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As I found these facts from different sources I can't guarantee you that they are entirely true. As I promised I am going to do my facts series with every member. And today I am doing our leader Namjoon's facts. So let's enjoy this funny and interesting facts together. Namjoon was the first member to enter BTS. He had been trainee for more than 3 years.

But there is a language barriere. It would be the best, if the girl could speak korean.

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But I think that V wouldn't mind learning english and don't forget that he also can speak japanese fluently. But in one of their interviews he actually mentioned that he would be bad at a long distance relationship so the girl would have to live in Korea because he would miss her and would want to meet her usually.

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Jimin has an ideal type which just tells that he wants a korean girl. He actually stays behind his ideal type and I think that he searches girl with those traits he mentioned. He says that he looks in her personality and not in girl looks. He wouldn't mind dating a foreigner, but he can't speak english. I think that he would feel the most comfortable if the girl could speak korean and then it would be perfect for him.

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At first, he also can seem a little bit shy with foreigners, but after some time, he would feel comfortable with his lover. Jimin said that he doesn't think he could handle a long distance relationship and Rap Monster agreed with him.

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Hoseok is just a really happy person and I think that he would be interested in dating a foreigner. He's not the best at speaking english but I think that he would want to learn this language.

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If the girl could speak korean, she would help him a lot. He likes to communicate and seems comfortable and confident with foreigners.

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He talks with them how he can and doesn't mind if he tells something wrong. He tries again. He would miss his girlfriend very much and would want to meet her. But if there would be a situation where they just had to be seperated, he would text and video call her as much as he could.

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Actually I think that Jin would find hard beeing with a foreign girl and he prefer dating a korean girl. The different language and culture going to be too much for him and it would be hard to understand each other.

Also he's tradicionnal and would rather stay beside Korea and korean girls.

{BTS IMAGINE} Namjoon meets a foreigner for the first time part 1 //AMBW//

But don't forget that he can speak chinese and japanese aswell. Maybe he would like to just get an asian girl. He also said that he wouldn't be good at a long distance relationship, he would miss his girlfriend very much. ARMYs, don't forget that everything can change and they all could get a foreign girlfriend if they add some more effort to it.

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Likes Comments Like Preetjot Grewal. Featured post My old Fanart of V. And today I am doing our leader Namjoon's facts.

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So let's enjoy this funny and interesting facts together. Namjoon was the first member to enter BTS. He had been trainee for more than 3 years.

People gave him that as a nickname and he decided to make it his stage name. RM says that he was a fat child. It is quite hard to believe, but by his words he was so fat that he had a round chin.

Because of it he developed complexes. He has a younger sister who is the same age as Jungkook.

Oct 24,   Yes, I'm pretty sure he would. I pretty sure he said in an interview that he wouldn't mind if he dates a foreign girl. He also doesn't care about age, because he said that 'Age is just a number'. But, don't get your hopes up too high, alright? ^.^. Kim Namjoon was an exception at school. Not only did he have good grades, but with an IQ of , he was also exceptionally good and made it into the highly competitive of the national university entrance examination for language, social studies, foreign language, and mathematics.

But when he was asked if he will introduce her to him, he immediately answered - NO. When he was 5, he dreamed about becoming an apartment complex security guard. Guess that explains his outfit for Dope. He changes the colors he loves constantly.

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Before it was black and yellow. In recent Vlive he said that it is purple and grey. Namjoon writes in his diary every day, so he can look back at his day and plan his life in a new way.

Oct 26,   Tbh, out of our lovely Kingtan - Namjoon is always my #1, when I dream about dating them. I mean, u listed his qualities and no one can fight them. and his legs make me weak tbh Im not a kinky bish, I swear. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. ideonsshi Namjoon is the type to be interested in other people's cultures too, so I think he would definitely be open to dating a foreign person. Namjoon doesn't hold any predjudice when it comes to foreign countries and people, and I think he'd be the most interested out of the seven of them. V/ Taehyung: Then, Taehyung is a very curious human. Namjoon | Foreign. Starkook's Coffee, jooeun. hEH-I'LL RIGHT OTHER MEMBERS' ONESHOTS SOON I PROMISE. Just because those popular girls were purely Korean didn't mean those girls didn't know some pretty rude phrases in English, though they didn't know you understood each word they said in their native language before they started spitting venom.

And he saw all the seasons at least 30 times to improve his English skills. If RM became a girl for one day, he would have worn a pink bikini. He is a real pervert :joy:.

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But after some time he forgets why he came as he starts to admire the beautiful girls there. Suga once said that RM is like a Wikipedia. He knows all and girl group and boy group songs that there are, even their lyrics.

He can even tell the birth date of every group member.

Namjoon dating a foreign

He has a habit always singing loudly at night in the dorm. He realized that after a while but the members never said anything. Rapmon said rapping was an escape from his stress that he was receiving from studying. He used to study extremely hard.

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He studied, but had no dreams at that time. He had a possible path because he was good at studying. In his opinion his charming points are: his style, his voice, his figure, his dimples, his brain, his kindness and his passion towards his job.

What else is left Moni? A: The day that I bought the microphone for the first recording. I think it was about 7 years ago.

What kind of mind I had back then, what kind of mind I had about music back then, I want to experience it again. So then I would have the feeling that I can work hard, once again.

A: The smell of dawn. To be honest I was quite shocked by this.

He is a great book lover. Salinger, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and many more. Rap Monster wants his friendship with his two friends from kindergarten never change. He talks about them a lot in his live shows.

okay, so i think some of the members would but it definitely won't be right now. due to their huge success both internationally and nationally, dating would be crucial to their career, and most people could barely stand that fact that Jennie and k. Namjoon is the only member who prefers cats over dogs. In the dorm, Rap Monster is in charge of sweeping the floors. RM's name is mentioned on the credits of the song "I Like That" and "XXO" by GLAM. He started writing lyrics to the songs in a plain notebook at school. He changes the colors he loves constantly. NAMJOON. From all BTS, Namjoon would be the best at dating a foreign girl. Firstly, because he can speak english fluently and it's easier to communicate. Secondly, he is very open to other cultures and is interested in it. I imagine him wanting to explore other country and even try .

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