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What is LTR? Dating like most other areas of our lives has to a large extent moved from the conventional and traditional to electronic and computerized platforms. In the past it was simply a matter of finding someone to date within your social or business circle and developing a relationship with them. This has however changed to a large extent and we today have more and more relationships being established and nurtured through the internet. This change in the way relationships are established is mainly as a result of the very busy and fast paced life we have to contend with today.

To avoid such situations, the online dating community has developed several abbreviations that specify the kind of relationship an individual is look for.

Jan 10,   LTR: [noun] acronym for "long-term relationship." Are you guys in a LTR? See more words with the same meaning: acronyms (list of). See more words with the same meaning: boyfriend, girlfriend, boo, significant other. The LTRs then mediate integration of the retroviral DNA via an LTR specific integrase into another region of the host chromosome. The first LTR sequences were derived by A.P. Czernilofsky and J. Shine in and Retroviruses such as human immunodeficiency virus use this basic mechanism. Dating retroviral insertions. On craigslist, an acronym for Long-Term Relationship. My aunt sent me the news story about the cop whose coffee cup was labeled "Pig" at Starbucks so I had to tell her he was a Milkshake Cop who was trying to get a trans barista fired.

LTR is on such abbreviation which is understood by those who are into online dating as meaning Long Term Relationship. Anyone who is looking at a profile with this specification knows that the individual is looking for a long term commitment from any potential partners. It thus becomes easy to find others with similar interests and looking for the same kind of relationship as you are.

Ltr meaning dating

LTR is also used in personal ads on various media such as magazines and newspapers by those who are looking for relationships. It is also useful in filtering those who are not familiar with such abbreviations as it would indicate that they are not up to date and most likely old fashioned or that they do not keep up with modern trends.

LTR= Later, as in "See you Later!" Actually in the context of a dating site, LTR mean Long-Term Relationship, as in Long-Term Relationship Dating site Mar 31,   LTR is on such abbreviation which is understood by those who are into online dating as meaning Long Term Relationship. Anyone who is looking at a profile with this specification knows that the individual is looking for a long term commitment from any potential partners. LTR definition: long-term relationship: used in online dating sites and personal advertisements | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Depending on the context, there are a number of other different meanings for LTR. A part from the abbreviation for Long Term Relationship, LTR is also taken to be a short form for, letter, left to right, later among others.

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None of these is actually used in formal communication and most of these will apply in social settings and communication. If you are able to decipher the above and tell the difference between the three LTRs, then you know what LTR is in most of its contexts.

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Search for: Search. Shine in and Retroviruses such as human immunodeficiency virus HIV use this basic mechanism.

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As 5' and 3' LTRs are identical upon insertion, the difference between paired LTRs can be used to estimate the age of ancient retroviral insertions. This method of dating is used by paleovirologiststhough it fails to take into account confounding factors such as gene conversion and homologous recombination.

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U3 and U5 has been further subdivided according to transcription factor sites and their impact on LTR activity and viral gene expression. The multi-step process of reverse transcription results in the placement of two identical LTRs, each consisting of a U3, R, and U5 region, at either end of the proviral DNA. The ends of the LTRs subsequently participate in integration of the provirus into the host genome.

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All of the required signals for gene expression are found in the LTRs: Enhancer, promoter can have both transcriptional enhancers or regulatory elementstranscription initiation such as cappingtranscription terminator and polyadenylation signal. In HIV-1, the 5'UTR region has been characterized according to functional and structural differences into several sub-regions:.

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The transcript begins, at the beginning of R, is capped, and proceeds through U5 and the rest of the provirus, usually terminating by the addition of a poly A tract just after the R sequence in the 3' LTR. The finding that both HIV LTRs can function as transcriptional promoters is not surprising since both elements are apparently identical in nucleotide sequence.

Instead, the 3' LTR acts in transcription termination and polyadenylation.

Difference Between Dating And Relationships - From Casual To Committed!

However, it has been suggested that the transcriptional activity of the 5' LTR is far greater than that of the 3' LTR, a situation that is very similar to that of other retroviruses. During transcription of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 provirus, polyadenylation signals present in the 5' long terminal repeat LTR are disregarded while the identical polyadenylation signals present in the 3'LTR are utilized efficiently.

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