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The U. In , Congress expanded the program to all military services and changed from active duty to shared support from the services and schools. As congressionally mandated by Title 10 United States Code, Section , each military service must have a JROTC program to "instill in students in United States secondary educational institutions the values of citizenship, service to the United States, and personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. Since , the U. JROTC curriculum provides equitable and challenging academic content and authentic learning experiences for all Cadets. All lessons are designed using a four part model to motivate the Cadet, allow the Cadet to learn new information, practice competency, and apply the competency to a real-life situation. Moreover, the four part model requires Cadets to collaborate, reflect, develop critical thinking skills, and integrate content with other disciplines.

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Air Force applicants must complete a physical assessment that includes push-ups, crunches and a 1. All applicants for all branches must also pass a physical examination by a doctor and not have any chronic conditions or diseases.

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Most ROTC scholarships award full tuition plus extra money to pay for books, fees and other expenses. Scholarship recipients are expected to commit to service in that branch in return for the scholarship money.

The Army requires an eight-year commitment, with four years in active duty and four years in reserves.

Photos from the National High School JROTC Drill Team Championships. Photos from the National JROTC Fitness Challenge Championships. Army National Drill Pictures & Results. Raider Pictures & Results. Learn more about the U.S. Army JROTC. Mar 27, In addition there are restrictions on dating your direct subordinates/bosses. But a battalion commander can issue an order that nobody in the battalion can date each other. Or a brigade commander could say nobody in the brigade can date each other. These rules are more strict then the Army policy, so they are allowed. RULES FOR SUCCEEDING IN ARMY JROTC Live by the Cadet Honor Code: "A cadet will NOT lie, cheat or steal." This is the same honor code adopted by the United States service academies and other military colleges across the country. Remember, HONOR and INTEGRITY are leadership values.

Air Force ROTC scholarship recipients must complete a four-week summer field training course, the professional officer course and commit to four years of active duty service. The Navy and Marine Corps both require a five-year commitment on active duty. Do not wear beads in your hair, whether attached to hairpins, clips or added to braids.

Jrotc Dating Rules, springfield il speed dating, speed dating la rochelle, questions to ask before meeting online dating. c) For those situations where school rules have been violated and the school administration desires for JROTC to address the event, the following options are available for cadet punishment. 1) Relieve of leadership positions 2) Reduced in rank 3) Removed from JROTC teams 4) . ESCAMBIA HIGH SCHOOL NJROTC PROGRAM. North 65th Avenue Pensacola, Florida PHONE: ext FAX:

Hair can be dyed as long as it is consistent with natural hair colors. Avoid bright and unnatural colors.

The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) is a program offered through the United States Army for high-school students. The program helps the students develop strong leadership and physical. JROTC curriculum includes lessons in leadership, health and wellness, physical fitness, first-aid, geography, American history and government, communications, and emotional intelligence. The curriculum is rigorous and relevant to 21st century education. In fact, many high schools grant core credits for some of the subjects taught in JROTC. keitaiplus.com carries your supply needs nameplates, arc pins, rank, insignia, JROTC graduation stoles and much more. All your school Junior ROTC needs. School fundraising with spirit mascot dog tags.

Streaks or highlights should be natural. Keep the overall appearance of hair neutral. When considering changing hair color, consult your JROTC instructor for approval before dying or bleaching.

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Do not wear clip-in hair streaks or extensions while in uniform. Men's hair should be cut short and kept neat.

It must be cut regularly to keep the hairline straight. The back and front should not flip out.

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Hair should lie flat against the neck and fall no farther down than the eyebrows. Sideburns should stop above the earlobe. Men are not allowed to have twists, braids or dreads. Students are not allowed to cut designs into their hair. Women are permitted to wear cornrows and braids as long as they are not unkempt.


Bangs should not pass the eyebrows. Hair is allowed below the shoulders; while in uniform, it must be pulled up above the uniform's collar.

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