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Social media has become so important to us that it now has the power to destroy relationships. Whether those relationships were solid or not is another topic. So many arguments in relationships revolve around social media. One of the biggest arguments that people have concerning social media is whether or not your partner should be featured on your social media sites. Many women went berserk on my page as always when I share sensitive topics. So many, primarily women, attack it from every angle.

So many, primarily women, attack it from every angle. It is interesting that most believe that not posting is a red flag for cheating.

Keep your dating life private

In established relationships, social media posts is something that is done. Especially if they are private. They believe if you post a picture of a meal you need to post a picture of your partner. A meal is not personal, your love life is.

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People do show people off for the wrong reasons. Your partner can show you off for the wrong reasons.

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Keep it off of social media, this is the advice I give people. Twice in my life people have told me that and it stuck with me. Everyone who matters knows. As I grew up I noticed how many times I asked my partners to place their stuff online because it was validation for me.

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Some of both are doing it because relationships make them feel whole and showing off their relationship is an accomplishment to them.

In some relationships it even creates false competition, where people are complaining about their partner not posting about them enough or as much as the next person does. Get your relationship off of the internet and work on it. Pierre Alex Jeanty is regular guy who sees things different from the majority.

He is the founder of Gentlemenhood. A full time blogger, Author, social media specialist, health nut, Certified Life Coach and most importantly a disciple of Christ.

You're promoting your own gossip. If you're complaining about always having people in your business, then stop putting your private life in people's faces. You don't need Entertainment Tonight following you around - you're your own paparazzi and you only have yourself to blame. 6 Reasons to Keep Your Relationship Private - Sep 12, á Keep it off of social media, this is the advice I give people. Twice in my life people have told me that and it stuck with me. One girlfriend told me once, "why do you need everyone online to know? Everyone who matters knows." I was a young college kid, it was dumb to me.

It took me a while, but I get this now. So now, privacy is best.

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Social media definitely puts people into your relationship and that opens the door for tons of problems. Great article!! Im going through that now with my boyfriend not wanting to post us on social media so i question it smh now i understand why. Can I tell you how I really appreciate your articles? It gives me an inside look on how men really think. I am in a relationship with someone that posts everyone and everything except me.

However, at one point we were broken up and he dated another woman and had a couple of pictures on his page of her.

Now I'm going to discuss why you keep your dating life private. It's not because they're bad people that have ill intentions towards you or your love life. Sometimes their premature opinions can keep you from making choices that are best for you. When you first start dating someone, you're in the learning stage.

How could I not feel some type of way? I automatically took it as he is hiding me or not proud to have me on his arm but after reading this maybe there is some truth to privacy.

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Every now and then you get that post on your feed of a man proclaiming his love to his woman and it makes me wonder why I cant get at least one post of this emotional magnitude.

Or even a birthday shout out lol.

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I feel crazy for even comparing. Thank you for allowing us women to get a sneak peek of what the other side might really feel. Without this we go on flights of imagination filling in the blanks with what we think our men thinking. Clearly we are usually completely off.

I guess relationships are about listening and learning. I am trying my best to not jump to conclusions. I absolutely love this. I have always been somewhat private about my love life. But with a new partner, I have been even more so. But after reading this, I realize that those were simply my insecurities. I am okay with keeping things private. Thanks for this wonderful article.

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This has a great impact to me because I realized that im acting insecure in our relationship for getting mad at my boyfriend for not posting photos or any about us. Privacy is better, not all people are concern. Love for your partner doesnt measure through broadcasting your lovr to your partner. This is so true. I am also not a big fan of couples revealing their relationships on social media.

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I get it. My new boyfriend said a majority of these points and we discussed it a lot.

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This article is definitely on point. Ur article enlightened me. I thought he is hiding me and not proud of me that sometimes i think he is hiding somethng from me or cheatin on my back.

That, sometimes gives me the feeling of insecurities, jealousy to somethng that cause him to get annoyed and start discussions between us. He said, he dnt want any1 to know bout me to protect me and us, and 2ndly he is a veri private person.

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Sometimes i even wanted to break-off with him. I jaz love him so much thats y i try to understand. But now i understand him and love him more. He is a true gentleman. The right man for me. Tnx for the article. By discussing your issues with outsiders, you open yourself up to the opinions of others.

Want to know who is truly happy for you? Fall in love.

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The unfortunate truth is that not everyone is going to rejoice at the sight of your union. There are some people so distraught with their own lives they will go out of their way to ruin yours. Your delight may breed haters who will drag confusion everywhere they go. The less people know about your personal life, the less they have to speak on. Hell bent and determined to poke holes in your new love affair, disclosing too much about your new relationship can leave you vulnerable to the antics of a scorned ex.

The desire for attention is not a modern concept. Feeding off the validation and approval of others has long been a source of motivation for many.

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The evolution of social media has only increased our lust for recognition and makes it easier to get. However, becoming intoxicated by the attention of others is dangerous for your relationship. The world is dehydrated, and being a spectator of your love affair temporarily quenches their thirst.

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Keeping your relationship private keeps your motivations pure. Your relationship was great. You and your partner shared some amazing times and the world felt like they were on the journey with you.

But ending a relationship that was so heavily adored on social media makes it much more difficult to pick up the pieces and open a new chapter. Sharing your relationship with the world comes with consequence. You opened your union up for everyone to partake, so if you decide to part ways, be prepared for constant interrogation.

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Keeping your relationship private shelters you from the added drama. You can simply decide to be done with your relationship, with no questioning, no obligation, and no stress. Sharing every moment of your private life can put you in a position to be the prototype of real love.

Suddenly, people convince themselves that they want what you have based solely on what they see online. This can be a lot of pressure on both people in the relationship. Relationships are already hard work without feeling the need to impress other people. Give your relationship and your partner a stress free environment to learn, make mistakes, and evolve without feeling weighed down by the need to uphold a false image created by social media.

Jazz Keyes is a community activist, poetess and a nationally certified Life Purpose and Career Coach.

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