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Take the Diamonds of Choice quiz and find out who you dream husband is! Who Is Your Dream Husband? Created by Diamonds of Choice. What is the most important trait you look for in your partner? Well Groomed. Health conscious. How do you spend your weekend?

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? renjun renjun's ideal type would be the cutest little mochi on the outside, soft and sweet. everyone thinks they're the cutest and lots of boys crush on them, but on the inside they're a little firecracker. they never fail to stand up for what they believe in and they're not afraid to disagree with someone (though they're always respectful of other people's points of view. NCT Dream Members Profile: NCT Dream Facts, NCT Dream Ideal Type NCT Dream (??? Dream) is the 3rd sub-unit of the boy group NCT. The sub-unit consists of the members: Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Chenle, Jisung, Jaemin (and Mark) and is a rotational group, meaning that for each comeback/release the lineup can consist of a different arrangement of the 7 members. Guess the NCT Dream video from a closed up screenshot Played times 8 Questions. Guess the NCT Dream video from a closed up screenshot. Start Quiz. 0. kokpopii. Nct dream quiz Played times 7 Questions. Nct dream quiz. Start Quiz. 1. Next Page. NCT DREAM.

Bagel and cream cheese. What's your favorite BTS song of those listed below? Where would you like to go on vacation?

What's your perfect pet? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite TV show? The Good Place. House of Cards.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. What snack do you always buy at the movies? Hot pretzel. What's the best pizza topping? Extra cheese. What do you wear to a party? Casual jeans. Sensible yoga pants. A glam gown or tux. A cute dress.

Jul 19,   Which NCT Dream Member Is Your One True Love? Which member is your first and last love? by Clarissa Cuellar. Community Contributor You can join and make your own posts and quizzes. Netizens Worried that Actress Kim Ji In is dating NCT Dream's Jaemin ohkoreandramas May 3, June 14, kpop nct dream news The internet is buzzing as more rumors are flying surrounding the nature of the relationship between Actress Kim Ji In and NCT Dream's Jaemin. Oct 01,   fanniberger is a full-time NCT enthusiast and always has something to say about the boys! She believes NCT Dream deserves to be a fixed unit and has a .

What's your dream job? What's the movie you're most likely to watch?

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The Avengers. Breakfast at Tiffany's. The Secret Life of Pets. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Cookies and Cream.

Feb 04,   Take the Diamonds of Choice quiz and find out who you dream husband is! Created by Diamonds of Choice. On Feb 4, What is the most important trait you look for in your partner? Arrogance. Ambition. Well Groomed. Intelligence. Funny. Confidence. Sophistication. Jan 30,   Create Your Dream House To Find Out Which NCT Dream Member Has A Crush On You. Plot twist: You can join and make your own posts and quizzes. Sign up to create your first post! What do you want your boyfriend Best In?, what korean food you want to eat with your Boyfriend?, What place in South Korea do you wand to go with him?

Other than BTS, who's your fave artist? Katy Perry. Dolly Parton. Bruce Springsteen.

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What food could you not live without? Which quality do you find the most attractive? Which soda is always your go-to? What's your favorite subject? If you were an animal, which one would you be? What do you like to do on the weekends? Go to concerts. He is in a good place.

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Originally posted by lovehyvck. Right now he is literally running away from love while trying to get his heart back to a balanced place. A lot of People take this belief seriously so be respectful and just have fun! Side note : you are free to request for other idols. If you wanna know about yourself please contact me on twitter.

Also past life readings are longer and more difficult to do, thus the rules are different than usual readings that I give.

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Originally posted by moonzoned. I just think that whoever that person from his past was they have let a big imprint on him, something that he needs to learn how to heal. He feels so much that he rather overwork himself than deal with it.

Ten is still with this person however the energy is very. I feel like Ten has some doubts about this person. Not because of the lack of feelings but more out of fear, out of jugement and what the public might say.

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Originally posted by jiminmochee. Sicheng is always a challenge to read. But yeah he is single and his mind is settled into a higher jugement. I feel like he is letting go do this person he has troubles letting go and he is slowly and peacefully having his own happy life without caring much about anything else.

Like Sicheng energy is just chill. He is strong and he knows how to deal with himself. I also feel like he misses his familial home. He still has a long way to go, but who knows? Originally posted by parrotjaemin. It saddens me to see that Xiaojun and his partner have decided to separate.

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Originally posted by lulerains. Hendery realised that this would bring him too much struggle and headaches and he yeeted out. Baby boy.

nct dream dating game

Despite him being with this person, and them protecting him a lot, I feel like Yangyang is trapped in this relationship. As if it was a very toxic relationship yet he does and has no intention to change it. Past Life Serie, is a Serie where we discover the past life of a member before he reincarnared in this life we know today. Originally posted by mauloveskpop. Originally posted by hellosexygifs. Note : hey everyone and welcome to my new Serie! Side note: you are free to request for other idols.

Originally posted by nctgifseu. Like he finds a innocent gaze really attractive and it makes him want to somehow corrupt it Daring : see, innocent on their body language but daring at the same time. You might bet it gets his attention every time. Small : Taeil is already small and on his Mercury nature, he is really protective.

It makes him want to pinch them. Someone positive, with whom Taeil can feel secure and confident. Big eyes, big cheeks and sweet personality. However if the person his hard working and has that battling spirit he would feel very attracted. Since he works a lot as well, he wants his partner to have that same spirit while also knowing how to step back and rest Goal-oriented: Just like the hard-working part, he feels attracted to persons that have filed goals and know what they want in life and how to get them.

Seeing his crush all focus and sweaty while getting something they want, makes Johnny want to protect them. So his partner has to have that sociable vibe, so they can have good communications and go out most times. Plus he would find it so satisfying and attractive if his crush is all focus on a task when he can just relax back and appreciate them Maturity : as I said lots of time, maturity would be the first factor Taeyong looks up.

However if the person shows a very developed sens of maturity and open minded mentality he would for sure be attracted to them. His ideal type has to have it Sincerity : someone honest, that wont lie to him and tells him the true even if it hurts. He also finds beauty on things that people might find ugly.

Someone sensitive enough that can understand him and his needs. Someone devoted that loves him unconditionally.

Doyoung himself is like that, so his ideal type has to be on the same page of him. Respect is everything.

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Caring : Believe of not Doyoung wants to be taken care of sometimes. He just wants to be loved and feel confortable Overall : Someone ho can understand him on a spiritual level and who has a very open minded.

Someone whom he can lead and teach.

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Since he has a very protective side of him, the fact they are smaller would make him super confident and plus he finds it adorable. Friendly : a friendly person that radiates big fluffy energy is the thing Yuta cannot take his eyes of.

He would find himself staring at them and wishing to kiss them.

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Is really a sucker for pretty lips. Overall : someone who has a positive personality and who can be playful with him. Someone who is also sensitive and emotionally deep enough so their connection is intense and passionate. Someone pretty and soft whom he can protect forever. That a relationship should be taken lightly and with simple manners instead of big commitments and dramas.

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He finds beauty in stuff that are usual. If his partner has a distinct face he would be really be into it. Admiration: his ideal type has to be someone who can admire him and praise him. His ego would be busted and he honestly loves it. Plus If you are able to make him blush its a plus.

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Would immediately feel attracted to people who compliment him Friendly: a friendly nature is also something Jaehyun finds attractive. Plus he is like Jungwoo. Love would come from a friendship most likely Peaceful : jaehyun hates drama, and he honestly wants to be away from it. A person that is too agressive or too much into gossip and dramas would be a turn off. However someone who is peaceful and live their life based on their own happiness would attract him. Overall : Someone who is lay back and whom he can have long talks with without turning into arguments.

Someone he can appreciate in secret, that is beautiful to his eyes. Jungwoo Originally posted by nctaezen A friend : love comes from friendship with Jungwoo, so just like Yuta he would be attracted to people witch whom he already has a friendship with.

Bold nature : His ideal type needs to be bold. Determined : he finds determination very sexy. His ideal type needs to be determinate and to order him around if needed.

Like he would even try to go against their words only so they can pull him back. Soft skin : Jungwoo has a thing for soft skin. He wants to run his fingers over it, touch and feel his partner skins over his. Overall : Someone who can lead him and take him on the adventurous path he dreams of. Someone who can understand him without judging him.

Someone who is soft and beautifulthat would love him and make him feel lucky. He would only speak if asked. He wants his partner to always be true to him, no matter what. Someone who appreciates him would clearly take his attention and Mark would find himself gravitating toward them just so he can have more attention Supportive : his ideal type also has to be very supportive of his needs and of everything he does.

Sometimes Mark might doubt himself so he needs someone who can tell him that he is good, and that he needs to keep his hard work.

Nct dream dating quiz

He is attracted to people with cute, different laughs. He finds them so damn cute and it instantly makes him laugh as well and he just love that lighthearted feeling on his tummy everything he laughs with them Overall : someone who can appreciate and support him no matter what.

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Someone who has a very cute laugh and personality and yet who can also be really stubborn and determined. Is it because your family does it? Maybe you saw about it and now you are curious? Is it for fun? Your intentions? So make sure you are serious about it and ready to go down this path 2- Read And Understand The Spiritual Meaning The easiest way to learn about Tarot is to read.

I walked around and looked at every one of them. Then this one caught my attention. I walked with it around the shop, made sure to feel it. During this time I was examining it and deciding, the deck felt heavy in my hand, my whole hand started to burn, to tingle in excitement. Sometimes you will feel as if your deck is tired, or heavy. Find what works for you! I close my eyes, and start by emptying my thoughts before focusing on my breathing.

Writing what you predict and what you say can help you out to keep track of what you do. At first it might seem weird, but as you will go on and get used to Read it as a whole, it will get easier.

Than it will feel as if the wordsthe images, the whole meaning and story will pop out like this. They all work out, and they all are good helps that give you extra information about your tarot spreads You can also start by using these methods first before tarot although be careful because they all have rules to follow as well Find What Works The Best For You Some people will become aces quicker than others.

He also values his independence too much Johnny Originally posted by johnnysuhs Guess what? All I can feel is that he is staying silent about his feelings and he is drowning himself in work instead of going out there and have fun Taeyong Originally posted by jaeyong Yes Taeyong is still with the same person however.

But other than that, our Yuta is probably the happiest among all nct members Doyoung Originally posted by doyonqs Yeah remember that person I said he had to take the courage and talk with?

He is analysing things and despite feeling stuck in his own feelings, despite wanting to run away, his love and hope energy that things will get better prevails in his heart Mark Originally posted by unrealistically-realistic Okay so our Mark has a disappointment right? Also past life readings are longer and more difficult to do, thus the rules are different than usual readings that I give Johnny Originally posted by johnnysuhs Sex: Male Looks: Just like on his current life, Johnny was buffy, well built.

He was probably just as tall as now.

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Same Asian traits with a prominent nose.

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