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All patients who have narcolepsy experience EDS, though not all fall asleep without warning. Type 1 patients also experience sudden weakness or loss of muscle tone, which is known as cataplexy. For example, some narcolepsy patients have problems speaking. Some narcolepsy patients experience these bouts of muscle weakness just a few times a year, while other experience symptoms more often, per the Mayo Clinic. While each of these symptoms is not specific to narcolepsy-meaning they can stem from another condition or simply from a lack of sleep -they often make daily life a struggle for narcolepsy patients, finds a study in Medical Sciences. In adults, narcolepsy is associated with sudden weakness or loss of muscle tone-often in response to laughter or strong emotion.

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Narcolepsy dating

Think you or a loved one might have the condition? Here are seven subtle signs of narcolepsy to watch out for:. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Donald Iain Smith Getty Images. Vladimir Godnik Getty Images.

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ArtMarie Getty Images. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. My new doctor immediately scheduled me for a sleep study.

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It was not the most relaxing night of my life, by far. I don't even remember sleeping, to be honest.

Narcolepsy dating - Rich man looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. How to get a good man. Narcolepsy dating singke. Sunday, March 17, Dating Image courtesy of Guy Prives: I had date today with a really nice guy that I've been chatting to (in a virtual and real sense) for months. In that time I had loosely mentioned the narcolepsy. I don't like to bring it up too soon for fear that a person won't be able to see beyond it. Mar 08,   Spontaneously falling asleep isn't the only sign of narcolepsy. Those suffering from the condition might have trouble speaking, mental "fogginess," and .

After waking, I was asked to take five 20 minute naps, 20 minutes apart. I fell asleep almost every single time. At my follow up appointment, I was formally diagnosed with narcolepsy. After about 90 minutes of this deep sleep, they then enter REM rapid eye movement sleep, where there is heightened brain activity and a person is more likely to dream.

My doctor also told me that I unconsciously woke up an average of 37 times per hour during my sleep study, where a person without narcolepsy wakes up unconsciously less than 10 times an hour.

This certainly explained why I could sleep for 12 hours and still not feel rested upon waking. My diagnosis has given me a tremendous sense of relief. I am now on medication which helps me feel more awake and energetic, and my mood is generally more pleasant as a result. I have accepted that narcolepsy is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life, yet I feel fortunate that my case is not as debilitating as it can be for some people.

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I am able to work. I have access to medical care. I have a very understanding, loving husband and two beautiful, healthy daughters.

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Despite narcolepsy, I am truly blessed. Product Reviews. Home Ideas. Alex even enthusiastically produces my professional narcolepsy awareness videos. For children and young adults with narcolepsy, these challenges come too soon. Peers may not be understanding right away. With time, you will meet people who see the very best in you and cheer you on.

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Great friends and partners are out there - I promise. As always, so well-written, Julie!

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I, too, have found a wonderful man and partner in Evan, who is very understanding. Whenever one decides to disclose their narcolepsy to a potential mate, a friend, or anyone, the way you do it is the most important part. Their reaction will speak volumes to whether they deserve the right to your time and energy being spent on them. Beautiful story.

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Best of luck to you both. Thank you, Julie Ann! You got it right - lady, well said. And it was so wonderful to meet you and Evan in Dallas, TX! I could tell there was a whole lot of love and support and your relationship. Great article Julie! Your comments apply to anyone with a chronic condition.

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We all live with a degree of self-doubt, wondering whether we will be accepted and loved for who we are. Adding a chronic medical condition to the mix, especially one as misunderstood as narcolepsy, only adds to the level of concern.

You are truly an inspiration for others and I applaud you for your willingness to openly talk about issues which often remain unspoken. I am also very happy that you met Alex; you two make a great team.

Patterson - you are so right. We all live with a degree of self-doubt and a chronic medical condition may make those fears stronger. I feel blessed to have worked through some of my own fears and insecurities to now be able to share my story openly.

Thank you for your support, Julie.

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Fabulous post, Julie!! Linking this to my website because so many can benefit from your perspective.

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Thamks for the inspiring post! Thank you Sara for linking from your site!

Mar 29,   But in all seriousness, children and young adults are developing narcolepsy at an alarming rate, so dating with narcolepsy is an important issue to discuss, brought to my attention by a new UK blogger on the block - Crazy Narcolepsy. If you are a young person with narcolepsy, you might worry that your disorder will hinder your dating life. Oct 05,   I was officially diagnosed with narcolepsy without cataplexy in (Cataplexy is an involuntary loss of muscle control that is often triggered by strong emotion Jun 11,   My narcolepsy wasn't a deal-breaker for him, so we kept dating after that but it didn't turn into anything super serious. I actually dated a guy with narcolepsy when I was It .

Coming together and sharing our journeys makes us stronger. Your friend, Julie.

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Fabulous blog post Julie. I think everyone can relate to it and embrace it for their own concerns in dating. It goes back to you must love yourself and respect your own needs before some else will. Thank you again for sharing.

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My husband boyfriend at the time got me to watch a tv programme with him about sleep disorders almost 18 years ago. I had been falling asleep in many inappropriate places while in his company.

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When I think back now to the love and commitment shown that night when we discovered the word Narcolepsy for the 1st time. George organised that I attend a sleep specialist and it all went from there.

Ever since our recent suddenly sleepy Saturday narcolepsy awareness event where he met with other members with Narcolepsy, he has been even more understand and supportive, which makes this ride a hell of a lot easier! I can tell Julie that both you and Alex have that same relationship and I hope that in 18 years from now your relationship is as strong as George and mine, as I confident it will!!

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