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Aqua is the first person Kazuma meets after dying. The moment Aqua showed her arrogance towards him while also making fun of him, he immediately wanted to get back at her, which resulted in him choosing her to take into the fantasy world. Their relationship seems platonic thus far, as neither of them sees the other as an object of affection. That being said, the two are inseparable and Aqua even relies on Kazuma more than she admits. He thinks she is useless yet cute when she is silent and calm. They would often argue and point at each other's respective flaws, which results in Kazuma usually making Aqua cry.

How do I put this, rather than cool, it seems like beautiful is a more fitting word to describe it. That watchman was saying something about Serena being an exhibitionist afterwards.

She considers Kazuma a contradiction at times. She described him as someone who is idle when wealthy, yet hardworking when in need of funds and perverted, yet reliable during emergency situations. They enjoy a close relationship, with Megumin being the most emotional one in the party, which was shown when Kazuma didn't want to return from the afterlife. She is also the most defensive in their. Kazuma has some plans to take care of today before meeting up with Megumin, but his astonishing luck never seems to be good luck when he needs it. (Spoilers I don't know if I have to post this in Megumin or Konosuba sub, so I'll post it in both. I know that Kazuma and Megumin are kinda in a complicated relationship in Vol 10, but first I'd like to know why is Megumin in love with Kazuma so much that she even stated that he's as important as explosions.

Since we are taking the same route, we might run into her along the way. Some of the residents have moved away to other cities, but by now even the stream of refugees have dried up.

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Apart from our carriage, all the others were transporting trade goods, and in total there were five of them. Other than a handful of adventurers who were serving as escorts and the merchants and drivers, there was no one else present.

Darkness soon took off her armour and started polishing it, and Megumin, struck by a strange competitive spirit, was cleaning her staff as well when she asked me that question. Even with an Archmage like me in the party!? Give me your card for a bit! If you feel inadequate, then go learn some other skills! You learnt Golem Creation and Recovery Magic too! Are you trying to become a mage or something!?

Your magic power is less than a tenth of my own! Back then, Darkness, because of her hardness, attracted the attention of the Running Hawkites who were in the middle of their mating ritual, and Aqua managed to attract a bunch of zombies in the middle of the night. It was a real ordeal. Now that the sun has gone down, we set up a slight distance away from the merchants and got a small campfire going. Next to her, Darkness was lying down, gazing up at the starry sky while hugging the box containing her armour close to her chest.

I came here from another world far away from here. Then, I died. After that, I went to the afterlife and the goddess gave me three options.

Either be reborn in my original world as a baby, head on to heaven or to go to another world.

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She was really arrogant when we first met. Normally, each person can only be brought back to life once, and getting revived is a high level miracle. Unlike me who grew up in Japan watching gods get turned into waifuable characters in manga and anime, the people of this world are much more devout. What would happen to Aqua after the Demon King is defeated? You told me you had no intention of going back to your old country, right? What exactly do you have in this world? What impeded us was a horde of man-eating ogres just like the ones I ran into back in the dungeon.

They were almost three meters tall and gave off the same impression that running into a gang of pissed off yakuza would.

Additionally, all of them were bearing a weapon of some sort, and the only one that was bare-handed was a head larger than the others. What kind of aspiring Demon King slayers we are supposed to be if we cower before a few ogres!?

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Darkness hastily broke her armour out of the box and started putting it on, while Megumin and I went down to face the ogres. Show yourself if you have the balls! The smell of ogre blood is strong on him! The one who seemed to be the leader of the adventurers yelled before drawing his sword and charging at the largest ogre.

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The ogre sent him flying with a single backhand before he could even get a hit in. In the natural world, the party that averts their gaze first loses!

Now they think we are all a bunch of weaklings! See, they are getting closer! However, the ogre easily crushed the ball of fire in the palm of his hand and blew on the slightly charred skin that the fireball left. Are ogres supposed to be this strong!? I can hide behind this guy and fire from behind cover, and if I can buy enough time for Megumin! This guy barely comes up to my waist!

Kazuma dating megumin

Unlike that fireball, I put a lot of mana into this spell! Here I go!

Kazuma Princess Carries Megumin VN Scene #VisualNovel #Exclusive #EnglishSub

I thought I could go from being an ordinary person to one of the strongest people in the world just by learning enough skills, but this is way too far from what I imagined! She detonated it in midair to minimize the damage to the other adventurers as much as possible, but they were still sent flying by the shockwave, and most of them ended up unconscious. Keeping Megumin who collapsed due to mana exhaustion behind me, I let an arrow loose at the ogre.

Jun 18, - Explore HD_fear's board "kazuma x megumin", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Anime, Manga, Anime girl pins. Aug 31,   Does Kazuma Love Megumin? - 5 Facts About Satou Kazuma - Konosuba Here are some Konosuba facts about Kazuma! Does Kazuma love Megumin? Who will Kazuma end up with? I hope you enjoy this weeks. Oct 05,   Megumin let out a satisfied smile before straightening up and looking right into my eyes. "Kazuma, why does Aqua want to defeat the Demon King so badly? What would happen to Aqua after the Demon King is defeated?" - She'd return to heaven. Those words came to my mouth, but I couldn't spit them out. After a long silence, Megumin broke it.

Even though I let it loose at close range, the ogre slapped it away with its bare hands before it could reach its eyes. I sent the golem I was using as a shield forward, but it was crushed underfoot before I could even name it.

In order to avoid having it crush the defenceless Megumin underfoot, I ran towards it, aiming to slide between its legs.

It has a high chance of activating when faced with an enemy attack. I drew the magic sword that Dust gave to me. The edges of the blade glowed with a strange light of its own, making it look like it was made out of silver. Even a veteran warrior was taken out in a single blow! In order to prevent me from dodging its next attack, the ogre came at me with both arms outstretched.

We can understand each other, so we should be able to come to an agreement. The ogre gave me a glare that seemed way too much like that of a yakuza. That ogre has strong offensive strikes, but Darkness with her armour would be able to hold him off for quite some time.

Not long after I thought that idea up, Darkness spouted such a threatening line and charged at the ogre while making wild swings from her greatsword. The ogre easily dodged her blows, of course, but Darkness relentlessly continued with her attacks. Even when the ogre counterattacked, she barely paid them any heed, letting her armour absorb the blow while maintaining her relentless pressure.

That armour is the cause!

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Your abdominal muscles seem quite hard too! Would you like to become my woman?

Apologise, kazuma dating megumin agree, excellent

She better watch out when I find her! Otherwise, the people of this world will continue suffering under the Demon King. But I understand why you would find this journey tiresome. We already set off late, so if we keep taking breaks like this, Kazuma will catch up easily. Ah, look over there, Aqua-sama!

They are using their tough shells to protect themselves from predation and the heat of the sun! High-end sightseeing tours usually shell out for strong bodyguards in order to ensure the safety of their high paying customers. Well, having strong bodyguards is a good thing. After all, a whole herd of crabs is right in front of us.

We have some fairly skilled adventurers in the other carriage, so, what do you say to getting a little closer and grabbing a crab or two? False Fire! And the horde of crabs, and the ogres that were hunting them, came charging towards the ball of blue fire I shot above my head. Previous Chapter. Next Chapter.

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Well speaking in terms of stats no matter how much points he gains his overall stats remain the same. On the other hand utility skills would be completely different since they dont require any atk strength so he is technically a cheat in a way if he knows how to properly utilize them.

This is exactly why he should change class to something not extremely weak like a smart gamer after acquiring all those skill points. Mage would suit him just fine with the tricks he uses being magic plus more firepower in your party is never bad. The interludes are pure gold!

I wonder if aqua can turn molten metal into water. Thanks for this! Glad to see kasuma is still kasuma and those moments with megumin and darkness were so sweet.

Well before I got started, I was spoiled that Kazuma and Megumin eventually become a couple thanks to a post over on r/Megumin. While reading V1, I noticed that this development is actually really obvious in hindsight. Pretty much right from the beginning, Megumin is the one Kazuma likes the most (even if he's disparaging about her only knowing. Kazuma has even been asked out by Megumin for a date, though it was just him accompanying her in casting a routine explosion spell. As time progresses, Megumin grows to become more openly affectionate to Kazuma while trying to keep it a secret from the rest of the party. In response, Kazuma displays open embarrassment and confusion regarding. From the anime series KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 2 comes a Nendoroid of the wizard with delusions of grandeur and an affinity to the Explosion spell: Megumin! She comes with three face plates including a smiling face, a serious face for spell casting as well as a cute bashful keitaiplus.coms:

My godness! Ma boe Kazuma almost become a real man! And what happen to Darkness? She turn into a Vanir or alike devil?! Notice that, she kill a monster for the first time, a true milestone! Darn, I was hoping Kazuma would put points into sword or bow proficiency. Kazuma is all about fighting and winning in the most low handed annoying way possible so flash made sense.

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All he needs now is something like invisibility. I remember saying certain individuals have more affinity to learn certain skills making it easier for them. These troll utility style abilities would probably be his affinity.

Like Liked by 2 people. Yorokobe shounen. And finally Kazuma became a man. Damn im jealous. Megumin is so damn so cute. It gonna be good mama pool for megumin. I also find it odd that Kazuma never talks to her about it. There were several times before volume 5 when Kazuma tried to get Megumin to invest in other magic, but other than one time in the very first volume, Kazuma has never tried getting Darkness to invest in attack skills.

There are times where he wishes that she would, but he never actually talks to her about it. If my attacks land easily, I could easily defeat monsters without taking damage.

This is how things should go: Attacking with all my might but not being able to hit the enemy and being captured as my strength wanes. Aqua said something interesting in the first volume. For example, someone with a fear of water would need more points to learn water or ice elemental spells.

Her inaccuracy makes it difficult for her to level up, so it could be harder for Darkness to save up the points she needs than it was for Megumin when she saved up points for advanced magic.

I think that, before the series ends, we will find out that Darkness had a real reason for not fixing her inaccuracy.

If that new armor really is making her more aggressive, then we may find out sooner than later. Nozoki Ford Lalatina has a cursed armor even though she could have that divine relic one, seems about right.

Would make him much more potent without taking away much since he relies on magic for his tricks anyway. And at what cost? He lose all his other non mage skill if he become mage. Lurk, snipe, stealth, bind are his main skill other than magic. And the main reason his team can survive is because he got skill that can somewhat cover them. Besides with his very2 underwhelming stat the option to be a mage might not even open to him. Cecily seems to be a bit more level headed this time. I thought the duo of her and aqua would be a lot more chaotic but i guess her wanting to protect aqua holds back her craziness.

Oh man. It seems we are getting close to the end. Well, every good thing has to end some time.

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Thanks for your work again. Meeen, being a honest boi in the wrong time Kazuma, I hope for a continuation for the bed scenes!!! Megumin is a naughty girl indeed.

I actually got a little disappointed when Lynn revealed the sword Dust gave to Kazuma is not his actual beloved sword. Plus with auto dodge he could dodge their attacks while trapping them with bind and steal more mana to increase the power of his fire ball and earth goldem.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. They were seated on the carpet, and appeared to have been waiting for quite some time.

However, she trailed off and curiously looked over the suit of armour I brought back. Just then, Megumin tugged on my sleeve.

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It seems Megumin and Darkness had been getting ready while I was away in the dungeon. Then, I should go to bed soon. And, for some reason, she got behind me as I headed back to my room. When I opened the door of my room, Megumin entered it like it was a matter of course.

My Farsight skill only allows me to see the outlines of objects, much like a thermograph. But the crimson glow of her eyes are clearly visible in this darkness.

Megumin laid on top of the bed and smiled at me. Did she deliberately change into her favoured one piece dress just for this purpose? Megumin seemed to have picked up that I was staring at her dress.

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Starting with a kiss here is only appropriate. When I placed my hand on her cheek, she placed her own hand over it, and closed her eyes.

Just a simple gesture pushed my nervousness and excitement to the limit. Women really are scary. I slowly drew closer to Megumin, and she gulped. She seemed to have sensed me approaching. After all, if I take my time, that idiot will definitely barge in to meddle with things. Yes, just like always, that idiot will interrupt just as things are getting good! In other words, this is my chance. I know this is a stupid thing to do. She then wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a kiss.

Tasting her tongue in my mouth sent all of my thoughts flying. She let out a breath and gently stroked the back of my head.

I really want to continue. Megumin pressed her hands against my back, and let out a cheeky giggle. When did she become such a temptress? I-I just wanted to give my thanks for the armour! Part three The next morning. A large number of adventurers were waiting for us at the pick up point for the carriages. Standing in front of them were Vanir and the Penguin.

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As I left the house, I wistfully looked back and caught something odd at the corner of my eye. When I rubbed my eyes and went back for a better look, she was gone.

She isn't disgusted or bothered by Darkness' masochistic tendencies. They share a sense of rivalry and seem hostile towards each other. While still in school, Megumin enjoyed bullying Yunyun. In truth, Megumin genuinely cares for her and secretly worries about others taking advantage of Yunyun's naive nature. Yuiyui does what she thinks is "best" for her daughter. Once she found out that Kazuma is rich; she attempted to create a situation where Megumin sleeps with Kazuma to force an engagement.

To this end, she locks Kazuma and Megumin in the same bedroom for several nights, and even knocks out her husband and Darkness with the Sleep spell to prevent them from interfering. Arue has been a friend of Megumin and Yunyun since their school days, where she ranked just behind the duo. She was the one who gifted Megumin her eyepatch, though only because it was her old one that was beginning to wear out.

Even though Megumin often states that the cat is emergency rations and can be used as bait, she is actually very fond and protective of Chomusuke though she does think the baby dragon who took up a seat when they were traveling to Alcanretia was cuter.

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