definitely in all the 2-input heads, and is represented by the widely circulated freehand-drawn schematics in Pittman and elsewhere.

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The OL Model early s : Biacrown's "high gain" model moved back to the Input 1 circuit still keeping PI 2but used the "extra" half triode as an additional gain stage. The LEAD Model early s : This was basically the same as the OL model, but with an extra level control after the extra gain stage, which was marked "Overdrive" on the front panel.

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10 x lr44 ag13 a76 a l alkaline button battery batteries v. Shop Gear, Merch, and More on the Hiwatt Reverb Store! About Us Hiwatt has proudly crafted truly hand-made amplifiers and cabinets, serving the world's best players since Work in Progress. Populated preamp board, using two watt carbon film resistors, and Mallory film caps.; Detail of snap-in cap mounting. These caps are inexpensive, high quality, and rated at degrees C, but come in an odd (") diameter, which is a difficult size to find clamps in.

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