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Reprinted by permission. Important news about the Shroud of Turin, believed by millions to be the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ, has been flagrantly under-reported. Nevertheless, the lack of mainstream media interest does not diminish landmark new research contesting the results of the controversial radiocarbon test that dated the Shroud between the years and The chief complaint is that the three small Shroud test samples were cut from the same outer edge on a piece of the cloth long thought to have been added later in the Middle Ages. This would have been part of a repair or reweave on a corner that had become worn and frayed due to frequent handling when the Shroud was held up for public exhibition. In fact, this theory was proven correct in by American chemist Raymond N. Thankfully now there is a new chapter in the dating debate.

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Feb 16,   Very small samples from the Shroud of Turin have been dated by accelerator mass spectrometry in laboratories at Arizona, Oxford and Zurich. Cited by: Jul 21,   Since the s, I have been a proponent of the study of the Shroud of Turin - a byfoot linen cloth, and indeed believe it is the authentic burial shroud of Jesus Myra Kahn Adams. Mar 23,   Radiocarbon Dating of the Turin Shroud: New Evidence from Raw Data Hat tip to Joe Marino for spotting this. The following was published yesterday, March 22, , in Archaeometry, a Wiley publication.

Show more. Choose your file Higher quality kbps Lower quality 64kbps. Available now 9 minutes. Last on. Thu 22 Mar GMT. We can conclude for now that the Shroud image is that of a real human form of a scourged, crucified man. It is not the product of an artist. The bloodstains are composed of hemoglobin and also give a positive test for serum albumin. The image is an ongoing mystery and until further chemical studies are made, perhaps by this group of scientists, or perhaps by some scientists in the future, the problem remains unsolved.

Many researchers took this as the final word and disengaged completely. The years of hard work by the STURP team and the many papers they published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature was immediately disregarded and ultimately, forgotten. These were indeed the bleak years of Shroud research.

Of course, the Shroud will not be present at the museum because it does not travel. Sinceit has been housed in the Cathedral of St. Targeted for early Januarythe exhibition will be open in time for the presidential inauguration at the U. Capitol, only three blocks from the museum.

Radiocarbon dating turin shroud

Why do I believe that this is happening? The answer is the same as I have written before:. Townhall columnists Myra Kahn Adams. Test, test, test.

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But other testing must now be allowed before another go at traditional carbon date testing. If you would agree to that, then we would be on the same page.

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Best regards. Sorry, I disagree profoundly, Robert. We are not on the same page. Indeed we are reading from different books. Yours has additional words. So the next step MUST BE to repeat the dating with a wider range of sampling sites, if only to see whether the previous estimate of age is confirmed.

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Then, and only then we can return to hypothesis whether that includes blue-sky speculation or not. Colin, you make a point. Science is a noble and legitimate path to the truth.

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But science is a process, and a broad multi-disciplinary process, not single thread test based. The truth is the end we are all seeking and different paths can lead to the truth. At this time other testing, that is also scientific in nature, besides just radiocarbon testing, must come first if the truth about the Shroud is to be advanced.

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No one is suggesting to turn away from sound scientifically based research. You must agree, as an honest scientist, that the Shroud custodians essentially have shut down access to the Shroud for scientific research after the radiocarbon testing results were announced. That, as you MUST also acknowledge has hindered for over 30 years now the scientific quest for the truth about the Shroud.

You and Hugh should both now be delighted that true additional scientific studies may in the not too distant future now be permitted. We should all be on the same page for that. But it must be carefully controlled so that the tragic carbon dating fiasco is not, that is never, repeated.

Time for this frontline sceptic, correction, realist, to take a break from the eternal headbanging exercise.

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KIndly hold off from spotlighting any of my latest new thinking please Dan, whether communicated here or via email. No, it did not. There was fairly conclusive evidence for the medieval origin of the corner strip taken for analysis, certainly, but not for the entire Linen. That still allows for a tentative conclusion that the entire Linen is of medieval origin, but a return visit for collecting a wider, RANDOM range of samples is needed, at least in the radiocarbon-sceptic world in which we live.

Spokesmen for that second group declared at the St. That second group wants us to view it as soberly science-based while it plays its silly games with sub-atomic physics, invoking protons for this, neutrons for that. Surely we can now move on to dark matter and dark energy. I saw one enthusiast suggesting the image could have been etched by the body of Christ being instantly converted from matter to energy.

My rough calculation was that this would have been an energy release equivalent to 80, Hiroshima scale nuclear bombs.

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I think that would have laid waste to much of the Middle East. Even if one gave science a brief holiday, and entertained albeit briefly the notion of the resurrectional selfie, there are profound difficulties. Top of my list would be the means by which selectivity of action at numerous levels could be assured. How can there selective scorching of linen at the gross level, without simultaneous scorching of hair at the same time to say nothing of heat-sensitive molecules in blood, skin etc.

And what about that so-called half-tone effect, where two linen fibres can exist side by side, one coloured yellow with image chromophore, the other totally uncoloured? In relation to radiocarbon dating I would like to know your opinion on Christen, J. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.

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Series C Applied Statistics43 3 Christen used a fairly simple technique of his own to analyse the 12 dates given by the Nature paper on the radiocarbon testing, treating them all as independent, and decided that the oldest and the youngest were outliers.

Outliers can be difficult statistical anomalies at the best of times, and deciding whether the two extremes of a range of measurements are outliers is even more contentious.

However, once these were eliminated, the others were sufficiently coherent for him to consider them all consistent. Riani and Atkinson, however, built on the inconsistency observed by the authors of the Nature paper, and determined a hypothetical chronological gradient along the 4cm or 5cm strip cut into pieces for testing.

The Shroud - Carbon Dating

Although their gradient is statistically satisfying, it is not empirically verifiable, as the 12 pieces upon which they based their results were not recorded in position, and are now, of course, destroyed. This is not the case. There is nothing about the inconsistencies in the radiocarbon measurements that contradicts a medieval date, and plenty to refute a first century one. I am, of course, inclined to the latter in both cases. Only the mathematical possibility of a distortion factor does not imply the invalidation of its results.

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We need to know a factual possibility. That is to say, which empirical variable could produce a deviation of more than a millennium in the data. Having discarded some spurious proposals -Kuznetsov, bioplastic layer, neutron discharge, etc. Of course, the invisible mending is the only viable option -and it has been shown by Rogers. It also explains the statistical deviations, showing that the mean value is actually not trustworthy.

Just 3 legs for an average mammal, based on a sample consisting of a human and a dog. The whole corner has been meticulously restored, thread after thread, and then in it was foolishly cut for a single sample for C dating.

And then surprise, we have garbage results.

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The C datings are today just a history without any scientific value. They are contradicted by numerous other research, both historical and regarded to material dating: Codex Pray, Robert de Clari testimony, Byzantine icons and coins, Sudarium of Oviedo, as well as Rogers vanilin loss estimates, and Fanti et al.

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The C has been falsified by other research. Stephen Jones also has the only viable option - different again. For me, the idea that the corner has been meticulously restored lacks credibility, both technically and contextually. If the research into the corollaries is more compelling than the disputed results, it may call them into further question, which is not the same thing. Its never done now.

There was, for example, the 'memory of water' paper that year, followed by the 'cold fusion' fracas a year later. But few Nature papers from that era have remained such a cause of dispute as the one. Mar 22,   In , three laboratories performed a radiocarbon analysis of the Turin Shroud. The results, which were centralized by the British Museum and published in Nature in , provided 'conclusive evidence' of the medieval origin of the artefact. However, the raw data were never released by the by: 2. Mar 22,   Radiocarbon Dating of the Turin Shroud Witness History In scientists performed a carbon dating test on the Shroud of Turin - one of the most revered relics of the Catholic Church.

Secondly in order to hold them together they were glued with a resin. Thirdly both ends were made entirely of cotton. There are many results that contradict the results of Damon et al. Yet some people want to stick to them at all costs -especially the trolls that control english Wikipedia which is worse than communist propaganda when Poland was in the Soviet block.

This is completely unscientific.

Radiocarbon Dating of the Turin Shroud: New Evidence from Raw Data Article ( Available) in Archaeometry 61(5) October with 1, Reads How we measure 'reads'.

Bella et al tried to undermine Rogers -but actually they failed, nitpicking only the tertiary detail. Contradictory results are common in science.

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There were also results that were discredited in science. But it turned his measurements were actually wrong. Just as C datings of the Shroud are wrong.

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