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Welcome to Gyuuniku Academy! Who will you choose? Log in with itch. I really would love to play this game but the app won't open, i hope that anyone could explain why this is. I did extract them, i even got the app to play them and it didn't even open. A zip file is basically the file or files your need, all in one package.

FDW - Binding Sim is an alternate-history dating simulator game, set in an erotic and dystopian collaborative writing universe inspired by this universe has spawned, to date, more than a thousand additional captions, two erotic novellas, and now, a game. If you don't know about this universe, it could be summed up like this. I have a question for Spencer's route. So I know ow a little ways through the story after a shower scene you're basically asked if you want to be dominated, do whatever he wants, or for him to rim you, and was just wondering if being dominated by him is a route in the story currently, or if it will be added, if you you don't plan to add it at all. okay so this is awesome!! ive gotten all the good ends, and bad ones now i just have to get the neutrals. i love jonathan alot already so this may be biased but he is so freaking cute in this omg!! thank u guys so much for taking time out of ur lives to make this! i hope this isnt all .

I have a question for Spencer's route. So I know ow a little ways through the story after a shower scene you're basically asked if you want to be dominated, do whatever he wants, or for him to rim you, and was just wondering if being dominated by him is a route in the story currently, or if it will be added, if you you don't plan to add it at all.

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I'm just curious since I know that Spencer's route is more about the MC dominating him. If you want Spencer to be the more dominant one in the relationship the MC needs a low confidence score pick less certain options. This results differences in the first time they have sex. I always thought that the shadow on darius mouth from his old caracter is a mustache welp you learn new things every day lol.

Hi im currently playing the game on Android platform right now and im at day 11 of Chester, but i can't get through the typing part of the story, i tried everything including the "no" word but it didnt seem to accept the word, please help me and i really enjoyed the game so far really good and Thank you! If you are at the part where you are going to the convention with him, use the words "money" and "cards" for the extra items to take with you.

About a month ago someone had a similar issue. Here is what they posted and thier solution: " Hey, i dont know if this a Bug or not, but on Chester day 11, when you need to type "no" to continue, it always become "" every time i type it, how do i overcome this? Im playing android ver.

Hi, I play the android version too. So the way I overcome that problem is I type the word, then press space, delete and enter after the word. It always works that way for me, hope it helps you too.

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This isn't really the right place to put this, but I don't know where else to ask. Any news on an Endless Bounty itch release? Sorry if this is an annoying question. Unfortunately the game is not available on iPad or iPhone at all. Im a new player and been playing a couple of days and I just finished Harold and Darius' route and I never thought that I could get so attached to virtual Characters.

I couldnt believe I cried for them and fell inlove with them this much. The best Character so far for me is Maria. I love how supporting she is in the routes I played. I kind of wish I had a Maria in my life that would support me in whatever decision I make. Btw can you put a Gallery for the different scenes of the story. Somehow I loved the Cuddle Scenes more than the sex ones haahahhaah. Im not really used to giving comments and reviews but I just love this too much and I just wanna express my Gratitude to the Creators of this Beautiful game.

As always, I love your new ate, but i want to report some bugs Specialty in MC underwear -normally it's cut at the front, and you can see the MC package Dozer, Chester and Darius routealso Dozer tank top at gym after Vernon incident, and this one is funny and I love it Hi Nice to meet you all, I played your game but i'm sorry i cant donate i dont have any credit card with me. Anyway i enjoy the game, the story line, the nfsw stuff. I'm sorry of you dont understand what i say cause myEnglish not good enough and By the way thanks man for your game make my day cheerfull again :.

The sketches are very old, from before Dyne had a background artist. The background artist Gavelly is making real backgrounds, and all the sketches, black, and gray screens should be replaced eventually. As far as I know, no plans to fill them in are announced yet.

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In the past Dyne has had patron rewards and auctions, so it is possible a fan will get one later. Many errors are fixed between the public and patron versions. Thanks for your replies man, Hmmm sorry i think my country block that site so i dont familiar with it.

But I'm waiting for new ate of the game and i cant wait for the true ending for each of them.

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Keep on FIRE!! By the way is there any fan art for them? Hi, i'm new here and i got to say This game is amazing.

About (Adastra contains themes of an adult nature - you must be 18 or older to play) Adastra is a romance visual novel with a whole bunch of sci-fi and political intrigue mixed in. It explores friendship, high school life, love, and everything in between. The game plays with tropes and expectations found in romance visual novels and dating sims by undercutting this often-romanticized period of everyone's lives with a realistic edge. Syd, our protagonist, moved into town at 5/5(41). Dating sims (or dating simulations) are a video game subgenre of simulation games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements. The most common objective of dating sims is to date, usually choosing from among several characters, and to achieve a romantic relationship.

I know this sounds silly but i've only completed The Spencer route and don't want to finish anyone else LOL, i am too attach to that dog, his personality is charming and he's cute. Hope there is an ate for him soon Oh and thankyou for creating a wonderful character.

I managed to get the best route not sure how I managed thatI'm just sorry that Harold's route only has 1 more day. But also happy because that means they will start work on Richard's route soon. You have to get the Coach Jealous when Darious does his shenanigan.

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Just play along and you'll unlock loads of options during your first few dates. EDIT - so i tried it, got one new scene - harold back and he patted my bu. Sounds like you didn't do something right. If he gets jealous and likes you enough he should read you a Haiku at the amusement park and invite you over to his house for a meal later on during the week which leads to a sex scene. Keep trying. Hope you are having a nice day Mr. He does help me with certain things, but he is a good friend of mine too.

He does not work for me. First off, love this game. Secondly, does anyone get this glitch where at Harold's route in the restaurant it won't accept or respond to certain months when asked when were your born. I was also quite surprised by the sudden shift in their models. It does return to normal on day 18 however. Ive done it Took me almost 3 months but i've reached up to date with every character Tho Darius one is weird, its the only route where Richard confess his feeling for Maria.

And its the route that kinda tangled with Spencers route since both are related to them dating.

Itchio dating

Yeah, noticed that as well. There are hints in the other routes that Richard likes her quite a bit. Odd that it only happens in Darius' route. Felt really bad for Spencer during his route though, since I did his one before Darius'. Makes me wonder if there is a "kind of" canon route in this game.

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I look forward to Richard's route coming out. I think it's really going to be something different. I was kinda hyped when I got inspired some days ago by the game. I'll tell you guys more clearly about my experience and my thoughts about the game. The more you play it, the more you're getting into it! I often find myself lost inside my imagination while playing the game! Always wish it was real tho. And their emotion are priceless, feels so real! It's really good, it can get emotional and intense too!

Really glad i found this game and enjoy playing it as much as I can! I made myself 2 save files of 2 different part of LnL to play it again cause it was really enjoyable and fun!

Ever thought of writing a real book irl too?

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Just sayin I love it! It makes me feel less lonely when I play it!

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I really enjoyed Harold's last day, the only thing that kind of blipped on my radar me was the build-up to a three-way with Richard. Is that possible or was it just a tease?

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Ok i have soooooo many things to say! The stories are adorable, emotional,and overall very fun! The effort put into this vn is very obvious as every ct of the game looks great! This is one of my favorite virtual novels and will always be! Thank you DyneWulf and everyone else behind this project! It is truly Mind-Blowing and i am never let down by the work put into this game, you never cease to amaze! Thanks for creating this game Dynewulf! When i first found it, gotta say "Damn" it was way more that I expected it to be.

It make me feels less lonely and depress throughout my day, I really enjoy playing it and I learnt some new things while playing it too! I've just only finished Harold's story and it already making me having some day dreams.

The game made me inspired to keep me get going with all the crap I'm dealing with. If i ever archived my dream, thanks to the inspiration of the game, I owe you guys a lot!

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The game gave me the idea to decided to work hard and get a chance to study in a university abroad and it made me actually thought for my future like really hard for once in my whole life!

So I'm going to study as hard as I can to get my chance and study abroad, no idea where am I going to but I'll take any chances that are available for me to!

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That was the inspiration I was talking about UwU. Take it! Hope it help!!

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Keep going to improve the game in the future! I really look forward to spend my time playing it more UwU! I know you guys have Patreon but the money differences for each country make it kinda expensive for me to afford it for now It the least I can do to support, no need to feel bad or anything I'm just really glad I can help.

So sharing all the experience I'm having on here make me feel way better to keep it for myself! And again, thanks Devs for creating this game! I don't know what you're talking about, but spreading misinformation will do nothing but harm the project, myself and my artist. Sry for that i just complimenting you work and a little bit of misunderstanding in spencer route so I got a walkthough.

It's a little awkward for me. Sry for make you misunderstanding.

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Extracurricular Activities. About Extracurricular Activities is a visual novel following the main character you! Please read the DevLog for more information!

More information. Download Now Name your own price. MAC Version 1. PC Version 1. Mar 17, Feb 16, Jan 16, Comments Log in with itch. I have to say Mccallj 2 days ago.

Tailor Tales is an otome game with elements of fashion design. Experience a heart pounding romance! Set in a fictional European country, play as Joselina and choose to be either fierce or kind as you run your own boutique. is a simple way to find, download and distribute indie games online. Whether you're a developer looking to upload your game or just someone looking for something new to play has you covered. The first futanari dating sim. FDW - Binding Sim. Visual Novel. Futanari Stories: Captured4You. darktoz. Visual Novel. GIF. The Awakening (NSFW 18+) 18+ Visual Novel. After a 2 years in coma you wake up and start your journey. SLim_Games. Visual Novel.

Multiplayer features. Accessibility features. Gay Furry Visual Novels. Essential LGBT. Bara Games. Sort by. View all tags. New itch. Subscribe for game recommendations, clips, and more. Apple Pie. A sickly sweet girl's love sim. Siren Head Dating Sim.

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He'll blow off you head, and your heart. Ascend with the kingdom, or orchestrate its fall Lunaris Games. Nothing to Say. ValiDate Game. Fiction Factory Games. A Group Relationship Horror Visual novel. Wrestling With Emotions.

All Men Are Pigs. An Urban Fantasy visual novel that explores romance within a dangerous paranormal community. Steamberry Studio. Cinderella Phenomenon. Cinderella Phenomenon is a free otome game that was inspired by various popular fairy tales. Joyride a mecha. Sext your enemies.

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Fight the pull of gravity. Tennis Ace.

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