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Prying eyes on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter can be exciting when they come from a prospective romantic partner, confusing when unrequited and infuriating when the looker is an ex. Naturally, there is a name for this 21st-century phenomenon, which has joined ghosting , Netflix and chill , breadcrumbing and other recent entries to the dating lexicon. It is a behavior bound to the medium, and to an age in which people can be hyper-connected without ever speaking. Distant methods of digital observation - likes, views, etc. The phrase has been floating in the social stratosphere for at least a year now: It cropped up in a Youtube video in November , with a slightly different definition, and this April, was defined in its current form by Anna Iovine in an article for Manrepeller.

Creeping, however, is distinct from orbiting. I creep on people I haven't talked to in a while, but unlike with orbiting, they haven't reached out to me. Not texting someone back but continuing to look at their social media content almost feels like a betrayal. Dating is more nuanced than it's ever been. Sep 11,   "Orbiting" is a dating trend that has been referred to as "the new ghosting." The definition of orbiting is continuing to interact with an ex's content on Author: Sofia Barrett-Ibarria. May 02,   There's a new dating app specifically for trans people "This trend of 'orbiting' is a fine way to make sure you drive yourself and your ex partner crazy," explains dating coach Jo Barnett.

Orbiting, however, only became possible in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Was it a good choice or will you regret it?

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So why do people break things off with a person but then still take the time to follow and sometimes engage with their every move on social media? Psychologist Ryan Howeswho is based in Pasadena, California, said ambivalence might be the culprit.

Maybe you ended things with a guy because he was too much of a homebody, but then see him post photos of trips and nights out with friends on Instagram. The orbit keeps them in touch in case they find an exceptional reason to get back together.


Talia GoldsteinCEO and founder of the matchmaking company Three Day Rulehas seen men and women get frustrated by the mixed messaging orbiting can cause. But at the end of the day, rejection will hurt a lot less than stringing them along for a long time.

One day, not two weeks after they had last visited each other, he stopped responding to texts and Snapchats all at once and without warning, as if the past several months had been simply deleted. Mahan said.

New dating trend: 'Orbiting' is the new 'ghosting' JUST when you thought it was safe to leave the house and go on a goddamn date, there is a new and terrifying dating trend likely to leave.

But after some time, Ms. Mahan came to see the behavior as a form of contact.

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Ian Coon, 21, of Des Moines, ditched Snapchat altogether, in part because of the number of former friends and dates who were orbiting his account. Sometimes, orbiting is so inexplicable that it just feels rude.

New dating trend: 'Orbiting' is the new 'ghosting' 3 May, pm. 4 minutes to read. Here is a new and terrifying dating trend likely to leave your love life in tatters. Dec 08,   Naturally, there is a name for this 21st-century phenomenon, which has joined ghosting, Netflix and chill, breadcrumbing and other recent entries to the dating lexicon. It's called orbiting. It. May 22,   'Orbiting' Is The New Dating Trend That's Even More Frustrating Than Ghosting. If you're dating in , you've probably been orbited. By "Ghosting is the new 'I don't think we have a connection,' and orbiting is the new ' but best of luck and keep in touch!'"Author: Kelsey Borresen.

I soon gathered it was over, but in the ensuing days, I noticed he was watching every single one of my Instagram and Snapchat stories - and was often one of the first people to do so. This is not ghosting.

apologise, but, opinion

This is orbiting. These individuals keep tabs on the other party through social media, with no intentions of engaging in meaningful conversation or dating.

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Orbiting is a new dating trend with its roots firmly placed in social media.

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