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Prince Harry has always been a royal renegade. For over two decades, Harry has been rewriting the royal rule book - and in the process, became known to the world as the fun and charming prince. No offence, Will. And now, Harry has found the perfect partner-in-crime. From pantyhose to PDA, we have an ongoing list tracking every time that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stray from royal protocol:. When Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards to present her wedding dress designer , Clare Waight Keller, the British Womenswear Designer of the Year award, all eyes were on her pregnancy glow. Either way, we plan on copping the look this Christmas.

This one also makes a lot of sense, considering they But more importantly than that, this rule is to safeguard against any monarch using their influence to sway political opinion or laws. What if he wanted to pass a certain law, and others in parliament felt they had to go with it simply because of his royal background?

Apr 18,   When dating a royal, its best to have things in common with your royal suitor. They both enjoy playing tennis. "She's(Kate) been seen playing tennis Author: KRISTIN PISARCIK. Dec 11,   But it seems with Prince Harry, rules don't apply, because a palace spokesperson told AP that "you can expect to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Ms. Markle at Sandringham on Christmas Day." Meghan ignored the pantyhose policy. The royal family has an unspoken policy about wearing pantyhose in public. Apr 22,   Meghan Markle has definitely broken the autograph rule-as well as these 14 other royal rules. Shutterstock. Wear a hat at formal events. At formal events, women are Author: Claire Nowak.

Not to say that he doesn't have good character, it's just that this sort of thing was rampant back in the olden days of English monarchy, and these laws are simply in place to make sure there isn't a return to that don't worry, Wills - we trust you!

Even the royal family isn't immune from the ills of Monopoly! When Prince Andrew, Duke of York Prince Charles's brother and Queen Elizabeth's third child was making a public appearance inhe was gifted the notorious home wrecking board game to mark the visit.

Upon being gifted, he quipped "We're not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious. Perhaps there have been too many royal rows over Mayfair that's Park Place for us Yanks? And just who gets vicious?

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Is the Queen a sore loser? Guess Prince Charles didn't get the memo?

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Every now and again one of the royals will be photographed eating oysters, crabs, and other shellfish varieties. So if this is a rule, how come some of them royal family members are breaking it? Do they feel shellfish are just too delicious to pass up? Actually, this rule is an archaic one that is not so much a "rule" as it is a general health guideline.

Back before science could explain allergies and food poisoning, it was advised that the royal family abstain from shellfish to avoid dying from the aforementioned ailments. Nowadays it's more of a personal preference - for example, Prince Charles clearly enjoys a good oyster on occasion while Queen Elizabeth avoids the foods altogether.

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No word on whether or not the tradition will continue on with future generations! Uh-oh, Lebron! Hands offor not? Again, more of a general guideline than a rule Sometimes famous people, like Lebron James, meet with the royals and can't help but pose for photos like they would with their fans of more "commoner-like" backgrounds.

Judging by Kate and Wills's reaction, they weren't really expecting this, but went along with it anyway because, like a good English royal, they didn't make a fuss or cause a scene.

Spokespeople from the palace have confirmed that James didn't break protocol, but that doesn't mean that you can run up to the Queen and give her a bear hug. Just, be cool, okay? Another one of those old, archaic laws, but it's still on the books!

Jul 17,   All other regular, royal rules still apply at meals. No cleavage is an important one. Everyone is meant to be dressed modestly at all times. Next. 50 Strict Rules The Royal Occupation: Senior Editor. Here are 16 truly bizarre rules the British royal family has to follow. And to think we all thought the duchess's life was nothing but nude heels and blowouts. The 'Stop Eating' Rule. Shaking a royal's hand is different from a handshake you'd use in a job interview. Grasp the royal's hand in a firm but very gentle way to keep from crushing her fingers. Remember that royals come into contact with quite a few people, and their hands can get mighty sore if .

It used to be that the monarch couldn't be nor marry a Roman Catholic, but as ofthat rule changed. Now the royal family can marry a person of any faith, although they themselves must still be in communion with the Church of England. The act was put in place to prevent the Catholic King James II and his descendants from ascending the throne waaaay back in during the time of the Glorious Revolution.

With that threat clearly avoided, the change in law has been praised as progressive. Some accounts say that this legend began as far back as King Charles II reign, although others argue it holds more modern roots from the s.

Whenever the legend started doesn't really matter - at the end of the day, the ravens are there to stay, lest crown and kingdom come undone. They take this matter very seriously; intwo of the eight ravens that lived on the premises were killed by foxes.

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Luckily, they still had six ravens on the grounds, but that was definitely too close for comfort! They have since upped the number of ravens to remain well above the minimum count, but that certainly caused some commotion on that day! Did you ever think that seating arrangements at school or formal functions like weddings were strict?

10 Times Queen Elizabeth Has Broken Her Own Royal Rules

After extensive research and interviews about their courtship, we compiled these 7 Royal Rules of Romance. Be Friends First: Before the engagement, the exotic trips, the fun nights clubbing, Prince William and Kate Middleton were friends before anything else after they met at St. Andrews University.

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During freshman year, Prince William was enjoying his new life on campus, and Kate was also busy, "she was dating a fourth year student called Rupert Finch," says Nicholl. Maybe this is what enabled Kate and William to become close friends first, before they were romantically linked.

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And when William couldn't make lectures, Kate would go and take notes," says Nicholl. Their friendship also grew because they had a lot in common. Remain Loyal: One of the most important rules of royal romance is to always to be loyal. Throughout the make ups and the breakups, Kate remained loyal to William and never spoke to the press.

When Kate and William left the press-free bubble at St.

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Andrews University in Summer of and moved to London, as Prince William's girlfriend she quickly became the target of the media, a task she handled well. She remained loyal and discreet through the years. You can't just socialize with anyone who may dish your secrets, or spill the details of your night out with your royal beau to the press.

Entertainment reporter Kiki King has reported on Will and Kate's royal romance for years, and has spotted them out at London's hottest clubs: "The times I have seen them out they tended to be surrounded by this gang of friends, so it was very difficult to sort of see them in action.

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I think that's one thing that they've always been very good at is choosing their friends very carefully and their friends would always protect them. Have Something in "Common": You may have heard the saying.

They both enjoy playing tennis. So, you know.

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They just swapped. If she puts her purse on the table, it is really time to go. No cleavage is an important one.

Everyone is meant to be dressed modestly at all times. Kitchen Tips and Tools. United States. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Preorder Delish Ultimate Cocktails. Getty Images. Prince Charles likes his tea prepared a certain way. Tim Graham Getty Images. The Queen is very specific about the guest count at dinner parties.

Dinner is a strictly formal affair. They have ways to let the staff know if they're not done eating. There are also ways to communicate that they ARE done. They use napkins in a very specific way.

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The Queen approves the entire menu first. There's never pasta for dinner. Nor is there ever shellfish.

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They can't accept food in anything other than a royal capacity. But if you offer them food in one of those settings, they can't refuse. There is an entire royal team dedicated to seating. Dinner party conversations are formulaic.

When the Queen is done, everyone is done. But you're not to leave before then.

Royal dating rules

The Queen is cool about this rule though. What needs to happen in the Palace, stays in the Palace.

Jul 21,   New dating rules for today's modern single. Bad news bears, singles: released the results of a survey that shows the dating rules and habits have changed. Again. Jun 25,   In a royal wedding custom dating back to Princess Victoria, royal brides typically carry at least one sprig of myrtle in their clutches. Myrtle symbolizes hope and love, and every royal bride, The Author: Carrie Goldberg. Myrtle is known as the flower of love and marriage, and has been included in royal bouquets since , when Queen Victoria's own daughter Victoria wed. Each royal bride .

There is a correct way to hold a teacup. They're not to leave lipstick stains. The Queen's dogs only eat gourmet. Seasonal foods are a must. The farm-to-table thing is really important.

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