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Marry a woman who can find her way by moonlight, after rising in the amrit vela for so long, because she will help you navigate the tricky parts of your life with ease. She has learned to use her soul as a treasure map and is a reliable navigator. Marry a woman who lets go of her subconscious clutter in meditation and releases the wounds of her past through mantra and kriya, even if those words sound mysterious to you, because she is not afraid of the mysterious places within herself. You will find yourself on the adventure of a lifetime with her, navigating the waters of her heart and soul as if you are voyaging the seven seas. She will be the one at the helm of the ship steering fearlessly. Marry a woman who honors her body through movement, healthy eating and other forms of self care. A woman who is comfortable with her own body will make you comfortable with her body too, and together tenderness and sensuality will become great sources of continual joy for you both.

Additionally, a daily practice gives you extra stamina and resilience, so you can handle everyday stress much better. Kundalini yoga is perfect for the modern day personbeing as busy as we all are these days. A class works quickly, is effective and includes a wide range of lifestyle benefits a great way to better handle and optimize our busy lives. Or, you may want more, and want to practice yogic teachings on personal hygiene, vegetarian diet, meditation styles, selfless service and more.

Then you can smoothly plan your life to any extent you like. You can radiate creativity and Infinity in all cts of your life. That is the practical result of yoga. It is the capacity and right to live a healthy, happy, and holy life. That is why we called our yoga family 3HO. One of the great benefits of attending classes is being with like-minded souls as a continuing support base in the search for spiritual growth. Kundalini Yoga centers welcome all yoga students and teachers to create community, celebrate special occasions with group meditations, sacred chanting, get togethers and community projects.

Once you gain this awareness, you no longer have the desire to look for your security outside of yourself.

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What I have found to be really powerful is, you can leave the pains of the past behind and manifest your true destiny. There are many amazing benefits of Kundalini yoga that make it a worthwhile investment of your time. The key to the spiritual journey is not acquiring something outside of yourself. Rather it is shedding the veils to come back to the deepest truth of your being.

Marriage is a psychological and spiritual journey that begins in the ecstasy of attraction, meanders through a rocky stretch of self-discoveryand culminates in the creation of an intimate, joyful, lifelong union. There is a solitary part to it, but that solitude helps us to develop richer and more in-depth relationships with our friends, our children, our community, and the political world.

This is why courage - big-heartedness - is the most essential virtue on the spiritual journey. But if we fail to let pain be pain - and our entire patriarchal culture refuses to let this happen - then pain will haunt us in nightmarish ways. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. The body itself is used either by the spirit within us, or by the fear-based mind.

When it is used by the spirit, then it is a thing of holiness. How we dwell within it, how we treat it, and how we use it in relationship to other cts of the planet is extremely important. When we use the body without reverence, we are destructive elements on the planet. We become destructive to ourselves, to other life forms, and to the earth.

There is no greater investment. Real values can have meaning to man only when he steps on to the spiritual patha path where negative emotions have no use. From the place of potential, emerges possibility. Where there is possibility, there is choice. And where there is choice, there is freedom! Love and compassion are always the goods of the spiritual journey, and they are guided by divine wisdom, which then shapes compassion in the concrete situations of our existence.

But certain things are common. On a spiritual journey, we all have the same destination. I think that would be a more peaceful lifewhere my spiritual journey was not interrupted by egomania so regularly. May there be peace in this world and throughout the entire universe, and may we all together complete the spiritual journey.

It points us toward our essential nature, which is a reflection of the boundless creativity of the universe. Each time to ascend to a higher rung on the ladder of personal evolution, we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation.

I have never found an exception. If you feel the need to forgive, forgive today. If you feel the need to risk, risk today. If you feel the need to apologize, apologize today. If you feel the need to love someone, love them today. If you feel the need to create something, create something today.

If you do this there will be no conflict within, you will grow in Spirit because you will be your true authentic Self - living at full potential. Live for today, not for tomorrow. Accept your humanity, your animality. Whatsoever is there, accept it without any condemnation. Acceptance is transformation because through acceptance awareness becomes possible.

Did you know that Sweden is one of the happiest countries in the world? What do they do so differently that it helps them stay happy and satisfied with their lives? The answer is found in one word - lagom. In this article, I will share with you what lagom is and how we can all implement it into our lives and make it more balanced and meaningful. Not too much. Just right. And this is the main difference between our american mindset which makes us always seek the next best thing.

Lagom philosophy is the opposite of materialism and consumerism. It focuses on creating a balanced, sustainable lifestyle that welcomes the pleasures of existence rather than those of consumption. This philosophy is very practical and applied to everyday lives - food, clothes, lifestyle, work, etc.

Lagom is all about having only what you need. It is the new minimalism for anyone who wants to live with fewer material possessions but aim to enjoy a more meaningful and happier life. Lagom is not a rejection of pleasure, but the ability to indulge in it in a moderate and balanced way.

Of course, the Swedes also allow themselves to deviate from the plan. Not to mention punch-rolls, chocolate balls, cinnamon buns that Swedes adore. However, after a little indulgence, they do not punish themselves with strict diets but get back to a moderate and balanced lifestyle. As I already mentioned, it can be applied to all areas of life.

In this article, I will share with you some ideas on how to do it. If we try to highlight the area where the Swedes are 1, it is home organizing. Impeccable Sweden style is not overloaded and attracts the eye.

But how did the Swedes manage to create this balance? They have an innate desire for minimalism and absolutely no desire for hoarding.

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For several months, once a week, remove one item from each room - and very soon you will notice that the energy of your house has improved. If you buy a new item, let it be not only beautiful but also functional and high-quality item. Look for handmade items, visit fairs, and meet new artists and designers. But before you buy anything ask yourself if you really need it or perhaps your home already has everything you need.

Use natural eco-friendly materials in the decor. Get indoor plants. Collect twigs, snags, acorns, pebbles from the beach - all this brings you closer to nature. As you may already know, nature heals and if you invite nature into your house you also infuse it with peaceful and healing energy.

We, Americans, tend to waste lots of food. It makes us spend more money than you probably should. But if we become more mindful in planning and organizing food we can actually save more money than you may think.

And the less money we spend the less stress we have. Here are a few tips on how to be more organized with your food. You can freeze herbsjuice, coconut milk in ice molds.

You can use them later for making ice cream or smoothies. To keep salad leaves and green leafy vegetables fresh longer, wash them, put them in a sealed bag, and put them in the vegetable compartment. Too much parsley or dill? Finely chop it and freeze it. You can use it for soups and other dishes. Do not use expensive imported ingredients brought from the other side of the planet for preparing your meals. Try to always buy local veggies, berries, and fruit. Find out which fruits and vegetables are in season and try to cook seasonally.

This is a super helpful tip for those who want to reduce the amount of food waste. During the week, prepare simple dishes. Leave new and complex recipes for the weekend, when you have more time. This will also help you to be less stressed about not having enough time.

We tend to go from one polarity to another. Lagom teaches us to create a balance between work and personal time that you can use for hobby, yogarest, or other things you like to do during your free time. Here are some tips on how to do it.

On the weekend, choose one day when you have nothing planned. This is a day for restoring balance, spending time spontaneously, and communicating with your family and friends. Try to go to bed on time and get up a little earlier than usual.

An extra half hour in the morning will give you a sense of control over time and self-confidence that you are unlikely to be able to experience while doing everything on the run. If it is still dark outside when you get up, light a candle and drink tea from your favorite mug.

It will give you a feeling of self-care and the necessary comfort for feeling safe and relaxed. A healthy body and a balanced mind lead to a happy life and less stress. Lagom gives us some tips on how to take care of our health and be more balanced. Everyone should make time for rest, work, and active movement.

Find a way to work out in a way that brings real benefits to both body and spirit. Make sure that you actually enjoy your workout time. For example, go for a run alone to clear your mind, or go for a walk with friends to chat. If you feel like lifting weights brings more stress to you than enjoyment, then maybe yoga or cardio exercises will suit you better? Find your own unique way to work out and enjoy it! There is no doubt that balance is the key component for our physical and mental health.

However, we all need to accept that there can always be a slight imbalance in life. There is no need to feel stressed about it. Sometimes it is impossible to find time for the gym and working out. Use natural cosmetics. Skincare is really simple - healthy food, rest, and fresh air will do almost all the work for you. Swedes love to spend time in nature. The state also strongly supports such leisure. Everyone can freely walkpick mushrooms and berries, and camp in any place if it does not disturb the peace of others.

So, Swedes in any weather go out of town, have picnics, go sailing, etc. Inthe World Wide Fund for Nature conducted a study that found that those who regularly go out to nature feel happier and healthier.

Try to cultivate peace in every communication you have. Instead of passionately proving your point, try to always find a compromise.

Jan 03,   The exact origin of Kundalini yoga is unknown, but historical records, referred to as the Upanishads, a sacred Vedic collection of writings dating back to B. C., cited the science of Kundalini energy and spiritual philosophies. An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning "truth is my identity."The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. Mar 27,   Kundalini yoga focuses on using your breath to harness energy within you and promote self-awareness. Learn about the benefits of Kundalini yoga and beginner Emilia Benton.

Arguments and conflicts lead to stresses, disappointments, and breakups. You can always walk away from the argument and let people have their opinions.

Arrange small celebrations for yourself for your family and friends. In Sweden, there are many traditions that are designed to unite friends, colleagues, and family members. For example, the sacred Swedish Fika ritual - a coffee break with sweets. Its essence is simple: a hot drink, a treat, and communication without haste. Or Fredagsmys - a cozy Friday ritual, when you are gathering with the family, watch a movie, and eat something tasty. It is these small traditions that create unforgettable memories, evoke a smile, and create a feeling of being loved.

This atmosphere reduces stress and makes life more enjoyable. When you look inside your crowded closet, or when a big portion of food is placed in front of you, or when you consider that second cookie, ask yourself if you really need it, if it is lagom.

Constantly, try to build that balance between work and your personal life. Always make sure you find time to do the things you love. Keep track of your spending, consciously reduce your environmental impact on the world, take purposeful breaks from work, spend quality time with family and friends. By bringing lagom into your life you become much happier, more peaceful, and less stressed. In this article, we want to share with you our latest collection of spiritual quotes to support your growth and transformation through developing a stronger connection to everything inside and outside of you.

Below you will find inspirational, wise, and thought-provoking spiritual quotes, sayings, proverbs, and poems collected from a variety of sources over the years. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself. It is over. Learn from it and let go.

People are constantly changing and growing. Do not cling to a limited, disconnected, negative image of a person in the past. See that person now. Your relationship is always alive and changing. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. IF I decide to be a mom one day. But no rush or urgency on this.

I enjoy conversations, have a sense of humor and am inclined to be outspoken and affectionate. I've understanding and experience with yogameditation, Eastern philosophy, spirituality, personal growth and have lived in various communities or ashrams in America and briefly in Nepal.

After forty years of vegetarian living, including periods of macrobiotics, fruitarian, sproutarian and raw food diets, I'm now vegan with rare exceptions.

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I prefer a simple life style, a chemical free home, natural healing, eating organic and items made of natural materials. Very interested in: environment, climate change, sustainable cities, sustainable development, energy and new technologies.

A proactive, responsible, dedicated, professional problem solver and out-of-the-box thinker. I speak 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Love traveling, outdoor activities, the ocean and scuba diving. Even I discovered and use to practiced pilates since almost 13 years, just get 3 years ago into meditation and yoga.

I do like everything is spiritual and holistic view. I am an honest person, very loyal to friends, and love good vibres and shiny happy people :. I'm not a woman who care about the appearance the most, I think the internal of him is the most important. I believe the purpose of relationship is not to have another who might complete me but to have another with whom I might share my completeness.

I am happy being what I am, be natural in balancing spiritual practice and worldly life by maintaining the health of the body, get exercise, have a proper food, practice meditation, retreat, yoga etc. I like to keep my life simple because I believe simple things hold true beauty.

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I became vegetarian for 15 years and recently went vegan. I like nature, outdoors, long distance running and hot yoga. I used to play Tennis frequently but find running more addicting. I came to US for my Graduate studies in and have been living here since then.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession. I like to read magazines on current affairs and columns Times, Scientific American, Mind and any article on human psychology and behavior. I also enjoy reading autobiographies. I am really into Indian classical music - Hindustani, Carnatic, Instrumental and sound tracks from Bharatanatyam dance.

I never got an opportunity to learn music myself though. Cooking is one of my hobby and I consider myself a very good cook. I have given up eating all animal products due to ethical reasons. I am looking for an emotionally mature and easy going person. Thanks for taking time and reading my Profile. Let me know if you would like to know more about me. I'm looking for a man who wants to explore friendship first, and if sparks ignite along the way, that's a bonus.

My life is fulfilling, and I would sometimes like male companionship. I'm not very interested in marriage. I'm not frantically seeking an overnight love relationship, or a one-night whatever.

I'm seeking someone who would like to explore the possibility of a nice evening that might lead to something more enduring. I am semi-retired. If you are interested in these things, let's get together and have a great discussion! I'm not interested in going out "just to go out.

Looking for someone who is quieter - not boisterous and loud - and often has a smile on his face! I'm a bit of an introvert, although I can be extroverted when necessary. Some of the things I love are being outside, reading, exercising, and eating well. We can explore some of the fun things this city has to offer! There are parks, beaches, bike paths, art galleries and museums, live theatre, bowling alleys, lots of places to get a bite to eat, live music, and festivals!

Along the way, we'll get to know each other and make some memories. I was born and grew up in Riga, Latvia and then many years lived in St. I studied environmental sciences in the university and worked in the field of spatial planning. Nature, ecology and architecture are still my interests. One of my hobbies is different non-alcoholic drinks such as chinese tea and yerba mate. I worked as a tea bartender and performed chinese tea ceremonies. I've been vegetarian for 16 years and time-to-time cook some Indian food.

I've been practicing yoga for 8 years with some breaks: I prefer complex and meditative approach in yoga as in Shivananda, Bihar School and Ananda Marga traditions. Among my interests are organic agriculture, permaculture and green buildings.

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I love outdoor activities, Hiking in the mountains, love the forest, rest by the water. Slim, athletic, energetic. I have a house in the Crimea in the countryside, and an apartment in Moscow. My son is an adult and lives separately. My native language is Russian.

Kundalini Yoga Set: Awakening to Your Ten Bodies - KIMILLA

I am a lawyer by education, graduated from the Institute in Moscow. I follow my own path of spiritual development. I am fond of esotericism and all the unknown, I love to meditate. I am also fond of programming, creation and promotion of sites in search engines, this is my hobby. I'm vegetarian 15 years, raw food 10 years. I switched to raw food diet in order to strengthen the immune system and health in General, and I can say that it works, I do not get sick and I have a lot of energy, my head works better, I became hardy.

I have been doing Kundalini yoga for 12 years, usually my practice lasts 2 hours every day. I am a very sensitive person to the suffering of other living beings. I have 10 dogs, 2 cats and a crow, all the animals were saved, I just could not get past their troubles.

It is very difficult for me to find my soul mate, because for me only a vegan can become really close to me, and there are no such people among my environment at all, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack, even less chances. I'm into preparing raw and cooked foods, music, yogatheater, hiking, running, films, politics and more I grow a lot of my own produce and share it with others. I became vegetarian for my health and vegan for the animals. I have a peaceful and serene lifestyle and looking to share some of my time with a like minded man.

I'm not into sports. I keep fit by gardening, walking and yoga. I am interested in someone who also enjoys gardening, reading, preparing food together, laughing a lot. I have travelled extensively to over 30 countries and now enjoy one trip a year. This will be long. If you do not have the interest or patience to actually read it, then we are not a good match to even start. Always curious, learning, and evolving. Proud, but more humble. Strong, but womanly soft. Highly supportive of those doing good things.

I can get serious and passionate about seeking truths, science, whole-person health and wellness, appropriate use of medicine as well as evidence-based CAM it does exist! My physique is long, lean but NOT super skinny nor do I want to beathletic as slightly muscular, with some feminine curvature.

I wear a size 4L - 6L not short or petite! I am proud to be healthy and fit, but also not the type to count calories or obsess over a number on the scale. Mine is about lbs, plus or minus 5, but I rarely check it. And if it increases a little bit as I age as metabolism slows, so be it.

If u make me laugh, you will be my love doctor - for, laughter and sincere hugs really some of the best medicine! Life, IMO, is too precious and short to beat ourselves up over little things. I am vegan by my definition: doing my best to do no harm not contributing to cruelty or death. For example: the healthy, charismatic, adorable hens in my own large backyard who happily forage daily and have an extremely small carbon footprint. I do consume bi-valves mussels, oysters, clams and some other sea life for the zinc, protein, etc as they do not have a brain stem.

I do not knowingly buy animal by-products or animal tested items leather, cosmetics, etc that would involve harm and can be otherwise avoided. I ask questions and check labels. Just sharing a bit about who I am. I was and continue as the only cruelty-free-committed person in my fam. I would choose to stop my car and help an animal than be early or even on time to work.

For example, getting a wayward tortoise off the road and back toward the woods. Getting a sadly hit animal the medical care it needs. I care for those without a voice animals and who did not sign up for human intrusion into their natural lives.

Nurturing and caring are my nature. Agnostic, but not full-atheist. I think there is a higher power out there, but have not been convinced of what it includes beyond universal nature. Thus, I refuse to claim belief or otherwise.

For some people, Kundalini awakening is accompanied by sexual pleasure. Sometimes Kundalini rises with piercing pain in the spine or in energy centers. The rise of Kundalini can be accompanied by involuntary, spontaneous movements of the body, fixation of unusual poses or yoga poses. Often the breath rhythm changes. You're going to have a lot of choices, gentlemen, about the kind of woman you spend your life with. I'd suggest you marry a woman who does Kundalini yoga. Marry a woman who is committed to finding the depth within her own soul, because she'll be more likely to find the depth within yours. Yoga vegetarian Dating for yoga singles who are vegans, raw food, lacto vegetarian or ovo vegetarian. Free yoga singles ads I have been doing Kundalini yoga for 12 years, usually my practice lasts 2 hours every day. I am a very sensitive person to the suffering of other living beings. I have 10 dogs, 2 cats and a crow, all the animals were.

I know right from wrong inherently and do not need guilt or fear to do well unto others. Doing good because I want to, not because I have to. Life experience has taught me so much. I took a long break from dating and decided to try it again. Lkg 4wd to, hopefully, finding a partner to share glorious life with.

This will not happen over night; for me, trust is earned over time and with actions and behaviors, not just words. I am particular and in no rush. Yet, finding SOS with mutual selectivity and standards - and interest in mutual commitment - would be wonderful.

I prefer easy going activities liking walking on the beach, yogaswimming, lounging, and being around relaxed people - or just one other person, or none at all! And if you have pet sbring it on! Kids on the other hand Not a deal-breaker, just a preference. I am already joyful and fulfilled without needing to bring more innocent little people into this already over-populated and crazy world. My feeling on that. To each their own. If you have kid s that are grown and self-sufficient, that is fine by me.

I am more interested in true friendship with the hopeful direction of longterm partnership than ownership or rushing ahead into a certificate of marriage. I am 5'4" cmpounds, slim. I attend yoga classes 3 - 5 times per week. Besides yoga, I used to dance latino, ballroom dances, and tango but I have switched to fitness recently, exercising 2 times per week.

So, I love to be pretty physically active in order to keep my mind and body healthy, fresh and positive. During my life, I have tried out different diets and after years of experiments, I have finished as "almost vegetarian" for health and ethical reasons. I believe I am a born traveler in my life - and I love it! Traveling opens our souls, teaches us to knowledge, tolerance and surely even wisdom. I lived in several countries and therefore I speak multiple languages. English is my second language, or could it be third?

After some changes in my life, I decided to leave this lifestyle and have switched to something different.

I am in an artistic-business field right now. I have lots of different interests and often feel to be short of time for everything I would like to do. Learning is most definitely my biggest hobby. From time to time, I even like to become a beginner and learn something I've never tried before. It keeps me and my mind in shape I prefer theater to the cinema but frequently visit both.

I also love classical music and visit philharmonic concerts, but I listen to almost all types of music. I do not enjoy passive activities very much. Regardless of my love to nature and animals, I see myself more as a city girl.

However, I am not a fan of skyscrapers either. For instance, the coastal towns of Florida are so picturesque I am an irreparable idealist. A modern woman with very old-fashioned values. If I am doing something, I am doing it properly and expect the same from the others. Definitely, I am a person of depth, shallowness is not my cup of tea. I believe that honesty is the best policy and try to be a fair, honest person under any circumstances.

Always, no exceptions. As well, I am a consistent person - my words always coincide with my deeds. I am a freedom lover, very independent, rather nonconformist, but very considerate.

We all born as free beings with the right to be fully respected and the duty to respect the others in a similar way. What I consider the most important is to stay a decent person under any conditions.

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I play at the piano, fiddle around Old time,bluegrassdo some contra and cajun dance, and am developing an alternative energy lifestyle. A recent Permaculture course gave me techniques to make the place even better, so that process is well underway.

The separated status in my profile header is not that complicated, we are friends no benefits she is not a citizen so benefits from my medicare eligibility. Re: travel, I can enjoy anyplace i find myself and did snowbird for a while before i became aware of global warming, but now i definitely value all the time i get to spend away from infernal combustion engines, except maybe backhoes and tractors when it's time to build a pond.

Not saying I love them, but they sure beat picks and shovels. I really enjoy my life, i often laugh at myself as i stumble around and marvel at the perfect grace that occasionally inspires me, although really it's all divine, just another day in paradise. I love picnics, dancing, painting, creating, and my business.

Why do I think that, say, feel this way, and need it. I have traveled and lived in many places, such as hawaii, australia, india, singapoore, coast rica, carribian, and mexico.

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I like to work out, butti yogakirtan, festivals, long walks on the beach, camping, tantra and last minute get aways. I have a big tool box and a sewing machine.

I would like to keep fit and healthy. I strongly believe we are what we eat. I also am selective about my company as I think our energy and vibration is contagious and we can affect one another. I like self development. I enjoy watching a good movie. Vegan for 14 years. Vegetarian 25 years prior. Huge proponent of holistic living, diet, alternative medicne, and exercise. I love a good conspiracy theory! My greatest wish is for every sentient creature to live in peace:.

To meet a like-minded lady, develop a close bond, and explore all possibilities. But where I really like to express myself is through music writing and singing. Performing and recording freaks me out, but in a good way. The rock-star lifestyle is not for me I work hard, pay my bills, and enjoy the company of a few good friends and family.

My story might not be Rolling Stone worthy How else do I get my kicks? I value healthy living, and begin my day with a short meditation or yoga. I have compassion for the less fortunate and have an appreciation for the ridiculous.

I'm looking for a woman I can vibe with on a spiritual and intellectual level. Someone who can teach me new things and inspire me and vice-versa.

Thanks for checking out my profile. My meat-eating friends ask me why I don't eat meat, and my vegan friends ask me why I'm not totally vegan yet I love all kinds of things, including yogaguitar, Thai massage, traveling recent travels include Taiwan and Japangood jokes, reading a good book, watching a good movie, wearing my fave jeans, candlelight in a dark room I enjoy yogareading, mushroom hunting, walking, and lots of quiet time.

I think I am kind and considerate to people in my life. I have a goofy sense of humor, and I am good at overanalyzing pretty much anything. I enjoy my solitude but sometimes feel isolated. I am confident, a good friend to all, physically fit Exercise and a plant based diet are important to me. I'm normally jamming Low fi,edsm, rave, tecno, synth. I really enjoy talking. A good conversation is something I value highly. I like camping A ton.

Sarcasm is how I get my daily laughs. I try my best to be empathetic, and live life according to my ever evolving ideals. I love to spend my time in nature, and taking day trips. It has always been so but now more than before. I was hoping to find a friend or friends with whom I can have interesting conversations with.

I used to teach yoga for three years and swim laps a week for over 30 years. Now, since a personal injury, walking is my only activity. If you would like to chat on-line, I would look forward to that kind of relationship. I have three cats and love animals. Since I live in an apartment, I cannot have a dog. I've been a vegetarian for 30 years. Maybe eventually we could meet and walk around Montreal or go catch a movie.

I am in the health care field and an artist.

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I enjoy travel, I enjoy giving back and volunteer my time, skills and professional experience elsewhere in the world, love meeting new people, experiencing other cultures, food, traditions, religions and nature. I enjoy photographing people, places and things in my travels. I am solid, grounded and tend to be happy and positive. I always see the glass half full.

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I enjoy hiking, walking, working out, read, swim, ride bikes, meditate, yogaand just relaxing in the sun or in front of a cozy fire in the Winter. I enjoy gardening, working with my hands from trimming trees, to painting the house, as I love maintaining the home front. As an artist, my creations have included glass fusion work, printmaking, painting, ceramics, multimedia work and photography.

One of my passions is cooking I must confess I am an excellent, creative chef, it is healing provides being in the moment and am creative with food. I love going to the ocean, enjoy warm climates especially. As I continue my life's journey, I like to think I am so much better at the art of being myself fully. I speak and share my truth. I am known to be very compassionate, an active listener, and understanding of all human conditions regardless of one's circumstances.

I am very comfortable with who I am. I work toward being the best human being I can possibly be in this world. I am independent, responsible, and enjoy where I live.

And it is well worth the effort to try to find them! I am exploring the internet. I'm a photographer and recipe developer and website-maker. I love to camp, and to take long hikes to picnic in places with epic views.

I'd love to explore learning yogaand how to play bass guitar. I am passionate about art, music, places, the unknown. I enjoy simple things in life, good food, laughter, good weather. I am currently living in Scotlan but after completing my studies I am planning to relocate to sunnier place.

I am in a desperate need of a sunshine. I am a very good listener, I like to talk, but enjoy the silence at the same.

I like meditate, yogaI paint. Creativity is very important to me. I am very easy to talk to and can talk about absolutely anything, but I am also very choosy and careful when it comes to people. Work out almost everyday, either yogainterval training, spin, a good pace up a trail, or a long steady pace up a mountain. I've been vegan since and I have never been healthier. Since being vegan I haven't had a cold, flu, and all my niggles are gone. Easy going and I like to listen just as much as I like to talk.

I am pretty good at reading a room and people. This makes chatting easier. I am single divorced and have no children living with me only feline pets all adopted. I am British with the accent to boot. I am financially independent and no longer need to devote time to making money. I am well read and people find me fascinating. I was formerly very driven in my work. I was able to retire young.

I worked in international consulting for a big corporation. Then I made money in my own businesses. I'm bored with spending too much time on my own but that does not mean I am boring, far from it - I just find no pleasure in spending soooo much time without a significant other in my life.

I want to learn golf, horse-riding even keeping horses and having some dogs to add to the cats I love dancing, traveling, cooking and great new experiences. Down to earth and very loving, sexy and youthful queen. The things that are important in my life include: animals, family, friends, fairness, the environment, design, empathy, dark chocolate, and apparently Autosave.

I love making things, anything from drawings to recipes to furniture to clothing. I practice yoga a few times a week.

Apr 21,   Kundalini yoga is often called the "yoga of inner awakening." Formerly known as Laya yoga, the practice was brought to the West in by Yogi Bajan. It's primary focus is to awaken the Kundalini energy which is believed to lie coiled (serpent-like) at the base of the spine. May 29,   It's not exactly known how Kundalini Yoga originated, but records show that Kundalini was mentioned in the Upanishads, a sacred Vedic collection of writings dating back to 1, B.C. The Kundalini yoga that is taught today was developed by Yogi Bhajan who based the practice on a 5,year-old authentic system of yoga exercises and meditation. Sep 26,   Kundalini yoga (ku??alini-yoga) derives from kundalini, defined in Vadantic culture as energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is activated (as by the practice of yoga) and channeled upward through the chakras in the process of spiritual perfection.

I have two cats; am a firm believer that pets make a house a home. I am passionate about my career and domestic life equally. I enjoy exploring new places, ideas, and activities - to me, company makes most of the difference in the quality of an experience. College student studying chemical engineering. Most days are pretty relaxing, just school, yogaand running, and maybe some kayaking. Certified Yoga Instructor and ultrmarathon runner. Plant based for over 5 years, animals are my friends.

I am practicing yoga and trying to live healthy emotional and physical life. I like the phrase: "Happiness is real when shared"that's why i am looking for my soul mate. I am looking for a vegan partner to stalk and kill plants for sport and trophy. Vegan only. No vegetarians! Not going to happen. I volunteer for mercy for animals and take part in animal rights marches and demonstrations. Other than being vehemently against all forms of human and animal abuse and boycott and protest those that participate in said activities, I am completely open minded, and willing to try new things!

I currently live in Malta. I love traveling, skydiving, surfing, scuba, yogamotorcycles, hiking, drawing, writing, reading and cinema. If you want to sleep late, eat volumous vegan food, travel and goof off, then please be in touch!

I love traveling weekend getaways are the best! I am ready for more adventure and less work, having spent a lot of time on my career and education. I like to keep as active as possible. I would describe myself as someone who is intelligent, open-minded, compassionate, socially conscious, and who cares about the world around me. I'm not that much into sports, except for tennis and events like the Olympics and not really into bars and drinking.

I'm much younger than my chronological age, both in my attitude and physical appearance or so I'm told!

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I am seeking companionship with someone who shares my interests, who has a healthy balance between their career and enjoying personal time together! Dating with the possibility of a long-term relationship is the way I would describe my goals.

I would love to meet a partner who has sincere intentions for a committed lasting amazing relationship based on trust,love,friendship,and respect. I have traveled to Europe,Asia,South America,Canada and Mexico several times which has given me a great outlook on life.

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I am generally known as a good listener who people trust. I am also known as a very content and happy person in control of my life. I love paying attention to the things that are hardest to see in a beautiful women.

Kundalini yoga dating

Some of these qualities include a very down-to earth mixture of humor,integrity,elegance,class,and decency. Internal beauty is most important to me. I am very athletic and I love running,biking,hiking, yoga ,pilates and meditation. I have many athletic accomplishments in my life which also included running 7 marathons.

I am a natural around the great cities around the world and I also love nature, the mountains and the ocean! I hope I have not scared you away. If you are interested contact me. I can enjoy activities indoors, as well as, outdoors. My hobbies includes gymnastics, bodybuilding fitness, Springboard diving, swimming, hanging out on the beaches, Vinces Rollerblading, biking, movies, all types of music, and shopping too.

I have lived, in traveled to many continents, countries, and cities too Lived in Asia,Europe, and South America. Well,beside living in Maryland, and working in Washington DC. I am single and truly, a down-to-earth person. I am an Certified yoga instructor, Certified Personal bodybuilding fitness trainer.

I am a non-smoker, Light drinker, and basically, I am one of the most down-to-earth and genuine person you would ever meet. I am that type of person who can really appreciate quality Especially, when spending it with that special someone I like travelling, quiet times, eating out, concerts, movies,reading and good conversations. I enjoy cooking,long walks, yoga and movies.

I am passionate about:Travelling and Romance. Originaly I am from Colombia and Spain. I am holistic minde run workshops for the inner growth and love my work as life Coach and Body, Mind and Soul Therapist.

Love doing meditation and sharing life with someone who enjoy life. I enjoy gardening and reading. I exercise daily even if it's just walking my dog. I enjoy board games and sitting around the fireplace.

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I strongly prefer sleeping in the cold under warm blankets. I've been veggie vegan for almos15 years, since I was My favorite bands are jam bands and I like EDM too. Phish is the best! I have a lot to offer the right person. I have been vegetarian sinceand before that only fish.

I was forced to eat red meat young, and by 10 years old, I was set against meat. My convictions were supported by all the religions I study, and I feel good about what I eat.

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I love animals, and could not kill to eat. No eggs or caviar. I do not always eat raw, but I balance my diet for protein building. I do not like to smell meat cooking, and appreciate a meat free kitchen.

Love grows with time.

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I will never lie to you. I look for virtue in a girl, and honesty. I do mostly rendering and animation at the present.

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