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In season 1, Ellie Mack is introduced as a boy-crazy and quirky character. She doesn't have a phone and has a crush on Henry, Rooney's ex-boyfriend. She cares about her friends and is on the dance team. She starts dating Henry on the first half of the season, but they break up after he betrays her. In the second half of the season, she quits the dance team and focuses on her singing. She gets in a fight with Kayla over Henry, but they reconcile. She performs on the dance competition and starts dating Miles.

Since being hired, Ellie has taken on an increasingly active and visible role in the Rooster Teeth family, becoming a beloved personality to fans as well as hopefully a beloved friend to her coworkers.

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On September 17,Ellie announced her departure from the company on Twitter. Her parents had two other daughters, Ellie's sisters, Jessie and Caroline, and today live in the London- ish area.

Ellie's childhood household was a musical one.

Her Father is a self-taught Pianist after his teacher rejected his suggestion to learn Elton John instead of Beethoven and she grew up listening to him sing and play almost every evening. Ellie started playing the drums at 10 years old, was in a piece Jazz Band throughout most of school, and has even recently taken up Guitar, as displayed in the Final Burnie Vlog.

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Everyone in her family plays an instrument, her sister Jessie even having a few covers up on her YouTube Channel. After graduating, she applied and got into Bournemouth University B.

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A Degree in TV Production" come The two hit it off and soon enter into a long-distance relationship. This lasts for a little over 2 years, until, "It kind of got to the point where it was like 'We've gotta do something about this.

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Someone's gonna move here Austin or there London '. At the time, Ellie was working freelance in Advertising and not loving it, so she decides to make the daring leap and move to Austin, where she and her no-longer long-distance boyfriend get married soon afterwards at the age of However, just as there are beginnings, there are also endings.

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Ellie Main and her partner began to experience marital problems. Savanna leads her to the basement, where Summer learns that Ximena is dating Milesand Ellie also has a boyfriend, even though she's just as flat as Summer is Jack: Private School.

Julian, whose family is wealthy, complains about having to go to Paris for Julian says it's an Indian burial ground, and Miles mentions that he left his old sled there and a hobo apparently took it.

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Justin: The Bus Stop. He says they don't tease him during school but explains that there's a war going August: The Auggie Doll.

Mar 31,   Regarding his personal life, Miles Luna is in a relationship with Eleanor 'Ellie" Main, who is a writer, director, editor and camera operator also working for "Rooster Teeth". The couple revealed that they started dating in but deliberately kept their relationship under the radar, only revealing it when they were streaming a video together on the Twitch platform. Bachelorette rumours are starting to heat up, with Bachelor star Elly Miles currently leading the tipping ahead of Abbie Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke. Shitfaced Miles going into almost sober "serious mode" for a few seconds telling someone to get him the puke bucket for Ellie "right fucking now thanks" was so sweet. level 1. juneid1. 30 points 2 years ago. No Shipping or anything but did Ellie actually ask Miles to "Kiss the Scorpion"? level 2. DragonTamer PikaKovic. 17 points 2.

They make up a character named Beulah and leave love notes from her. Julian, Milesand Henry also do things like steal Jack's gym shorts. Finally, Julian starts spreading rumors that Jack hired a hit man to "get" him, Milesand Henry. Nobody believes him and they even start making fun of him.

Is miles dating ellie

By the August: The Woods Are Alive. They forgot their flashlights but soon notice Amos, Henry, and Miles in the woods as well.

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August reasons that they didn't want to wait in line August: Alien. Suddenly, August hears Amos, Milesand Henry come up behind them and ask what's going on. Amos calmly says that August: Voices in the Dark. Amos, Milesand Henry congratulate August on his bravery.

Savanna leads her to the basement, where Summer learns that Ximena is dating Miles, and Ellie also has a boyfriend, even though she's just as flat as Summer is. (full context) Jack: Private School. Jan 31,   Directed by Tom Gormican. With Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Imogen Poots. Three best friends find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So where is this going?". Nov 29,   Ellie and Miles are dating. Misc. As confirmed on Miles' Pokemon stream. Guess all y'all shippers were right. Good for them! comments. 91Upvoted.

August starts to become aware that his elbow August: The Emperor's Guard. He was incredibly excited about the possibility and potential of working at Nickelodeanhowever he didn't make it past the first round of interviews. He HAD made it to the second round of interviews for Cartoon Networkalthough that was as far as he got.

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And then I was offered an internship at Rooster Teeth and I thought 'You know, this isn't exactly where I wanted to be but at least I could learn something from being here and maybe get some experience that could help me along the way Rooster Teeth turned out to be a dream come true. While in College, Miles volunteers to be a P.

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That goes well and later on, when they need some machinima help for Season 9 of Red vs. Blue of which Miles was a fan ofBrandon remembers "The Noob Corner" and invites him in to work as an intern. Eventually one day, I submitted a script for a Red vs. Blue Mini-Series, and everybody liked it.

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Started writing for the show. From that, Miles slowly started writing more and more for the series, even drafting the script and premise for all of Episode 12 - An episode widely regarded as one of the most heartfelt chapters of the show.

This would all snowball into Burnie entrusting Miles with near-complete creative control of the series, as he himself had had since its inception. At the Red vs.

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Blue, a position he would pass on to Joe Nicolosi 4 seasons later. He is responsible for creating a bonanza of the company's shows and digital entertainment. Look at the "Role in the Company" section for details. He would jokingly refer to himself as "The Stupid One" of the Podcast, however now-a-days Miles is much-better acquainted.

That being said, he is still way less knowledgeable than his co-hosts. Miles also has both a Twitch and YouTube Channel!

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After that, there's a couple more pieces of school-related content and then his most-viewed YouTube video by far, Miles Demos Just Dance 3 FanExpo This would mark the beginning of Miles' chill, now-and-then streams of which he continues to this day.

More on that in the next section Miles has began jogging again and is attempting to eat better and just be all-around healthier. He is currently learning how to play the Piano and has expressed his immense love of Jazz Music many a time on Twitter.

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