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It's hard to explain the intense appeal of Terrace House to someone who's never watched it-particularly if they are used to overblown American reality shows. Terrace House is a Japanese reality show where the cast members are extremely respectful, announce themselves when entering any and every room, and where the biggest drama involves someone eating another roommate's meat without asking. As Americans, we're accustomed to scandalous hookups and fights that turn into people throwing things at one another. It's in our blood! It's a part of our psyche!

The real stars of the show, though, aren't the cast members and their tame story lines, but the panelists.

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Oh yeah, that's another thing that throws you off about Terrace House when you first start watching. At the beginning of each episode and again in the middle, there's a group of men and women who recap the most important parts and offer up their sometimes crude, always spot-on commentary.

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There's TV personality and singer Yukiko Ehara or Youwho isn't averse to a dirty joke or two; model Reina Triendl or Torichanwho's like the sweet Charlotte of the bunch; and comedians Azusa Babazono, the quiet alpha female, Ryota Yamasato, who thoroughly enjoys making fun of and judging the roommates, and Yoshimi Tokui, the quirky uncle-type who loves to act out imaginary scenes and reminisce on past loves.

Each season they also rotate in a young actor, who's pretty irrelevant based off the fact that they barely talk.

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They're essential to the overall flow of the show, anchoring it with their reactions that more often than not mirror your own. But something that makes them stand out even more than their wit and wisdom is their fashion.

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While most of the cast members wear streetwear brands like Supreme and Off-White or the occasional fun slogan shirt, like Minori's So Tired shirts or Shion's Unemployed hoodie, the panelists go all out. The men do put in an effort and, yes, I'm thinking about Ryota and his loud tops herebut it's the women and their sartorially pleasing looks that dominate each episode.

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As mentioned above, Torichan is like the Charlotte of the bunch and her outfits follow suit. You could call her girly, pristine clothes boring, but you'd be wrong. It's called style, look it up.

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She knows what she likes furry tops, feminine colors, flattering and classic silhouettesand she sticks to that. Her put together looks mirror her put together attitude, and where would the show be without her ability to keep everyone in line? Not the same, that's where.

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You's style is something of a foil to Torichan's. If Torichan is the goody two-shoes older sister, You is the rebellious younger one who dreamt of going on tour with The Rolling Stones.

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This show has a simple premise: six strangers - three women and three men - must share a house. The housemates are usually in their twenties, and while their occupations and hobbies may vary the current season features a professional wrestler, a drag-racer and a parkour enthusiastmany moonlight as models.

Is terrace house a dating show

No - this is not Big Brother; there are no challenges, no eliminations, housemates simply go about their daily lives and off to work and study which we sometimes witness snippets of.

Housemates watch themselves on TV as episodes come out, and they can leave the house and therefore the show whenever they want, only to be replaced by another person of the same gender.

Six commentators - including actress Yukiko Ehara also known as You and comedian Ryota Yamasato Yama-chan - review and critique the housemate's interactions at regular intervals, giving some structure to the conversations, flirtations and arguments that occur in the house.

Terrace House is in many ways a slow-TV dating show, but the idea of bettering one's self - whether through falling in love or achieving career goals - is another key part of the series.

For the uninitiated, it can be hard to grasp why viewers are drawn to the series.

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Where, you ask, is the drama!? Hiroko Yoda, writer, editor and translator, and the other founder of AltJapan, points out that these everyday tensions unfurl in the show "in a clean way - everyone is wearing fashionable clothing and makeup, and they're all in a beautiful house".

Alt, who has written the forthcoming book Pure Invention: How Japan's Pop Culture Conquered the World, links the popularity of Terrace House to a larger trend in pop culture that he says began with Japan's recession and has since spread as a result of the s Great Recession.

He says pop culture started "turning inwards" and towards "self-soothing" activities and products at that point - examples include Bon Appetit's viral videos reconstructing childhood foodsthe colouring books for adults trend, and our embrace of superheroes and Marvel movies. The show's everyday, house-bound predictability is particularly appealing to fans across the world in lockdown.

For those who are unfamiliar, Terrace House is a Japanese franchise of unscripted shows that has managed to build up a world-wide following. In short, each show in the franchise sees three men and.

American writer Bryan Washington wrote in the New Yorker about loving Terrace House more than ever during lockdown: "The show's amiability, the casual jaunts of its housemates, and its overarching emphasis on communion take on a peculiar new dimension".

The housemates do have minor disagreements - whether that's over washing dishes or who's dating who - but they play out in a way that is rare for most reality TV.

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Alt says: "Especially in this day and age where we're so rent by political differences and it seems like there's no way to agree with other people, shows like Terrace House are very appealing. Alongside minor events and disagreements there's also small-scale - yet touching - personal development for the housemates, often facilitated through genuine friendships between the cast.

Terrace House: Closing Door - Trailer ?Fuji TV Official?

In the current season, Ruka, a handsome young housemate who lacked direction at one point he said his aim in life was to literally become a superheromade a laughably terrible pasta dish for the house. By the time Ruka left the house he may not have figured himself out, but under the tutelage of Italian manga artist Peppe he was able to successfully cook a delicious home-made pasta meal.

Bless you, Ruka.

Terrace House is in many ways a slow-TV dating show, but the idea of bettering one's self - whether through falling in love or achieving career goals - is another key part of the series. Mar 26,   That's right, the fairytale relationship between Terrace House's power couple Tsubasa Soto and Shion Okamoto has come to an end. If you haven't been keeping up, hit Japanese dating show Terrace. RELATED: Terrace House: 10 Things Most International Fans Don't Know About The Show. Despite the pressure of being in the limelight and public scrutiny, there have been some couples of Terrace House fame who have survived and lived to tell the tale. Others, however, have succumbed to negative pressures, and their love has since ended.

The sheer number of commentators can seem like overkill at first, but you soon become fond of the panel of Japanese celebrities - although their judgement of the cast's behaviour can sometimes cause consternation for housemates during the run of the show.

Alt and Yoda say commentators are a key feature of most Japanese variety TV shows. When Yoda first watched the show she was struck by how forced the interactions on screen seemed, as well as just how unusual the sharehouse setup was in a country where most young people either live with their parents, alone or in small apartments.

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But Alt says the atmosphere of the current season, set in Tokyo, mirrors the feel of the city. While the show is just as heteronormative as many non-Japanese dating shows, the housemates' approach to courting sets Terrace House far apart from The Bachelor franchise. Romance in Terrace House - like everything that unfolds in the show - is slow and tentative.

Terrace House is a Japanese dating show. Six people - three women and three men - move into a luxurious house in Japan (or, in one case, Hawaii). They sometimes date. Sometimes don' Uther Dean. The show is called Heart Signal, and although it isn't exactly like Terrace House, it's clear that it is heavily inspired by it. 6 people (3 guys and 3 girls) are living together in a house with 6 panelists viewing the show on a TV screen. Like Terrace House, new housemates can be expected. Mar 18,   Terrace House is a Japanese reality show where the cast members are extremely respectful, announce themselves when entering any and every room, and where the biggest drama involves someone eating.

It takes many weeks and many conversations - without any physical contact - for couples to decide to date, and then sometimes all those conversations lead to nothing see: Kenny and Risako. Terrace House is now streaming on Netflix. News Home. Print content Print with images and other media.

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