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According to - , you may even find the person doing the 'Freckling' will make a return when the weather starts to warm up again, suggesting you restart things where you left off the previous summer. According to , this phenomenon occurs because people are usually at their flirtiest during the warmer months. They're being more sociable, going out more often and mixing with more people. All of that means it's a great time to hook up, and if you're only looking for a hook up, chances are you'll find it during the summer months. The bad news is yes, there's more , there's no real way to tell if your partner is actually invested in your summer romance or if he or she is just 'Freckling' you.

Jun 17,   The arrival of summer means, for some of us, sunburn, freckles and flings. And because this is and there's a name for everything, those last two have been brought together to identify a. Apr 14,   Dating trend locdating means your new partner could literally be right up your street. Single men 'hit hardest' by loneliness and mental health issues in lockdown. Freckling: Freckling . The sphere of dating has its own language, which encompasses terms from "ghosting" and "benching" to "cuffing" and "R-bombing." The latest addition, "freckling," probably won't be a crowd-pleaser.

While it's unclear who coined the new word, one of the first to use the term was the men's lifestyle site The website describes the dating trend as "someone who, rather than coming out of nowhere and then disappearing forever, is happy to come from and then return to the periphery of your life, not staying, but not exactly leaving, either, just going dark for the colder months, potentially 'cuffed' with someone else entirely.

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So if you meet someone this summer who mysteriously disappears in autumn and cuts off contact, you've probably found yourself a "freckler. This post originally appeared on Business Insider Deutschland and has been translated from German.

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New dating trend freckling

A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Blue-stalling : When two people are dating and acting like a couple, but one person in the partnership states they're unready for any sort of label or commitment despite acting in a different manner.

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Cring is all about being a nice human being with common decency. A novel idea. Clearing: Clearing season happens in January.

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Stay strong. Cockfishing : Also known as catcocking.

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When someone sending dick pics uses photo editing software or other methods to change the look of their penis, usually making it look bigger than it really is.

Firedooring: Being firedoored is when the access is entirely on one side, so you're always waiting for them to call or text and your efforts are shot down.

'Freckling' is the new dating trend you need to know about this summer. In the summer, a new trend called "freckling" emerged on the dating scene. According to, freckling lives up to its name. Freckling is the new dating trend of the summer Freckling is the new buzzword on the dating scene which refers to people who hook up during the summer months, to while away those lazy-hazy. Ed name is the dating craze to hit this season's dating trend called freckling: the excitement and slang. There's a few treasures, the people over instagram. While dating trend that's because there's a new dating trend at the product that evening.

Kittenfishing: Using images that are of you, but are flattering to a point that it might be deceptive. So using really old or heavily edited photos, for example.

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Kittenfishes can also wildly exaggerate their height, age, interests, or accomplishments. Lovebombing: Showering someone with attention, gifts, gestures of affection, and promises for your future relationship, only to distract them from your not-so-great bits.

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In extreme cases this can form the basis for an abusive relationship. Microcheating: Cheating without physically crossing the line.

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So stuff like emotional cheating, sexting, confiding in someone other than your partner, that sort of thing. Mountaineering: Reaching for people who might be out of your league, or reaching for the absolute top of the mountain.

Aug 30,   "freckling" - the dating trend you need to know about August 30, by Status Online We just got our heads around dating lingo "ghosting," "cuffing," and "benching," all used to describe trending dating behaviour, but apparently this summer we've something new to figure out - "freckling.". 'Freckling' is the new dating trend you need to know about this summer James Rodger. 19/06/ 'That statue should stay in the river like the 20, African souls who died' says Lewis Hamilton. Jun 26,   The latest dating trend, dubbed "freckling." Inspired by those sweet spots that typically appear in sunnier months and then fade away come September, freckling is when people shack up in the summer in order to enjoy those long, lazy days together, before uncoupling in the Alexia Dellner.

Orbiting: The act of watching someone's Instagram stories or liking their tweets or generally staying in their 'orbit' after a breakup. Paperclipping: When someone sporadically pops up to remind you of their existence, to prevent you from ever fully moving on.

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Preating: Pre-cheating - laying the groundwork and putting out feelers for cheating, by sending flirty messages or getting closer to a work crush. Prowling: Going hot and cold when it comes to expressing romantic interest.

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Scroogeing: Dumping someone right before Christmas so you don't have to buy them a present. Shadowing: Posing with a hot friend in all your dating app photos, knowing people will assume you're the attractive one and will be too polite to ask.

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Shaveducking: Feeling deeply confused over whether you're really attracted to a person or if they just have great facial hair.

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