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A fossilized whale with four legs, webbed feet and hoofed toes is revealing new details about the evolution and geographical spread of whales across the globe. Paleontologist Mario Urbina and his team discovered the fossil in along the coast of Peru, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Current Biology. They were able to recover most of its skeleton, including the jaw, legs, some of its spine and tail. The fossil is It's the oldest known whale found in that part of the world, and the most complete skeleton found outside of India and Pakistan. Scientists believe the creature - which resembled an otter - may have been an early form of whale that had not yet fully transitioned to living in water.

But even before the move, this lineage was setting size records.

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One ancient cousin to modern whales and hippos, called Andrewsarchus mongoliensisranks as the largest mammal known to have stalked the land as a predator. A skull from this creature - the only fossil found so far from this beast - greets visitors on their way into a new exhibit on whales here at the American Museum of Natural History.

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In an artist's rendering, the million-year-old Andrewsarchus has a profile not unlike a giant feral pig with a more streamlined snout. This 6-foot-tall 1.


The "first whale," a creature whose lifestyle living on land but eating fish from the nearby sea represented the early stage of this transition into the water, was a wolf-size fish eater that lived about 50 million years ago on the edges of the ancient Tethys Seaaccording to the exhibit. Whereas this creature had a body clearly adapted for land, its relatives began acquiring features better suited to life in the water, such as webbed feet and a more streamlined, hairless shape.

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The basilosaurids, which lived about 34 million to 40 million years ago, had a more familiar shape than their ancestors. Basilosaurids had nostrils situated toward the top of their heads, an ear structure that suggested they could hear well underwater, and forelimbs that took the shape of paddlelike flippers.

Antalya dolphinland seal whale sea lion show, swimming with dolphins experience. Antalya Turkey dolphinarium therapy encounter program, prices cost, timetable, location, transportation, reviews. A landwhale is a humanoid organism weighing in excess of lbs (although smaller specimens have been reported). They are often seen in the company of other landwhales and humans. Interbreeding between landwhales and humans, although once thought impossible, has been know to occur and produce viable offspring in isolated cases. In fact, it is rumored that humans can turn in to landwhales . Mar 20,   The "first whale," a creature whose lifestyle (living on land but eating fish from the nearby sea) represented the early stage of this transition into the water, was a wolf-size fish eater that.

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May 04,   (slang, derogatory) An obese person, usually female. , John J. Burke IV, "One male's opinion" [letter to the editor], The Pointer (University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point), Volume 29, Number 13, 21 November , page There is nothing else to hit on here except fat girls so the landwhales just assume that since they have no problem getting dates. The Land Whale is a massive creature who appeared in Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen, the last of its kind. The creature is so big that it doesn't need to move to catch its prey, and simply uses hypnosis to bring its prey to it. The Land Whale was also used by the Cyclops Queen to devour any thieves. It was believed that the Land Whale was the Air segment to the Mask of Power. The Appears in: Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen. Apr 04,   The fossil is million years old, dating back to the middle Eocene Epoch. It's the oldest known whale found in that part of the world, and the .

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Did you see that land whale on TV last night? Eggs Danny Thomas Meat Beating Pongoes Shukran GN XV Witch's Kiss However, how they traveled from South Asia to South America remains a mystery.

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Researchers suggest the creatures likely crossed the south Atlantic Ocean from the western coast of Africa, assisted by surface currents. Because Africa and South America were much closer together millions of years ago, the whales would not have had as much difficulty making the journey.

Once settled in Pacific waters near Peru, they would eventually make their way to North America. Sign up for Breaking News Alerts Be in the know.

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