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The quality and attention to detail on Ernie Ball Music Man instruments is second to none. Our hand-rubbed gunstock oil and wax finished necks are a perfect example. Watch the factory tour and see how the difference is in the details. The Ball family is the last of a dying breed, a family business making guitars and basses exclusively in the United States. Since , the Ball Family has been dedicated to building the finest instruments in the world.

Rosewood fretboard and Black pg. Non-original PUP and Pre-amp. Pre-amp dated 28 July Older headstock logo. Smaller diameter thumb crews on mute assembly. Pre-amp dated Sept. Neck 4 Aug ink stamp. Body12 Aug pencil. PUP replaced with Bartolini. Non-original White Pearl pg. DOB 27 Aug Neck 7 Aug Body 29 Aug Trans Teal or Green with Fretless Rosewood.

Mirror pg. Pre-Flea bridge with hollow saddles. Larger diameter thumb screws. Trans headstock logo DOB 4 Feb Pic from German MM brocher. Orange Sunburst with Maple. DOB 18 Mar Blue with Rosewood. Headstock logo has encircled "R" down-up-down positions.

Dating MusicMan Guitars If the front stingray of the plate contacts the tension of the body near the pivot screws, raise the bridge slightly until it moves global. Ensure the tremolo springs have enough tension so that when tuned to pitch, the bridge man doesn't lift off the body.

DOB 25 May Small diameter mute thumb screws. Originally 3EQ but now rewired as passive. DOB May Matt Black pg. Bullet truss neck. Neck 14 Oct Body 12 Oct DOB 5 May Sunburst old version of Honeyburst. DOB 2 June Neck 20 Apl Body 29 Mar Peach with Rosewood. Solid black headstock logo. Bullet truss.

Trans Teal. Encircled "R" DUD on headstock logo. DOB 4 Jan Decal appears on rear of headstock. Small Diameter thumb screws for mutes. Neck July Pre-Flea bridge with hollow saddles and smaller diameter thumb screws. New solid Black headstock logo with encircled "R" after Music Man in upper position. Neck 17 May Body 5 May Trans Teal with Rosewood. Non-original Clear pg. Among one of the first of the Trans Teal finishes built.

DOB 6 Jun Pre Flea bridge with small diameter thumb screws and hollow saddles. Bullet truss 4 bolt neck. Bullet Truss neck. Teal with birds eye Maple. White Pearl pg originally Clear. Orange with Maple. DOB 3 Dec Neck date 19 Oct Body date 29 Sept Purchased new early Orange Burst with Maple. Bullet Truss Nut. Hollow string saddles with hex adjustable screws.

Screws DON'T exit through saddle tops. Neck date 30 Sept Sunburst older version of Honeyburst. Larger diameter thumb screws older Pre-EB type 11mm diameter. Original White pg replaced with Clear pg. Neck Date 14 Sep Natural one-piece body with Rosewood. Top Loaded and Muted Bridge. Described as late to early New solid Black logo with encircled "R" after Music Man in upper position.

Sunburst fore-runner to Honeyburst. Owned since Pre-amp dated 26 Jan Originally White. Refinished in Metalic Blue. White with maple.

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New solid Black headstock logo Body 24 Mar Fire Engine Red with Maple. Blk pg. Honey Burst ash body with Rosewood. New solid Black Logo introduced Weight 7. Black originally Trans Red with Rosewood. Red EB data base records it as "Special" ie as to colour. Sunburst with Birds-Eye Maple. Blueburst with Birdseye Maple. Sunburst forerunner of Honeyburst with Rosewood.

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Black with maple. Note that this 'born-on' date may not necessarily be out of chronological order as below could be either a neck or body date. Pre-amp dated 6 Apl Pots dated mid Black pg engraved with music note. DOB 22 March Neck 23 Feb ink. Also "Brett" and 20 Mar pencil. Body 14 Feb ink. Pre-amp dated 12 Dec sticker located on bass control pot. Solid string saddles. New solid black logo with encircled "R" after Music Man in upper position. Neck 22 Feb Body 2 March New solid Black headstock logo with encircled "R" in upper position after "Music Man".

Neck 23 Feb Orange Sunburst with birds eye Maple. This Bass would be fitted with left-over neck. Capstan truss wheel with 6 bolt neck introduced circa late to early Per EB. Black with lined fretless. Clear pg with Union Jack flag underneath. Body 17 May New solid black logo with encircled "R" in upper position after "Music Man". Neck date May Orange Burst? Pg removed. New MM headstock logo. Honeyburst with Birdseye Maple. White pg repleaced with Clear. Black with Pau Ferro fretless. Red refin with Rosewood.

Tort pg. Four bolt neck. Pre-Flea bridge with smaller diameter thumb screws and solid saddles. Originally Black with Black pg. DOB 7 Aug Vintage Sunburst with Maple. Trans Blueburst with figured Maple. New EB headstock logo. SOLID string saddles with hex adjustable screws. Old version Sunburst with Rosewood. Inspection date 7 Sept Pre-amp dated July Pots are dated 13th week of Encircled "R" on headstock logo in upper position.

Purchased circa Cherryburst EB version of Sunburst? Solid saddles. Trans Blueburst. Poplar body. White with White pg. Neck plate has no "Made in USA" stamp. Neck 16 Oct with "RD 25 Oct ". Body 26 Sept Trans Blueburst with Rosewood originally fitted with Maple. Top-load Bridge with small diameter thumb screws. New headstock logo as opposed to the Trans logo. Birds Eye Maple with Rosewood Board. Same Bridge style as serial B above pic. Hex adjustable saddle screws.

Wine Red with Rosewood. Birdseye Maple neck. Non-original White pg. New EB neck logo as opposed to trans logo. Old style bridge to circa Neck Body Trans Red with lined fretless Pau Ferro. DOB 5 Dec DOB 15 Dec Tobacco burst with Rosewood and birds eye Maple neck. Pre-amp dated 19 Oct Owner advises Neck painted black. Black headstock. Black control knobs.

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Control plate matt black plastic not metal. Sunburst old version of Honeyburst with Maple. Pre-Flea bridge with smaller diameter thumb screws. Purchased Sept but advised sitting for 9 or so months. Muted bridge. Body 27 Dec Fitted with Pre-EB 4 bolt fretted Rosewood neck dated 2 Mar or maybe Aug as the "3" and "8" aren't clear on date stamp.

Vintage Sunburst. Owner says DOB is 5 Feb Trans Red Alder body. Mar Blueburst with Rosewood originally Maple. Body pocket 14 Feb Trans Blueburst with Maple. Solid Black logo with encircled "R" after "MM" in upper position. Neck appears laquered. Body 25 Sept Neck 4 Aug year not visible. Mutes and thumb screws or hex bolts missing Purchased new 23 Nov Laquered neck as opposed to oil and wax. Described as Pre-flea bridge. Also see same owner.

Neck May Neck 2 Apl Body 19 Mar DOB 3 Aug Neck 23 May Body 16 May Solid Black headstock logo. Originally Trans Blueburst. Now Black. White Pearl pg.

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Neck 2 May See for details same owner. July Trans Deep Red with Birdseye Maple. Laquered "finished" neck. Sunburst now called Honeyburst. White with birds eye and flamed Maple. Black finish.

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Solid Black logo with encircled "R" after Music Man in upper position. Blue Burst with Rosewood. Blueburst with lined fretless. Encircled "R" after Music Man in upper position. Inspection date 9 Apl Encircled "R" after "MM" in down position. Gloss neck. Black tiger stripes on safety orange pg. Neck 11 Sep White with Birdseye Maple. Old neck plate logo.

Laquered neck finish. Pre-Flea Bridge. Blueburst with Maple. Capstan truss wheel 6 bolt neck. Neck appears to have satin finish. Natural with Lined Fretless. Nov Ash Body.

Maple Neck. DOB 11 Dec Neck 6 May Body 24 Apl Black pg and PUP. Old style EB Bridge with small diameter thumb screws as opposed to newer "Flea' style bridge introduced in DOB 22 Mar DOB 28 Feb Encircled "R" after MM in down position. Laquered neck. Rosewood 6 bolt neck. Metal Battery Cover.

Musicman serial dating

Serial on Bridge. Fully laquered 6 bolt neck. Encircled "R" after "Music Man" in down position. Neck and body and pre-amp all dated Dec Pau Ferro fretless. Neck originally fretted Maple. Highly figured bird's eye Maple neck and headstock. Metal Battery cover. SOLID saddles with hex adjustable screws. Owner believes or Trans White with Maple. Pre-Flea bridge, 3EQ. Neck 11 Sept Body 19 Dec Honeyburst or early EB Sunburst with Rosewood.

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Originally fretless but now fretted by luthier. Vintage Sunburst with Rosewood. Encircled "R" in down position after "Music Man". Fretless originally fretted Maple.

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Ash body. Originally Rosewood neck but now Maple. Solid Black logo with "R" in down position after "Music Man". Satin White pg.

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Top load muted bridge. Serial on bridge. DOB is confirmed. Black Poplar body with Maple. Solid Black logo with "R" in upper position after "Music Man".

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Neck 18 Dec Body 23 Dec Birds eye maple with Rosewood. Muted Bridge. Weight 8. Owner was advised model. Honey Burst with Rosewood Birds eye Maple neck. Jan String mutes. Clear Red with Rosewood. Bird's Eye Maple. Pre-Flea MM Bridge. Black pg originally White pg.

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Old style MM design bridge with string grooves in centre of saddle. Trans Blueburst with Flamed Maple finished neck. Encircled "R" after "Music Man" in upper position. Laquered neck as opposed to gunoil and wax. DOB 9 Sept Neck 12 Aug Body 31 Jul Blueburst with figured Maple. Solid black logo. Less than Blueburst made. DOB 4 Dec Pre Flea bridge 3 Band EQ.

DOB 30 Jan Originally fretted Maple neck. Now fretless Pau Ferro. Trans Teal with lined fretless Pau Ferro. Trans Blue with Rosewood. Pre Flea bridge.

Slightly less than made of this colour. Original Black pg replaced with White pg. Band "The Seeds". Neck 2 Jul Body 8 Jul Fretless Unlined.

DOB 20 Mar Has the to 92 style top-load bridge. Saddle screws appear not to be hex type Pre-Flea bridge saddles centre-grooved. Neck dated Black with Fretless Pau Ferro. Topload muted Bridge. Neck 7 May Body 28 Apl Rosewood fretboard. Weight 9lb 7oz. Catalyzed laquered Velvet neck finish.

Natural with lined fretless Rosewood. Trans Red Alder body with Rosewood. Sunburst fore-runner to Honeyburst with Rosewood originally Maple.

Mar 17, Anyone know a resource for decoding MusicMan amplifier serial numbers or dating? Thanks. Mar 16, #2. 64Strat Friend of Leo's Vendor Member. Posts: 4, Joined: Oct 6, The only way to date a Music Man amp is to remove the chassis from the cabinet and look for date codes on the chassis or on labels either inside or outside. Mar DATING EARLY FENDER AMPLIFIERS Dating early Fender amplifiers is sometimes quite challenging. While dating Fender amps made before by serial number is all but impossible (as records of these numbers were never kept), all hope is not lost-the charts below should prove helpful in dating . EB SR4 BASSES ( - Current) A sample of serials to aid in dating an instrument. It is not a complete data base and may not be accurate. Serials are not necessarily in chronological order. A NOTE ON EARLY ERNIE BALL SERIALS MUSIC MAN was acquired by EB in As Pre-EB Sting Ray bridges were used on some early EB Sting Ray Basses, many have the "Bxxxxxx" serials.

Original Black pg replaced with Green Pearl. DOB 29 May Sunburst Ash with Maple neck and Board. Older style top-load bridge New EB logo as opposed to trans logo. Poplar body and Indian Rosewood. Pre -Flea bridge. Natural with Fretless Birdseye Maple. Aug Old top-load bridge with string grooves centred on saddles. E and A saddles re-assembled. Flea bridge. Cherry Burst with Maple. White with Pau Ferro fretless. New solid Black headstock logo with "R" in lower position after "Music Man".

May 23, The Pre-EB Serial list above is meant as a ready-reckoner and will only give a rough idea of date. It is NOT a complete data base. Bxxxxxx serials were used on both early EB and Pre-EB Basses but unfortunately no official records exist for these. Hello I have a White Tolex'd Music Man RD The chasis number is RD-CAL and the Serial Number is DP Thanks again. Lars Verholt (lmv) Username: lmv Registered: Find your instrument. This finder expects serial numbers from guitars and basses manufactured in the San Luis Obispo, CA, USA facility. Unfortunately, this will not return details from Music Man Amps OLP or Sterling by Music Man keitaiplus.com numbers will start with an uppercase letter followed by .

Trans White. Body is marked "Special" rather than the colour description. Oct Black body.

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Encircled "R" after "Music Man" in lower position. EB's early version of Sunburst. Sunburst now called Honeyburst with Rosewood. Laquered neck as opposed to gun oil and wax. DOB 9 Sep Neck 24 Aug EB records describe colour only as "Special". DOB 21 Sept Cherryburst with Maple. Black with Rosewood birdseye Maple. Solid Black logo. DOB 19 Nov Natural with lined Pau Ferro fretless.

Sealed neck as opposed to oil and wax.

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Apl Neck 8 Dec Translucent Blueburst with Maple. Laquered neck not oil and wax. White PUP. Lined fretless. Sunburst with Pau Ferro fretless. Trans Teal with Pau Ferro lined fretless board. Bird's eye Maple neck. New style bridge with saddle string grooves to left of centre. Body 10 Feb Neck appears to have gloss laquer finish rather than gun oil and wax.

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DOB 1 Apl Flea Bridge. Honeyburst with Rosewood. Trans White with Rosewood. Only 5 made with this configuration.

Natural with Pau Ferro lined fretless. Hex bolts inplace of mute assembly. Black with Birdseye Maple. Chrome battery cover. Black with Rosewood or Pau ferro. Oil and wax neck. Owner says ?

Neck 22 Dec Body Dec day of month unreadable. Old version Sunburst with Maple. Body stamped "Sunburst". Oil and wax neck finish. Body date 3 Sept Flea bridge introduced circa Mute pads missing. Inspection sheet dated 16 Nov Owner says Red with lined fretless Rosewood. Flea bridge 2 band EQ. Ruby Red with Rosewood. DOB 5 Jan Described as Dark Green with Rosewood. Neck 19 Oct in pencil. Neck 25 Jan Body 5 Jan Body one piece of wood.

Originally with black pg Black with Pau Ferro unlined fretless. Black with birds eye maple neck. Described as late 80's early 90's. DOB 1 Mar DOB 13 Apl Natural with bird's eye maple.

Neck Apl Body Dec Moonstone pg. Sunburst or Orangeburst with Maple. Neck in pencil 23 Feb and initials "PM". Body 27 Jan and initials "MT". Trans bridge. Neck 25 Oct Body dated Black non-ply pg.

Body 13 June Natural with Birds-Eye Maple. Honeyburst with lined Pau Ferro. EB advise build date is 11 May Sticker on Pre-Amp dated 18 Apl Body date 18 Jan Neck undated but has letter "M" press-stamped on heel. One-piece ash body. Top load strings. Black matt pg. Affectionately known as "Mary Kaye". Neck 31 Aug 'Sithiboun'.

Body Date 9 Aug Electronics 27 Jul 'DB'. Trans Red with Rosewood? Trans Red old darker version with Maple. Sunburst renamed Honeyburst in with Rosewood. Sep Honeyburst with Maple. EB say "Late Sept ". Black with Birds Eye Maple. Neck 3 Oct Body 14 Sep Weight 9. White pg originally Black. Neck redone in laquer. Muted Flea bridge. Trans Teal 2EQ. Owner thinks around 7 years old As at 7 Sept Sunburst with Rosewood board and birds eye Maple neck. Sunburst with birdseye Maple.

DOB 22 Nov Neck 18 Sep Body 15 Aug Orangeburst or Honeyburst with Maple. Original pg replaced with Abolone pg. Dec DOB 14 Dec DOB Jan Trans Bridge.

Trans Red with Birdseye Maple. Natural Velvet with Rosewood.

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Sunburst with Maple forerunner to Honeyburst. Natural Satin with Pau Ferro fretless.

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Sunburst old version of Honeyburst with Rosewood Birdseye Maple. Neck 21 March Body 21 Feb Original Black pg replaced with Tort. Purchased Honeyburst with Birds Eye Maple. Black with Pau Ferro fretless and birdseye Maple.

Satin neck? DOB 2 Aug Neck 31 July and initials "DB" all hand written and "" stamped into wood. Natural with birds eye Maple. Sunburst named Honeyburst from Originally fretted Maple but now with fretless Rosewood. Lined Fretless. Red with Pau Ferro fretless. Honeyburst with birds eye Maple. Black with Rosewood on birds eye Maple. Trans bridge with hex bolts. Older neck plate logo design.

Black with Pau Ferro fretless neck. DOB 24 Jan Trans Teal with Maple oil wax.

Visit Ernie Ball Music Man. A family-owned, American instrument manufacturer in San Luis Obispo, CA since Shop Ernie Ball Music Man guitars and basses. May 30, I just got a new (to me) Musicman Sterling and I would like to know how/where I can find the build date w/o taking off the neck. How can I check with the serial number? Thanks in advance! May 28, #2. stingray Jul 27, Pittsburgh, PA Unofficially Endorsing Ernie Ball Music Man . Initially the Sting Ray serial number was located on the neck plate. At the end of (circa Nov-Dec) the serialised neck plate was gradually replaced with a new bridge relocating the serial number between the string saddles and the rear of the bridge. "Music Man" was also displayed on the rear of the bridge and the string-through holes were.

Black PUP. Feb Clear Blue with Maple. Hardware re-done in gold plating. DOB 14 Feb Honeyburst with fretless Rosewood. Original black pg replaced with Black pearloid. Old MM logo neck plate. Solid saddles with Hex screws. Plastic battery receptor. Purchased 30 Apl Natural Velvet with Maple. Bought second hand Black with figured Maple. Transitional Bridge. Old style MM logo on neck plate. The quality and attention to detail on Ernie Ball Music Man instruments is second to none.

Our hand-rubbed gunstock oil and wax finished necks are a perfect example. Watch the factory tour and see how the difference is in the details. The Ball family is the last of a dying breed, a family business making guitars and basses exclusively in the United States. Sincethe Ball Family has been dedicated to building the finest instruments in the world. Sign up for the Ernie Ball mailing list.

You may unsubscribe at anytime. United States. Superior Performance. Shop Now. StingRay RS. Watch Now.

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