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But this is a horrible, new dating trend that we all need to be aware of. Unbelievable, right? Unfortunately, this is a new bullying trend that has devastated women across the globe. Unfortunately, men have been bullying women this way for a long time. This trend is only one of several other horrific ways men are bullying women when it comes to dating.

Pigging systems are already installed in industries handling products as diverse as lubricating oils, paints, chemicals, toiletries, cosmetics and foodstuffs. Pigs are used in lube oil or paint blending to clean the pipes to avoid cross-contamination, and to empty the pipes into the product tanks or sometimes to send a component back to its tank.

Usually pigging is done at the beginning and at the end of each batch, but sometimes it is done in the midst of a batch, such as when producing a premix that will be used as an intermediate component.

Pigs are also used in oil and gas pipelines to clean the pipes. There are also "smart pigs" used to inspect pipelines for the purpose of preventing leaks, which can be explosive and dangerous to the environment.

They usually do not interrupt production, though some product can be lost when the pig is extracted. They can also be used to separate different products in a multiproduct pipeline. If the pipeline contains butterfly valvesor reduced port ball valves, the pipeline cannot be pigged.

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Full port or full bore ball valves cause no problems because the inside diameter of the ball opening is the same as that of the pipe. Some early cleaning "pigs" were made from straw bales wrapped in barbed wire [4] while others used leather.

Nov 09,   This horrifying dating trend is unacceptable bullying. Don't be a victim of it. Most of us haven't heard of the term "pulling a pig". But this is a horrible, new dating trend that we all need to be aware of. Basically, "pulling a pig" is a game where a man pretends to woo a woman [ ]Author: Candace Kita. Sep 16,   Pigging refers to a technique of cleaning or inspection of pipeline through recovering trapped products in the pipelines without stopping operation. It is done through inserting a device known as pigging pigs into the process pipelines. Pigging operations have been practiced for many years in the oil industry to clean big hollow pipelines. A recent pigging story brought the trend to light. Recently, a British woman said she'd fallen victim to this trend, which is sometimes disturbingly called the "pull a pig" had a holiday romance with a guy and then they stayed in touch afterward. She saved up money to fly out to the Netherlands to meet up with him but then she got stood up at the airport!

A major advantage for multi-product pipelines of piggable systems is the potential of product savings. At the end of each product transfer, it is possible to clear out the entire line contents with the pig, either forwards to the receipt point, or backwards to the source tank.

There is no requirement for extensive line flushing.

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Without the need for line flushing, pigging offers the additional advantage of much more rapid and reliable product changeover. Product sampling at the receipt point is faster with pigs, because the interface between products is very clear; the old method of checking at intervals to determine where the product is on-specification takes considerably longer.

Pigging can also be operated totally by a programmable logic controller PLC. Pigging has a significant role to play in reducing the environmental impact of batch operations. Traditionally, the only way that an operator of a batch process could ensure a product was completely cleared from a line was to flush the line with a cleaning agent such as water or a solvent, or even with the next product.

The cleaning agent then had to be subjected to effluent treatment or solvent recovery. If a product was used to clear the line, it was necessary to downgrade or dump the contaminated portion of the product. Pigging systems are designed so that the pig is loaded into the launcher, which is pressured to launch the pig into the pipeline through a kicker line.

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In some cases, the pig is removed from the pipeline via the receiver at the end of each run. Many systems are designed to pig the pipeline in either direction.

The pig is pushed either with a gas or a liquid; if pushed by gas, some systems [10] can be adapted in the gas inlet in order to ensure pig's constant speed, whatever the flow pressure is.

The pigs must be removed, as many pigs are rented, pigs wear and must be replaced, and cleaning and other pigs push contaminants from the pipeline such as wax, foreign objects, hydrates, etc. There are inherent risks in opening the barrel to atmospheric pressure so care must be taken to ensure that the barrel is depressurized prior to opening.

If the barrel is not completely depressurized, the pig can be ejected from the barrel and operators have been severely injured when standing in front of an open pig door. A pig was once accidentally shot out of the end of a pipeline without a proper pig receiver and went through the side of a house feet away.

Operators should wear a self-contained breathing apparatus when working on sour systems. A few pigging systems utilize a "captive pig", and the pipeline is only opened occasionally to check the condition of the pig. These systems are not common.

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There are many reports of incidents in which operators have been injured or even killed while performing a pigging operation. Common causes of such events are:. All these causes are directly related to improper operation of the process valves and the closure door.

A common method of avoiding these kinds of incidents is to add valve interlocks, [13] which has been adopted by all global oil and gas operating companies.

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Safety during pigging relies on strict adherence to safety procedures, which give detailed description of a safe valve operating sequence. By physically blocking incorrect operations, valve interlocks enforce such sequences.

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Valve interlocks are permanently mounted to both manual and motor operated valves and the closure door. The interlocks block operation of a valve or door, unless the appropriate keys are inserted. The principle of valve interlocking is the transfer of keys. Each lock is equipped with two keys: a key for the locked open position and one for the locked closed position. During an operating procedure, only one key at a time is free.

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This key only fits in the interlock belonging to the valve that is to be operated next in the operating procedure. All keys are uniquely coded to avoid the possibility that valves can be unlocked at an inappropriate time. Nowadays intelligent interlocking solutions enable the integration of field devices like pressure or H 2 S meters in a valve interlocking sequence. A "pig" in the pipeline industry is a tool that is sent down a pipeline and propelled by the pressure of the product flow in the pipeline itself.

There are four main uses for pigs:. One of the most common and versatile is the foam pig which is cut or poured out of open cell polyurethane foam into the shape of a bullet and is driven through pipelines for many reasons such as to prove the inner diameter of, clean, de-water, or dry out the line.

There are several types of pigs for cleaning in various densities from 2 lb to 10 lb foam and in special applications up to 20 lb.

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Some have tungsten studs or abrasive wire mesh on the outside to cut rustscaleor paraffin wax deposits off the inside of the pipe. Other types are fully or criss-cross coated in urethane, or there are bare polyurethane foam pigs with a urethane coating just on the rear to seal and assist in driving the pig.

There are also fully molded urethane pigs used for liquid removal or batching several different products in one line. Inline inspection pigs use various methods for inspecting a pipeline. A sizing pig uses one or more notched round metal plates as gauges.

The notches allow different parts of the plate to bend when a bore restriction is encountered. More complex systems exist for inspecting various cts of the pipeline.

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Intelligent pigs are used to inspect the pipeline with sensors and record the data for later analysis. These pigs use technologies such as magnetic flux leakage MFL and ultrasound to inspect the pipeline.

Intelligent pigs may also use calipers to measure the inside geometry of the pipeline. Inthe first intelligent pig was run by Shell Development. It demonstrated that a self-contained electronic instrument could traverse a pipeline while measuring and recording wall thickness. The instrument used electromagnetic fields to sense wall integrity.

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In Tuboscope ran the first commercial instrument. It used MFL technology to inspect the bottom portion of the pipeline. The system used a black box similar to those used on aircraft to record the information; it was basically a highly customized analog tape recorder. Until recently, tape recording although digital was still the preferred recording medium. As the capacity and reliability of solid-state memory improved, most recording media moved away from tape to solid-state.

Capacitive sensor probes are used to detect defects in polyethylene pipe gas pipeline.

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These probes are attached to the pig before it is sent through the polyethylene pipe to detect any defects in the outside of the pipe wall. It is done through inserting a device known as pigging pigs into the process pipelines. Pigging operations have been practiced for many years in the oil industry to clean big hollow pipelines.

Now it is also used for cleaning smaller diameters with increased efficiencies and reduced costs. A pigging system is also used in lubricating oils, paints, chemicals, toiletries, cosmetics and foodstuffs.

It is also used to clean oil and gas pipelines.

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In a multi-product pipeline, pigs are very helpful to separate different products. In pipelines, pigging refers to various maintenance operations of cleaning and inspecting pipelines with the help of a device known as a pig. Pigging is performed with the flow of the materials within the pipeline. This operation is done by inserting the pig into the pipeline from the source to the endpoint. During the travels of pigs through the pipeline, it brushes out the trapped product and cleans the pipe walls.

Therefore the pipeline is made ready for the next product transfer after pigging.

In short, pigging is no current dating trend, it is something that has long bubbled away under the surface and will (likely) continue to do so. Suggest a correction. More. Oct 10,   Pigging - the cruel new dating trend you need to know about "I didn't know at the time, but it was an attempted pigging. When I found out, I felt disgusting and violated. Pigging system components are often fitted on existing process equipment or can be built into new designs. However, the most important component is the pig itself. The operational efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately the success of a pigging project depends on a reliable, high-performance, well designed, good quality pig.

Pigs may be used in following cases:. The pigging process ensures the smooth flowing of products and reduces chances of product contamination within the pipeline. It removes built-up debris, which ultimately helps to protect from degradation of the pipe wall over time. Toggle navigation Menu. In other words, pigging has been used at some point during its processing or production.

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Some of the Sectors We Work With. The pigging process introduces this pig into the pipeline and pushes it through the pipe. Sometimes it is introduced manually but more commonly automatically.

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Pigs are introduced, housed and returned using pig launchers and pig receivers. After pigging, liquid is then collected or continues being processed.

In pipeline transportation, pigging is the practice of using pipeline inspection gauges, devices generally referred to as pigs or scrapers, to perform various maintenance is done without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline. These operations include but are not limited to cleaning and inspecting the pipeline. Jun 24,   Optimize pipeline performance by simulating pigging operations in the OLGA and PIPESIM simulators. Learn more at Oct 12,   There's a new dating trend that is being talked about in the online space. It's called 'pigging'. Imagine a situation where you have been exchanging amorous online messages with a man you have met in the cyberspace. You might have even met him in person once or twice. He might be living in another city.

Pigging System Design. The main reasons organisations in process industries use it is to recover product, which increases yields and reduces waste. Process industries also use pigging to clean the inside of pipes and tubing, transfer liquids, reduce the use of cleaning fluids, use less water, save time, improve process efficiency and ultimately increase profits.

In addition, because pigging saves resources, it also helps towards sustainability. Learn more about the benefits of pigging. There are different ways to propel pigsbut usually compressed air, carbon dioxide CO2nitrogen, clean water or even the next product depending on the application provide the pressure.

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Instead of being flushed to drain, waste treatment or collection areas, the liquid residue in the pipe is recovered: pushed by the Pig and forced to the destination filler or tank to continue processing along with the rest of the product. The precise speed at which a pig travels depends on a number of factors; however, the process is nearly always a lot quicker than many people think. A pigging system is made up of a variety of different parts and components.

Pigging system components are often fitted on existing process equipment or can be built into new designs. However, the most important component is the pig itself. The operational efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately the success of a pigging project depends on a reliable, high-performance, well designed, good quality pig.

Learn more about the key components of a pigging system.

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