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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words An au simply described as "you fell asleep and i started making funny faces at your kid to keep them amused and the steward mistook us for a couple au".

Of all the ways I could die, I never thought that drowning would be one of them, considering the place I have been brought up. It is not until I take a breath and water fills my mouth rather than oxygen, that I realise I wore out more quickly that I had presumed and I am now completely submerged under the water.

I begin to panic and frantically try to swim to the surface, desperate for air. I try to scream, but no sound comes out, the only result being me taking in another mouthful of water.

My natural reaction is to cough, but I only swallow more water in doing this.

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My lungs burn as they begin to fill with liquid and I know that I am going to die. My body feels heavy and my mind suddenly feels at peace.

For a moment, I think I must be dead.

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That is, until I hear the voice of Claudius Templesmith booming through the Arena, audible even underneath the water. Even though I hear the sounds, I do not listen to the words, barely aware of the fact that I am alive, let alone the fact that I have just won the Games.

I look up and above me I can see the blurred reflection of a hovercraft on the surface of the water.

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A ladder drops right down in front of me, and my arms automatically reach out for it, the electric current freezing me into place as it pulls me up onto the hovercraft. The minute the door closes behind me, the current stops and I collapse to the floor unconscious.

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The next thing I remember is waking up in an entirely white room, something warm and strong cld around my hand. I slowly turn my head to the right and a weak smile forms on my lips when I see Finnick beside my bed.

She's a Prefect, He's a Marauder; and falling in love might be the best thing that ever happened to either Lily or James. Set during their 6th Year with the rest of MWPP. Dec 01,   A Jily - keitaiplus.com. Read "My Way" through Lily's eyes. Excerpt: I couldn't believe this. I was falling in love with bloody Potter. No. No. This is not happening. But it was. Add to library Discussion Browse more Fantasy Harry Potter Humor. If Tom Riddle Never Became Voldemort. We take - keitaiplus.com/drabble requests for Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Hunger Games, Matched, Dan and Phil, Trylle trilogy and The Maze Runner. We hope you enjoy the blog! jily jily - keitaiplus.com lily evans james potter Harry Potter harry potter drabble harry potter - keitaiplus.com. 9 notes.

He smiles warmly and gives my hand a gentle squeeze, making me feel safe for the first time in a long while. I, Peeta Mellark, walked through my front door, like usual on a school day, and kicked my boots off, the muffled noise of my friend ringing through my ear as we spoke over the phone.

My friend, Carl, was about the only person I trusted with my possible biggest secret. Well, after my mother beating me and my brothers.

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E uniforms, or hunting them down to catch a date. And Carl is the only person who knows. Me and my family had moved to two when I was younger, and Cato and my brother Kaleo clicked as soon as they met. Since then, they always hang around each other, and Cato practically lives at my place.

He gives me such a fright I almost loose my footing.

jily; Marauders; Summary. A month after they've started dating, James and Lily both go home for the Christmas holidays, but one night James misses Lily too much, and goes to visit her. Their reunion is laced with the unspoken love they have for each other and their fear of He Who Must Not Be Named. Language: English Words: 1, Chapters: 1/1. Title: Demons (sequel to Stick Around) Fandom: NCIS, MCU, The Sentinel Genre: Drama, Fusion, Crossover, Romance Relationship(s): Tony DiNozzo aka Dom Rossi/Tony Stark Content Rating: NC Warnings: Canon-level violence, explicit sex, cases involving kidnapping, and canon-typical issues. Word Count: 72, Summary: While Tony tries to get the Avengers Initiative moved under the U.N., outside. This C2 is for the best Lily and James romance stories out there. This is for well written stories that deserve the reviews and hits. So jump aboard and find that story you've been searching for.

Had he really heard it all? I quickly cut my friend off and look up at him, swallowing thickly. Can I get past? The impact makes me gasp, and my struggles to get free are futile. Is this some kind of sick joke? No, this fire is much worse. Almost protectively. The feeling spreads warmth through my body, from the place of contact and all through my veins, to the tips of my being.

Jily fanfiction dating

My eyelids lazily close over, and my hands reach up to rest on his chest, my fingertips tingling with excitement from the touch. Butterflies flutter over my stomach as the kiss grows rougher, more passionate in time.

Have a good evening. What happened? Thank you for this evening.

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She rolled her eyes and turned away but he gently grabbed her chin and turned her head back towards him, leaning in so that their faces were close together, his warm breath tickling her skin. Lily automatically kissed him back but pulled away a few moments later when she realised what she was doing. He had always loved to watch her play; there was something about the elegance of her movements that could keep him captivated for hours.

Hermione finished the piece she was playing and shifted slightly on the stool to look at him.

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She grinned happily and picked some sheets up off the music stand for him to play. She gently placed her hand on top of his and guided him through the song, smiling slightly.

Her heart raced as he shifted closer to her, and she tried to focus on the music rather than him, and how close they were at that moment. Work Search: tip: words An au simply described as "you fell asleep and i started making funny faces at your kid to keep them amused and the steward mistook us for a couple au".

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In a world where you know your soulmate when they say your name, Lily takes a summer job at a flower shop, in hopes that she can trick the universe into finding hers. Scarlet for sin and sacrifice? Orange for desire and passion?

Story of Lily Evans and James Potter

He guesses it is all of them - after all, we are made up of multitudes. There are two antlers patterned on her rib cage and in her dreams they grow tall and strong enough to pierce the whole sky. She wonders if she can grow to be like these prongs, big enough to fill up a whole expanse of constellations.

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What happens when she makes acquaintances with the Marauders, the famous gang of bandits known throughout the kingdom? Will she be able to overcome her qualms and trust them with her true identity, or will it be too late?

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James Potter and Dr. Sirius Black had gotten their lives and careers back on track after the nightmare that followed the collapse of Slytherin Pharmaceuticals, and moved abroad to work in Dublin to get away from painful memories. But they find themselves confronted by their past, their lost loves and arch enemies. Marauders AU.

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James and Lily meet in an airport after missing their flights, though by the end of the day, it all sort of seems like fate. Public Bookmark 3.

jily; jily au; Fluff; Summary "we're both youtubers and you sent me an email asking me to do a duet cover with you but you don't realise i'm having a heart attack bc you're my fave youtuber au" for jily. Language: English Words: 1, Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 10 Kudos: Bookmarks: 13 Hits: Ooh yes ma'am I am a trained professional in this field. Ok so I'm going to classify them according to multi-chaptered and oneshots. Multi-chaptered: COMMENTARIUS BY BC DAILY (the first jily fic I read and by far the best one yet. It's on hiatus b. Undying Love (A Jily - keitaiplus.com) by Lumina K K 44 WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK: I don't call eyes 'orbs' You love Jily enough to search for fanfics - James Potter and Lily Evans, two of the most talked-about people in.

Public Bookmark James Potter and Lily Evans are both wildly successful YouTubers and Sirius cannot believe that people ship them enough to write erotic - keitaiplus.com about them.

Lily is quite content owning her little flower shop and feuding with next door neighbor Sirius Black and his errant parking skills, until his best mate, Oscar-winning actor James Potter, moves in.

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Muggle AU; Lily Evans needs a date to her high school reunion to help her avoid a creepy ex-friend, and James Potter is only too happy to be her perfect fake boyfriend for the night. As the anti-Muggle and anti-Muggleborn sentiments that have been brewing in the wizarding world once again ignite, Lily Evans finds herself in a position where she has to address the prejudice that has followed her her whole career.

Rec When James is first handed the train ticket, his immediate reaction is to laugh openly in his father's face.

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There are lots of ways to introduce oneself to a new neighbour, but breaking into their flat, perhaps, is a road less travelled. At eighteen years old, James Potter has a lot going on. He's a rising star navigating the politics of professional football, the pitfalls of sudden fame, the fallout from choosing his dream over his father's company

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