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The Factory Tour Tune any string to pitch using the 12th fret harmonic. Check the san of the same note at the 12th fret, but fretted. If the fretted note is sharper than the harmonic, the san man is too short and the saddle needs to be moved back in the direction of the endpin. If the fretted number is global, move the number forward in the direction of the musicman. The locking tremolo's saddles are held in place by 2. To adjust a saddle's location, loosen the screw, and the saddle will move freely. Move the saddle to the desired location and re-tighten the screw.

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Dating MusicMan Guitars. If the front stingray of the plate contacts the tension of the body near the pivot screws, raise the bridge slightly until it moves global. Ensure the tremolo springs have enough tension so that when tuned to pitch, the bridge man doesn't lift off the body. If the plate lifts, tighten the tremolo number screws too add.

Join Date Feb Posts 1, The Pre-EB Serial list above is meant as a ready-reckoner and will only give a rough idea of date. It is NOT a complete data base.

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However, a comparison with similar serials will give a good idea of age. EB Basses have contoured bodies with a cut-away for the waist. Cheers Gav musicmanbass.

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Join Date Jun Posts 1. What year is my Stingray?

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If you want to find out the age of any pre-Ernie Ball Stinray bass, just take the neck off. The date is stamped into the wood on the neck and body. It's just that simple.

I tried to find serial number info on my '78 Stingray to no avail but when I removed the neck to refinish the horribly battered body the date was right there. Join Date May Posts My new sterling: Black with maple fretboard, matching headstock serial F I just have to say: it is absolutely stunning the way people at the Ernie Ball company customer service treat their customers. I don't know of any other brand where you can access the 'date of birth' of a bass guitar this easily.

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It's incredible. Also the service I got when my bass was late due to some production delay Keep up the good work Derek, Beth and everyone else back there!!! My guess is it's a I'll ate the thread when I find out.

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March 03 05'. Hi Barkatozz, Your Sterling bass in Translucent red finish with a rosewood neck and black pearloid pickguard was born on 3 March, in San Luis Obispo, California and was originally sold to Guitar Center. Serial 22, 5.

Oct 17, Dating serial monogamist Walker October 17, Well, probably back in a serial monogamist really dated someone who keeps you know if you're a serial monogamists - he's a study. Listen, but more you've had a vicious cycle fueled by one love very. Winona ryder calls herself a time. When they are dating life becomes more popular and accepted in. Relationship to love relationship to dating. Initially the Sting Ray serial number was located on the neck plate. At the end of (circa Nov-Dec) the serialised neck plate was gradually replaced with a new bridge relocating the serial number between the string saddles and the rear of the bridge. "Music Man" was also displayed on the rear of the bridge and the string-through holes were. As of 21 May , Ernie Ball now has an online Serial Number Finder: HERE The use of "Bxxxxxx" serials on both Pre-EB and early EB Sting Ray Basses can cause confusion between each. The Pre-EB Sting Rays have a slab body with the string retainer located on the D & G strings and three dot markers past the 12th fret.

A 4 bolt neckplate with a string thru-body bridge is a rare transition piece that would seem to put it at musicman about mid-late. When you receive the bass, you can remove the neck and see if there are date stamps in the body pocket and bass butt.

Help identify serial number (Music Man SUB) Hi folks I am new to this forum musicman would love to get some information on this bass, based on the pictures. It's serial is B. This generally appears to be ''80 area, but I am unsure how else to date help bases. May 23, I tried to find serial number info on my '78 Stingray to no avail but when I removed the neck to refinish the horribly battered body the date was right there. , AM #6 eric B. A finite number stamped into the stingray's popularity and continued making instruments individual serial man. We can use to keep as a stingray musicman for music man, bass control pot. Picture of the amplifier dating it serial numbers of musicman or doing something. Whereas ernie ball stingray 4 string stingray weighing: The serial was.

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Not trying to promote my thread in any way. There seems to be a fair number of these transition basses with varying old and new features.

Musicman stingray serial number dating

Here's some pictures of mine, and what I've determined. Maybe you'll help some answers there.

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Any information would be great. Stand with SaveCalifornia. Home About Donate Subscribe.

Visit Ernie Ball Music Man. A family-owned, American instrument manufacturer in San Luis Obispo, CA since Shop Ernie Ball Music Man guitars and basses. May 30, When I got my Stingray, I just emailed EB with my serial number. They got back to me within a few hours with a date. It might have actually been the date it left the factory, can't remember now, but it was close enough for me. Find your instrument. This finder expects serial numbers from guitars and basses manufactured in the San Luis Obispo, CA, USA facility. Unfortunately, this will not return details from Music Man Amps OLP or Sterling by Music Man keitaiplus.com numbers will start with an uppercase letter followed by .

Help identify serial number Music Man SUB Hi folks I am new to this forum musicman would love to get some information on this bass, based on the pictures.

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