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In fact, I think we should go to another place. Go with me! I still want to hang out with Luca. Shy girls will hold you. Are you very hungry? I I have a gift for you. Luca came to help me. Treat him to dinner. Luca also wants to join! Merry Christmas! What happened before?

This is the fan page for the INTERNATIONAL server of Romantic Diary: Anime Dress Up. This group is strictly for players of the game Romantic Diary and is NOT a dating or romance group whatsoever. All. RisingLovers, the romantic otome game. INSCRIPTION Register with Facebook. OR. I have read and I accept the Terms. Register. A free otome game. In this visual novel game, play as a young woman, discover your new life and lovers on the other side of the world. RisingLovers is the story where the evolution of your romantic life adapts to your. Hello! I'm one of the admins at Romantic Diary Wiki at Wikia, and to put simply, we need editors. (Romantic Diary is a fashion dressup game developed by NGames.) The purpose of this wiki is to catalog items, clothing, and their locations and/or events, as well as suggestions for passing any specific quest or challenge.

I brought some snacks. Let me think about it. Take me there quickly! I really want that bracelet. I want you to wear the same hat as me. I still want to swim! If you change your mind. Only eat one! First playthrough is free after unlock. First Met - Unbalanced Pink Just chat.

You are very nice today. So you were staring at me just now, Luca? I see. I can feel it, Luca. Take it easy. You can make it. I can show you! Hello, do you know how to activate the Park and Flower Seed incident? Like Like. If you mean how to specifically get the Matcha Muffin quest in the zodiac, I believe zodiac quests are random. Thanks for these walkthroughs. Anyways, why is my Luca witha level 4 affection has decreasing mood?

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Oh and if anyone is interested, here is my code: Hmm, was there any dating events or other events that decreased his mood? It was a bug, it fixed the next time I logged in. It was probably because I switch between BlueStacks and my phone. Silly me. Escue me,may i ask do you know how to activate the other luca love incident that are locked?

Certain locked love incidents require you to collect 20 clues each before you can unlock them. I believe you can activate them at the CG screen, if you meet all the prerequisites. Otherwise, stats or affection level might be insufficient.

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Luca Brainstorm There is a customer who wants to make a formal coat to wear in summer. Which type of frabric or clothes can we use? Silk B. Cotton D.

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Please continue the walkthrough! It's still very helpful. I think the point difference might depend on your character stats? Therefore, depending on which zodiac symbol you chose, the compatibility might be different. Haha no worries, luckily I'm a lazy butt so the walkthrough as you see is still here.

Although, it will be a somewhat slow ates as chapter 8 is hard to pass without work. I just recently started playing this, and this really helped.

Thank you! My invitation code Do you have answers for the Special Date Event with Luca? Its a Brainstorm. The questions is: "Do you know the emblematic meaning of lavender? I love that kind of games.

Thanks for the answers. Btw my invitation code is: Thanks for all your hard work as always! This has been helpful to me :D and my invitation code is: Hi umm I bought diamonds but I always see this sentence " the diamonds that you bought will be sent after your verification pls contact costumer support I you have question.

They don't want hackers to get free diamond so to make sure that your legally buying diamonds from them you have to send them an email letting them know you bought diamonds before they send you your diamonds. Quite a run on sentence I got going on there o3o. Oooh that it won't recharge by itself for sure. You have to wait for a "text message" or from rewards to be able to recharge it.

Or you can fulfill daily quests, or buy more at the shop under common items : but can only buy so many per day. Hi i have a problem with starting the game.

Romantic Diary: Pure love date with Yusetta

Right after the opening there is the pictur for loading but then I get a message in Chinese and nothing happens after this message. I have a stable wifi and I don't know what to do. It worked when I was home. So I think the wifi was not strong enough. But thanks. Thank you, the answer very helpful. While I tried my own it's just getting worse affection hahaha. BTW this is my invitation code They are in a folder in the date section under collection. And my invitation code is: Thank you for the walk through!

It helps so much!

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Ummm do you know what happened to the event dating page? It says that it doesnt exist anymore Its still there functioning properly and all. Have you tried refreshing?

We never moved or deleted it. Its located where your room is. You have to swipe to the right to see the other half of the room. Then just click on the button the says desert located at the bottom. So magical! Hi, thanks for adding me btw : And do you know how to do the secret quests? Do you need 5 stars for all of the things to get it?

Thanks as well :3 and for the secret quest they're the teddy bears you see on the sides. You don't necessarily needed to get 5 stars to unlock them. They're kinda their own quest but you need to complete them in order to be able to unlock the others. It looks like no one can get close to you.

My invite code though I'm up to chapter 8 gate now if anyone is interested, I also reply to in-game chat Thank you and wow you're already in chapter 9!!

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Yeah I freaked out when I saw them all, and all the gems I had been saving looked liked they would be used up just to pass the gate, but after some exploring, I found I could get all the items in other places using those star rewards and such, plus I got a few desserts as rewards so it took me about 1 day of grinding to get the ingredients for others : think the hardest part was going back and getting 5 stars in the levels to unlock the recipes :.

Haha so lucky its taking me ages just to get 1 type of ingredient. Jillrosa showed me the next requirement for chapter 9. Omg Good luck! Great game. Thanks for the walkthrough My invitition code is Enter my code for rewards :. Anyone know what outfit I can used or the dream forest to get the transparent yarn? I want to redeem a gift code I got but I dont know where to, I went to the official website of the game and they said that you have to redeem in settings but I didnt find anything Other answers are "That's not right!

My invite code: Thank you very much for the guide. Love this game! Hope these are helpful. I will try to add more if I think of something else. Okay, so reading through comments I'm probably way ahead of many of you.

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I finished chapter 9 and all of the prayer gate requirements BUT it did not unlock chapter Is there not a chapter 10 yet? Or am I missing something?

Waah lucky.

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I'm so dang slow at this but anyways on to your question. The game was just recently ated to put in chapter 9 so the reason that you didn't unlock chapter 10 is that it has yet to have been released and put in the game.

So unfortunately you have to wait for it. Thank you so much. I was about to do the prayer gate again just to see. I'm glad I didn't. They just released some of the items and things that you can gain once you complete chapter ten though. It looks really cool!

Do you happen to know how to unlock Yusetta? I noticed that he is now available to date. I actually don't know. I can see that he is available to be dated but I don't think his dating system has been released just yet.

Thank you for the walk through: I just started playing this game and I'm on chapter 4. Can I ask how to unlock Reinhard in dating system?

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Btw my invitation code is Andrea The day I answered you about Yusetta was the day the game makers ated and made him dateable. You can purchase him at the Love shop for 98 love stones. Eva You can unlock Reinhard from landing on him on the Love Wheel or you can just directly buy him at the love shop for 65 something around 60ish forgot the actual amount love stones.

Right now I only have 25 love stone :. I'm not sure you can buy love stones. You can just get them as rewards from dates, achievements and from spinning the love wheel.

How do you unlock the pale skin in the dressing room? Okay so I'm going to give some advice. Chapter 9 has the biggest prayer gate in the game. There are tons of things you have to collect. My advice is this, make sure you do the star shows.

Save up your credits. The alien Pnuema-Cute can only be found by slpitting five star clothes. Since that is near impossible, buy it with your credits in the star show credit redeem. Same thing with the 2 sage stones. Purchase them through the star show credit redeem. Same with the magic needles. It's easiest to get them through star show credit redeem. I suggest actually gaining the bottled inspiration in the dream Forrest.

Get the jazzy ties through dream Forrest. Everything else is pretty much just gained through reviews. Leather 6 -reviews Pearl 5 -reviews Coconut Custard 5 -make Bottled inspiration 5 -dream Forrest Matcha Muffin 5 -make Magical dye 8 -review Natural fur 10 -review Jazzy tie 10 -dream Forrest Magic needle 3 -star show redeem, 16 credits per needle,48 total credits Alien pneuma-cute 2 -star show redeem, 16 credits per cute, 32 total credits Sage stone 2 -star show redeem, 16 credits per stone, 32 total credits.

Altogether you would need credits for my method. That's all you would spend. I did it this way so I wouldn't spend all my diamonds and gold. I will tell you that star show redeem is pretty much the only way to get the alien pneuma-cute. Hope this helps. I just wanted to give a heads up on what you're looking for in advance. My method takes longer, but it will save your diamonds and gold.

You'll need them later. Hi Tanessa I don't understand how to play star show. I just have one slot, does it mean I just can pick 1 pair clothes which required by the task? Hi Tanessa! I donot understand as well. Side quest fruit wine was correct, also gave me 2 love stones!! How to win the barbeque quest on in Jungle Forest? I've tried so many times, my record was 11 skewers.

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I've just started to play this game. How do you unlock the different skin colors in the dressing room please tell me. My invitation code is The rewards go to you so this is a benefit and this code is easy to remember! Heads up, but you've got issues with the answers to the secret quests for Grelor I can't remember the first on off the top of my head, but the second set you have listed are duplicates from somewhere else.

Here's the brainstorm and answer for Grelor secret quest Brainstorm: Which country is keen on carnivals? India Gypsy China Brazil correct; 5, Gold Also, small suggestion, but perhaps you should include the name of an area before the answers tied to that area?

May 22,   Romantic Diary! The first romantic love & dress-up game, which has a Japanese fresh style, creative love system, unique his-and-hers clothes. Composing a sweet love song with your keitaiplus.com is such a great feeling. Well-known voice artists devote themselves for telling our tender first love. Moreover, various colorful costume matching and customized wardrobes are waiting for you! In this wikia, you'll find everything from clothing items to challenge help in the game Romantic Diary by NGames Interactive Limited. You will find information about the story, learn about the characters, and tips on how to achieve 5 stars on a certain chapter. Editing is encouraged! There is a lot to cover in the game, so any help is appreciated! This wiki is best viewed on a computer. Aug 30,   K, Luca is a cute teddy bear:) and also We almost drowned trying to save Elvin.

I had a hard time being sure the brainstorm answers for Grelor were really for Grelor, since they were right after the answer for Do you know what I should spend diamonds on? And about how many I should keep? I kinda made some bad decisions with my diamonds early on :'. Its really up to you whether to save it or spend it. Just be a smart shopper and spend it on something you need. How do you unlock chapter ten? It's driving me crazy! I've already done the prayer gate but it says "you have not unlocked this city".

Haha right. Well i believe it isn't done being translated yet as you can see it still in chinese.

< [Romantic Diary] Elvin [Romantic Diary] Transliteration of Character Screen Dialogues > 50 thoughts on " [Romantic Diary] Luca " HappyPappoi December 4, at pm. May 08,   ?Romantic Diary! The first romantic love & dress-up game, which has a Japanese fresh style, creative love system, unique his-and-hers clothes. Composing a sweet love song with your keitaiplus.com is such a great feeling. Well-known voice artists devote themselves for /5. [Walkthrough] Romantic Diary: Pure Love [Dropped] 0 Saturday, May 21, Edit this post. Invite Code: *Be aware that point may vary and will not always go with what I have here. Go to the Dating page, go to Luca, and then just tap on him.

Does anyone know what attributes "town street in summer" refers to in Operation Love? I've tried several but I don't seem to be getting it right! Do you think that it is a sad story? It depends. Of course it is. Here's my invitation code: Hello, I just recently gotten Yusetta and here are two dating 'events' that I got.

For both of them the title was 'Emergency happened when you were on a date with Yusetta. Pls solve it quickly! Pls let me know if you have different informations :. I'm not lying!

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This was super helpful!! Thank you so much for all the tips! I'd love to hear the voices and I've gotten 5 of the Luca recorders I think for the voices you can either hear it from the album or at the date menu for the guy character. Aaah thank you so much! I also have another question The first one says that it's possible to gain and that I should have at least affection level 1 with Luca. I'm in the 6th city and my affection with Luca is already level I hope it makes sense I know for sure its a date event but i'm not sure if it can be triggered specifically.

Romantic diary dating luca

It appears quite often on mine its the Christmas date one. I really need help at understanding star show. Any tips? Thanks in advance. Yeah starshows can be a butt really. Are you sure that you save the clothes you placed in the bag before entering?

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I see this blog is still active soooooo, can someone email me on my blog at Contact me? Just it takes alot to level up these particular attributes, so if anyone can tell me that'd be great. Also does anyone know what is so good about having yusetta? Does he give gifts if you do stuff right on the date or whatever? Sometimes I envy you. Anyone know how can I get 5 stars at dream forest? Especially on "rich girl with history" and "ice crystal girl" ones.

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Thanks all for the write-up and sharing the walkthrough. Sakura Island What culture does the Maid culture belong to? If any of you want free diamonds and coins and then type in my invite code : In friends, then invite friends, and then finally inviter ID type in: Correct answer: Bird. I saw on a keitaiplus.com post saying that it's a future game mode that has not been implemented yet.

Thank god I have been going crazy about the clothes 'available' in it as they are all SO high ranked and pretty.

Pretty much weird since they have already implemented clothes when the mode itself is in the dark. Go to the Dating page, go to Luca, and then just tap on him. Your affection affects how many places you can "interact" with.

Like since I'm up to level 6, I can tap more "intimate" places like his hand and mouth, and "interact" with him. The "interactions" are him blushing and saying something.

I need help. I can't play the game. It lets me log in but instead of loading and playing the game it just loads and stays on the start screen. Not sure what to do. Anyone know where the mystic forest is? I need to buy stuff to pass the prayer gate. Just go to you story mode and look up to where you see your jewels and below it is the forest icon. How do you get 5 stars on level ? What clothing items did you use? You need 5 stars in order to get the clothing for the next level.

Please help me pass pretty household maid. Thanks a lot :D. Does anyone know Reinhard's best dating sites? Just got him from love shop. S my invitation code is Here is my invite code What is th right diet way? Side quest for Chapter 5: A. Persimmons can't be eaten after crabs. Soybean milk can't be drunk in the morning. Vitamin C cannot be eaten in summer. White sugar cannot dispel the effects of alcohol.

PS: This side quest question is silly imo. It should be okay. What does " you still need " butterx3 " Drop Stage: city1-building6; " mean?

I'm on 10th island now Don't spend it, or at least have 15 left. You'll need to buy two sketches to make clothes C''': And it's in !

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