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Got a crush on Mitt Romney, or maybe one of his sons? A few practical tips for dating a Mormon. It seems that America is going through a bit of a Mormon moment , with Mitt Romney's presidential campaign and "The Book of Mormon" bringing attention to the Latter-Day Saints in popular culture. Chances are you've at least met a Mormon, but what are they like when it comes to dating? One thing we can say is, Mitt Romney's sons aren't altogether unattractive , though unfortunately, they're all married.

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In fact, always have a backup casserole ready in case someone breaks their leg and needs a home-cooked meal. Fashion : twinsets, knee-length skirts, scrubbed and smiley. Athletic wear is also okay, but no short shorts or tank tops.

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Think Stepford Wife who gets out in the fresh air. Look at the BYU. Don't Go There topics: Multiple wives and magic underwear jokes are really old, most Mormons will be polite about them, but just don't make them.

The mainstream church no longer okays polygamy, and this is a sore subject so steer clear. And yes, Mormons really aren't supposed to have caffeine, and I wouldn't offer them coffee Top 10 Women-Themed Interviews.

Find friendly singles interested ex-Mormon online now. Ex Mormon dating is so much easier at our site, so why not join today? We can match you with likeminded singles who you're totally compatible with. Register with us for free and browse the personals of our many ex Mormon members. A few practical tips for dating a Mormon. It seems that America is going through a bit of a Mormon moment, with Mitt Romney's presidential campaign and "The Book of Mormon" bringing attention to. Note The most recent stories - are located at ates. There is a biography board at Exmobb_biography which has over additional stories as of Dec There are over personal accounts of people leaving Mormonism on this site. The Short Topics section has an additional topics on Mormonism. If you are planning on reading only one or two stories, consider stories #44, #50, #56 or #

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Jan 22,   Before I get into some of my sexual stories, I am warning you they can be, and will be graphic. We were dating. I had just converted. So suddenly finding myself alone on a green, musty sofa with my Mormon boyfriend, I was scared that my sexual impulses would get the better of me and I would break a very big, very important rule, only 2. What's the funniest or scariest Mormon dating stories you have heard? I heard this one from a Mormon gal in Northern Utah. She did online dating in Utah on Mormon themed dating sites. She was highly educated and had a very professional job. On her first date with an online Mormon guy she met, he came to her place to pick her up. Ed Decker - Ex-Mormon, Evangelical Christian, Career "Anti-Mormon," and Creator of "The God Makers" July 7, NOTE: Based on listener feedback, a version of the full interview (in a single audio file) can be found in the podcast feed, and with the audio links below.

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The Mormon church encourages its members to marry within the Church. However, people are not prohibited from dating members of other religions. Problems can occur, though, if the relationship becomes serious, as family traditions in the Mormon church are very important. It's difficult for a non-Mormon to fully understand them.

Higher Education - - A short story on life at BYU, serving a mission and recommended information to read. Has her own web site - - She has a list of why she knows the church is not true.

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She believes it is possible to be spiritual without being religious. ated Dec A former Jehovah's Witness - - Great reading for Mormons or those who want to look at growing up in an authoritarian group.

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She was in both groups - - This young woman was raised as a JW and converted to Mormonism. A short story.

Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness - - He has an interesting account of the failed Watchtower prophecy concerning the end of the world.

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