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I was randomly browsing pann choa and there was a post about V supposedly dating Joy which would be adorable btw. But someone in the comments said that in Korea it's actually V and Irene that are assumed to be dating. Can someone tell me why? Like where is this coming from, it seems so random. Irene is being passed around in all the fandoms, apparently. Guess she's ship-able or just fans want their faves to be together. It's really random but i wouldn't mind them together V x Joy is also cute af lol.

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In fact that before she debuted as a member of Red Velvet and became the leader, a lot of people were gossiping about her flawless face, and praising her a lot. In addition, Irene was popular during her long period as an SM Entertainment trainee too. As we know that she is 28 years old in Korean age, she is included an older idol member rather than another K-pop idol member of a young age in this Korean industry era.

You can compare these past pictures to recent pictures of her, and see if she had plastic surgery or not? Radio Star invited Irene as a guest on December 7th, The show aired and caught much attention because she revealed her true feelings towards the handsome popular actor, Park Bo Gum. After that, there is Suho who is rumored to be close to Irene.

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As one of her label mates, the two are probably close to each other. Everyone knows that Irene and Suho were born in the same year.

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Perhaps it is a reason why they seem really close, although Suho is a senior to Irene. Suho, himself, is always trying to get closer with Red Velvet members and frequently appeared as the biggest fanboy of Red Velvet on many occasions.

Aug 05,   Because V is friend with Park Bogum, the guy that MCs Mubank with Irene, so people assume V and her know each other and that they are dating idk. It's really random but i wouldn't mind them together (V x Joy is also cute af lol). There's also this. Jul 13,   Proof that ASTRO Cha EunWoo and RedVelvet Irene are Dating Anything Kworthy. ???? - ???&??(Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI) [????/Music Bank] - Duration. Many fans overanalyse even the slightest of glances or reactions of idols to other artists. Usually with Tae And Irene, the same case is there. Most analysis have repetitive clips of Irene glancing at Taehyung or Tae glancing at Irene. Them reacti.

Their lovely looks are also a main point why Irene and Suho are always issued as an SM couple. This dating rumors begin with a trivial thing, starting with the most searched keyword via Korean search engine.

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Ands we know that netizens are really curious about any celebrity couples, and they keep searching key terms for the inside information that leads to the most famous search terms. Therefore, the Simon D and Irene dating rumor was started.

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These two idols were partnered as romantic soulmates for Ceci Magazine. Through the pictures and the behind the scenes videos, EXO-L and ReVeluv were able to see the cute and sweet chemistry between them.

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Both of them deserved a lot of praise because of their amazing chemistry that just looked too natural, like a real couple. It is too lucky to be Irene then.

She was also rumored to be dating with Park Bo Gum and in light of the rumors, Irene came out and cleared the air on the rumors. She admitted in a radio interview that she had feelings for her fellow actor Park Bo Gum but were not dating yet and that she is currently single.

So Irene from red velvet and v from bts have been caught dating a few days ago. but now it seems like its official but people take it as a joke buh seriously guys look down below this is such mind blowing news. Jul 07,   Finally Irene talked about her feelings for Park Bo Gum, referring to the dating rumors between her and famous actor Park Bo Gum. Radio Star invited Irene as a guest on December 7th, The show aired and caught much attention because she revealed her true feelings towards the handsome popular actor, Park Bo Gum. - Irene has a very good luck while Wendy has a very bad luck. (As seen on every videos/shows they attend, Irene would always win while Wendy always loses). - In April 20 Irene was chosen to be the new female MC together with Park Bogum in KBS2TV's Music Bank. - Irene ranked #71 on the list of "The Most Beautiful Faces of ".

However she said that her ideal man is one who is warm. She also disclosed that she is attracted to somebody who is caring and who is easy to be with. Irene is an amazing celebrity who loves to keep her private life off the cameras. Unlike other celebrities, very little is known of her love life.

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Since being on the limelight, she has never disclosed her former boyfriend or if she was in love before and many of it are just speculations. Irene is not currently married and has no husband although she once admitted that she expects to get married some day.

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Who is Irene boyfriend in real life? Who has she dated?

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Is she married? Who is her husband?

Jun 23,   Truth Behind BTS' V And Red Velvet's Irene Rumored Relationship Unveiled By Noli Teves | June 23, PM EDT There is no doubt that BTS and Red Velvet are two of the most popular K-pop groups. Rumors surrounding Irene and V were discredited, but that hasn't stopped fans from shipping the coupling. One has to admit, they would definitely make a visual couple that would shake the K-Pop world. Netizens commented on the impressive pictures, but heeded warning for the hearts they were breaking. Surely some fans must have been distraught. Irene Boyfriend and Dating. Being a celebrated singer, actress and TV host, Irene gets in touch with men of all types, genres and nationalities and her love life is expected to be known to everyone. But that was never to be as Irene's love life as always remained a mystery.
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