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In multiple sclerosis, the protective coating on nerve fibers myelin is damaged and may eventually be destroyed. Depending on where the nerve damage occurs, MS can affect vision, sensation, coordination, movement, and bladder and bowel control. Multiple sclerosis MS is a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord central nervous system. In MS , the immune system attacks the protective sheath myelin that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between your brain and the rest of your body. Eventually, the disease can cause permanent damage or deterioration of the nerves.

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I am over While most people carry on life normally, MS can cause a long list of potential symptoms, that may require some humor in dealing with. Multiple sclerosis dating can help you to find other people with MS, so that you can share your experiences with each other.

So, the cat's out of the bag and you've learned that the person you're dating has multiple sclerosis. First of all, you should feel honored! The fact that this individual has opened up to Author: Dan And Jennifer Digmann. Oct 04, Now hold your horses for just a second here and let me tell you my story. When I was diagnosed I was 19 and my biggest dream was to get married and have kids. I always knew that I would be a spectacular mom, I was made for it. My first fear when the doctor said "Multiple Sclerosis" was that my dreams of motherhood and family were over. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease in which the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged. This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to transmit signals, resulting in a range of signs and symptoms, including physical, mental, and sometimes psychiatric problems. Specific symptoms can include double vision, blindness in one.

The dating site will act as an icebreaker between you, and anyone online that you may be interested in. Other people with MS already have this understanding, so you can skip the explanatory talk, and get on with knowing each other.

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You can get starting with dating quickly and easily. The website is non-judgmental and will help you to search through online dating profiles of other people with MS as well.

Multiple sclerosis dating will get you off the couch on weekends, so you can get outdoors and have fun. One of the most important cts of life for someone with multiple sclerosis is to remain self-sufficient.

Multiple sclerosis dating

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Dating can bring about many questions and some anxiety. Thoughts like, "Where can I meet people?" and "How much should I say on a first date?" may come to mind. As a person living with multiple sclerosis (MS), I often think about that and so much more when dating. As a year-old woman with MS who is on the dating scene, I am now starting my second year as a single woman.I have been making the acquaintance of able-bodied men, and the challenges I've faced are pretty much the same as those I experienced as a single able-bodied woman prior to developing MS at . Tobias was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in but he continued to work, full-time, meeting interesting people and traveling to interesting places, until retiring at the end of https.

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Aug 25, Rosalind Kalb, PhD, vice president of the Professional Resource Center at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in New York, says that dating with MS is not necessarily any more challenging than. Multiple sclerosis dating will get you off the couch on weekends, so you can get outdoors and have fun. You'll get to meet up with other people who are also uncomfortable with online dating, as they'll be in the same position as you. One of the most important cts of life for someone with multiple sclerosis is to remain self-sufficient. Dating when you have MS comes with its own set of challenges. Learn when and how to talk to your dates and romantic partners about your multiple Danny Bonvissuto.

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Vitamins for MS: Do supplements make a difference?

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