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Scott looks to Wallace, who is out cold, cellphone in hand. Wallace sits bolt upright. Scott sits at Wallace's computer. What's the website for that? I have to order something reeeally cool. This thing claims I have mail! Now I'm reading it! Pilgrim, It has come to my attention that we will be fighting soon.

This is Moments pass. Are you waiting for the package you just ordered? It won't ship until Monday at the earliest. Scott opens the door. Knives smothers Scott. That's cute.

Apr 15,   "No so long ago, in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada, Scott Pilgrim was dating a high schooler." In the opening scenes of the film, we learn that Scott Pilgrim. Scott's budding relationship with adulthood, stacey pilgrim is a high schooler. Quick plot synopsis: scott dating fails fail nation failbook monday thru friday music parenting poorly dressed school girl? But that scott pilgrim's precious little life, and a high schooler, skateboards and have never read scott pilgrim volume 1 by bryan. Aug 13,   The Voice: Not so long ago in the distant realm of Toronto, Canada, Scott Pilgrim was dating a high schooler Todd Ingram: Tell it to the cleaning lady on Monday. Scott Pilgrim: What?

He plasters on his best fake smile. I cannot believe the music they put on while we work. Knives chows down on a slice.

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Scott doesn't eat, his thoughts elsewhere. Scott plays halfheartedly, his timing off.

Knives goes to flip over Scott, but he messes up. Scott has his little videogame head cut off. Scott takes a long look at Knives. I think Scott takes a deep breath. This is never easy. An excited Stills addresses Sex Bob-Omb.

Scott pilgrim dating a high schooler

Scott tunes his bass, alone by the window, staring out. Scott winces. And even better? It's the T. This guy at work was like "Steve, do you know anyone in a band? It'll be the cool kids too. Knives can barely contain herself. She grabs Scott. We follow Scott as he walks in a daze to the bathroom. Oh my gosh, who are you battling? Crash and the Boys. That one band with Crash? And those Boys? Oh my gosh, I hate them too!

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Yeah, they suck. He stares at himself in the mirror. Scott exits the bathroom, entering Scott's footsteps echo as he moves towards a classroom door with a STAR on it BEAT Do you want to go out sometime?

You just have to sign for this alright? I dreamt you were delivering me this package. Is that weird? It's like three miles in fifteen seconds. I forgot you guys don't have that in Canada. I met you at the party the other day. Not even.

Dating a highschooler - Scott Pilgrim (vost fr)

That was some total ass. I was the other guy. You're Ramona Flowers right? Scott stands in awe of Ramona. She gives him a pen. Whatever this is? You'd be impressed. That's how it works.

Get to know each other? You're the new kid on the block, right? I've lived here forever. I mean Scott finally signs on the dotted line. And throws the package straight in the trash.

So, yeah. Eight o'clock? The Toronto skyline gleams in the night behind them. You assumed wrong. We could get a slice at Pizza Pizza or flip through some records at Sonic Boom. Scott and Ramona trudge through the snow in the empty park. So how'd you end up in Toronto? And Gideon had always said Toronto was one of the great cities so They sit on some swings in the park. What do you do? It was time to head somewhere a little more chilled.

Chilled as in cold. It's weird. We can't afford two beds! We're not gay! Wallace is pretty gay. I believe you.

You're too desperate to be gay. Laughing, Ramona hops off her swing. The snowfall gets heavier. Isn't it like April? I can barely see you. This whole thing is an unmitigated disaster. Slip of the tongue. The snow gets heavier still. Ramona walks away. I think there's a thingy up here somewhere.

I can't see you. I'm blind. Help me. Ramona opens the door. Scott and Ramona fall into blackness He watches as she slips out of her coat. RAMONA We have blueberry, raspberry, ginseng, sleepytime, green tea, green tea with lemon, green tea with lemon and honey, liver disaster, ginger with honey, ginger without honey, vanilla almond, white truffle, blueberry chamomile, vanilla walnut, constant comment and earl grey.

Ramona exits. After a moment alone, Scott ventures upstairs. He wanders towards a half open door. Pushing it open, he finds Ramona in her bedroom in her bra and skirt. I'm changing. Sorry, I'm just Here, does this help? What is that? They look into each others eyes Scott imagines himself soundtracking the kiss with a slinky bassline.

Ramona breaks off, smiling. Scott is in heaven. The slinky bassline continues as Ramona takes her skirt off, revealing black panties to complement black bra. Scott takes his shirt off. They tumble onto the bed and make out. From what? Not right now. You can sleep in my bed. And I reserve the right to change my mind about the sex later.

Scott's mourning period is officially over. He's totally dating a high schooler. JULIE Dating a high schooler is the mourning period. STEPHEN STILLS She's got a point. SCOTT I thought you guys broke up. JULIE I don't want you scaring off the coolest girl at my party Scott. We all know you're a total lady killer wannabe jerky jerk. Scott Pilgrim vs the World - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a action comedy romance film co-written, produced and directed by Edgar Wright, based on the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O' stars Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, a slacker musician who must win a competition to get a record deal, and battle the seven evil exes of his newest girlfriend Ramona Flowers, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Ramona curls up next to Scott. It's been like a really long time, and this is I think I needed this. Whatever this is. So, thanks. They exchange a smile. Then without warning we jump cut to - 36 INT. Scott awakens. Ramona is gone. An arrow points to the empty spot in the bed next to him. Scott relaxes. For one thing, I didn't even get any Please come. Can I get your number? Ramona skids to a stop, right back next to Scott. She hands him a note. Scott looks back up. Ramona is already skating far, far away.

It's tonight At The- 38 INT. Ramona wades through a grungy venue under the stare of young hipsters, reaching Scott at the bar. He stands with Wallace and Stacey. She holds hands with a guy wearing glasses.

I did totally come.

Scott Pilgrim is dating a high schooler? 2 INT. STEPHEN STILLS' KITCHEN - DAY 2 Four twenty-somethings lounge around a small kitchen table STEPHEN . Scott Pilgrim's life is so awesome. He's 23 years old, in a rock band, "between jobs," and dating a cute high school girl. Everything's fantastic until a seriously mind-blowing, dangerously fashionable, rollerblading delivery girl named Ramona Flowers starts cruising through his .

Scott is so amazed at her presence, his social skills vanish. He's chronically enfeebled. I'm Stacey. He didn't even see Knives come in. Knives pecks Scott on the cheek.

He pushes her away. Knives looks kinda sexy, wearing makeup and new clothes. Stacey stares at Scott. Knives and Ramona stare at each other. Wallace stares at Jimmy. Scott scurries off. We hear feedback from a mic onstage. Is this a nightmare? Wake up, wake up, wake up.

KIM Once we're on stage you'll be fine. For sound check. The sound guy hated us. Pre-show jitters.

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People love us. Scott sounds less than convincing. A drunk Wallace turns to Jimmy. Do they rock or suck? You passed. I am Crash, and these are the Boys. A41 INT. Kim glowers. B41 INT. I am so very very sad. Crash and the Boys play a whole song in. Wallace yells from the balcony.

I love this one! Are these guys good? Kim Pine scowls harder than ever. It'll be our last song tonight and your last song EVER Sound explodes from the stage. The audience are stunned. We're not going to win, we're not gonna sign with G-Man and we'll never play opening night at the Chaos Theatre.

He's a friend. He has so many friends. Ramona arches an eyebrow. Stacey turns to Knives and Tamara. He turns around and slaps Stephen Stills in the face. So give it up for Sex Wallace and Knives give the only cheers. Scott nods vigorously. She faints in the excitement. He wears an evil grin and a jacket that borders on flamboyant.

He drags on a cigarette blacked out. It is I, Matthew Patel. Consider our fight Matthew Patel leaps in the air and sails toward Scott. It's that one guy! Patel attacks Scott with spin kicks. Scott blocks. Patel punches. Scott blocks, then holds his hand up for a time-out. Patel attacks, landing kicks and punches. Scott evades and counter-attacks. Patel evades, then lands more punches. Scott jump-spins away from danger. They pause, breathing heavy.

Is he a pirate? Scott looks at Patel's outfit. Patel attacks again.

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They exchange furious blows, until Patel puts Scott in a choke hold. Scott looks up to Ramona. Matthew was the only non-white, non-jock boy in school, probably in the entire state, so we joined forces and took 'em all out.

We were one hell of a team. Nothing could beat Matthew's mystical powers. Nothing but pre-teen capriciousness. We only kissed once. After a week and a half, I told him to hit the showers.

Patel levitates into the air and points at Ramona. You won't know what's hit you in the slightest. Patel levitates into the air. Four hot girls in skirts with fangs and bat-wings appear in the air around him. He flips back onto the stage, narrowly dodging the attack. Take this sucker down. The Demon Hipster Chicks unleash more fireballs.

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Scott dodges. The house drum kit is trashed behind him. Scott hits the ground, dodging a third wave of fireballs. They explode Crash and the Boys in the wings. It hits Patel square in the eyes. Scott leaps into the air. Maybe you'll see. Scott punches Patel. They clatter to the stage floor. Scott lands and picks them up. Passes Stacey.

Tell your gay friends I said bye. Stacey turns to see Wallace and Jimmy making out. Not again! Ramona passes Knives, who is being resuscitated by Tamara. That's not even enough for the bus home. Ramona yanks Scott away. The Promotor ambles back onstage. Her eyes scan the venue for Scott A bemused Scott and mortified Ramona sit on the bus home. Ramona takes a breath. Looks deep into Scott's eyes. SCOTT -defeat your seven evil ex's if we're going to continue to date. BEAT We are dating?

Do you want to make out? Scott kisses Ramona. The studio audience 'awwww's. Scott bursts through the front door, a spring in his step. The studio audience applauds. And someone has a second date tonight. I got to second base last night Wallace shoots a look at the idiotically upbeat Scott. I don't want you gaying up the place.

But in return I have to issue an ultimatum. You have to break up with Knives. Scott huffs and helps himself to some of Wallace's bacon. I swear to God, Scott. Scott points bacon at Wallace accusingly. If you have a problem with it, take it up with Liberace's Ghost.

Wallace points to a hunky actor on the cover of NOW magazine. I am stalking him later. Get out. Surprising no one. Scott grumbles off. Wallace turns the television way up.

We see Lucas Lee on a payphone in some crummy thriller. The next click is me hanging up. The one after that Um, do you want to, like, talk or whatever? Are you wearing a tan jacket? Like a spring jacket? And a hoodie? Scott checks what he's wearing. And a dorky hat?! Why are you psychic? A beaming Knives knocks on the payphone glass.

Will you take me to the show? It's not my favorite. Well, to meet my parents. It's my birthday dinner. I think that's a really bad idea. Like, really, just so bad. My Dad is nine years older than my Mom I'm in Scott brushes it away.

I was thinking we should break up or whatever. Scott walks out, leaving Knives in the aisle. Kim spins a drumstick in her fingers.

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Not coming tonight? We broke up. Kim and Stills share a look. Check it out, I learned the bass line from Final Fantasy 2. Scott plays the insanely simple video game tune. I meant scum of the earth.

Kim mimes shooting herself. Stills unplugs Scott's amp. We were lucky to survive that last round. This is sudden death now.

Like you said. Is it not cool? Scott ushers her in, weirded out by this hair development. I just dyed it. Are you going to introduce me? Everyone mumbles back. Scott still stares at Ramona's hair. Get used to it. He's an idiot. Scott fake laughs. Starts ushering Ramona out again. See you guys tomorrow. A tense Scott hurries around the kitchen area, preparing food as Wallace looks on.

Ramona goes to the bathroom. Scott drops the act. It looks nice blue. She's spontaneous. Oh my god, what do I do? Ramona returns. Wallace pulls on a jacket. I'm heading up to Casa Loma to stalk my hetero crush. Scott stops Wallace at the door, with a panicked whisper. You could get to 2nd and a half base. See you in sixty. Scott has cooked garlic bread and only garlic bread for dinner. I could honestly eat it for every meal. Or just all the time without even stopping. Why would I get fat?

Scott smiles as she runs her hands through his hair. Scott sits up like a shot. Ramona is taken aback. No, sorry. It's just that I got I got a bad haircut right before me and my big ex broke up. But it's so long ago, I can barely remember it Earl Jones deep. He blames this largely on the haircut and has been cutting his own hair ever since. It was brutal. But she stopped liking that name. I like it long.

Wouldn't it?! Why are you wearing that? I just love me some walking. Putting one leg in front of the other. I don't know. I just, when I'm with you I feel like I'm on drugs.

Not that I do drugs, unless you do, in which case I do drugs all the time, every drug, but Things seem a little brighter around you or something.

They're shooting this movie up here. Let's find out. Lee is travelling! He skates towards the set, doing kickflips. We gotta go. I am not a slut. Lucas steps to his mark and puffs up into action hero mode. The only thing keeping me and her apart is the two minutes it's gonna take to kick your ass.

We had drama. Actually, it might have been math. I just remember there being lots of drama. Lucas Lee points at Scott, who remains oblivious.

He was a little snot nosed brat. In his nose? But he's famous! Lucas Lee stomps towards Scott, who gasps. Lucas Lee punches Scott, flooring him. Scott comes back up with a pen and paper, wobbly. He nods to Ramona. How's life? He seems nice. Lucas holds up his hands for a quick continuity photo, then stomps over to pick up a dazed Scott from the ground. Evil ex. He slides across the wet-down ground. Lucas Lee wanders off. Scott staggers to his feet, punchy.

Looks like you're seeing double. Scott turns to see the real Lucas, smirking on the sidelines. The identical Stand In punches Scott to the ground. Sometimes I let him do wide shots if I feel like getting blazed back in my winnie. Scott stands to fight the double.

Scott takes a skateboard to the face, followed by a barrage of crippling skateboard blows to his knees and ribs.

You homies want anything?

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We follow the smirking Lucas to the coffee station. We hear the noise of punching and kicking slowly subside to nothing. Lucas stomps over to him, preparing for the deathblow. Coming to kill you? Controlling the future of Ramona's love life? Let's get a beer. Lucas offers a hand. Scott goes to shake it. Lucas gets him square in the mouth.

Scott smiles through his aching jaw. I have my own skate company. Lucas pulls down his shirt, revealing a skate company tattoo. There's like steps and the rails are garbage. Wallace taps Lucas' shoulder and hands him his skateboard.

Big fan. A fireball appears from the bottom of the stairs.

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Fist bump. Scott smacks his forehead. Is she still here?

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Wallace cooks bacon in the kitchen no pants. It's me, Scott again. Call me back. Scott Pilgrim. Scott ambles over to the fridge and rests his head on it.

It was right under your nose. Seven little kisses? Scott slides to the floor. Wallace crouches down to join Scott on the floor.

Step up your game. Break out the L-word. I wasn't trying to trick you or anything. Look, if she's really the girl of your dreams, then you have to let her know. You have to overcome any and all obstacles that lie in your path. You have the spirit of a warrior, Scott. You can do it! Be with her! It's your destiny! Scott's face falls, completely shocked at this bombshell. Are you moving in with Other Scott or Jimmy or someone? Either way, I'm kind of banking on her calling you back so I won't have to evict you and feel all guilty and shit.

Scott and Wallace look at the phone. Hey Scott. ENVY O. It's been a long time. A year I think? How are you? That's too bad. Still breaking hearts? No, stop. I've been-it's been different. You have no idea. Probably not. Do you have a girlfriend? Should I be jealous? I have this totally awesome girlfriend who calls me all the time. And she's America. She's American. What's her name? Do you know her? I gotta go. Nice chatting with you. Scott slumps to the floor. Wallace appears over him.

Everything does suck. Scott grunts. Wallace grins and grabs the phone. Scott sits bolt upright, expectant. Scott lays back down. You're outside? Scott sits bolt upright again. Wallace opens the door a crack. Knives shivers outside, pale and broken looking. Knives sighs. Scott sprints away in the background. A62 EXT. He looks around.

He's pissed now. Scott punches the air in front of him. She spins to face Scott. Prepare to die, obviously. Can we not do this right now? This is one nightmare you can't wake up from. If I'm not actually asleep. Scott shakes his head, baffled. Whatever it is. But you won't see me. Because I'll be deadly serious next time. PAF - the Mystery Attacker vanishes. Scott looks to the sky. Someone help me. What did he do this time? It's actually me.

What did you do this time? It's everyone else that's crazy. Are you still working? I'm literally about to leave. Scott hangs up the phone and walks two steps into- 64 INT. Stacey has her back turned. What did you do with my sister?

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Stacey taps on the window outside, mouthing that she has to go. Scott turns back to Julie, not happy. And by the way, I can't believe you fucking asked Ramona out after I specifically told you not to fucking do that! What do you have to say for yourself? Can I get a caramel macchiato? Wreak havoc? Scott retreats away from Julie and bumps right into They share an awkward moment.

She looks at the floor. You kind of disappeared. Listen, I know it's hard to be around me sometimes. I'll understand if you don't want to hang anymore. No, I want to hang.

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The whole evil ex-boyfriend thing. No biggie. Scott hides behind Ramona as a lithe figure emerges from the steamed-milk mists of the coffee shop Scott nods. Ramona goes to order coffee, leaving Envy to fix on Scott. ENVY Your hair is getting shaggy. ComicsAlliance calls the title sequence "just the first in a memorable series of seamless mash-ups of graphics, film and animation that beautifully translate the spirit of Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novels to the screen".

The film includes several easter eggs alluding to the comics or for foreshadowing. Fleischer noted that though the comic and film have Scott and Wallace's apartment at 65A Albert Avenue filmed at 65 Alberta Avenuethere is a reference to O'Malley's own old apartment at 27 Alberta Avenue as the address on the Amazon delivery slip Scott signs. There are also references to other media, particularly gaming and comics, with Den of Geek 's James Hunt compiling a list of several, including Scott's X-Men patch seen as he rips it from his coat; the Legend of Zelda Triforce represented by Gideon's initials in the film and title sequence shown above and the Dark Link -inspired Nega-Scott; Envy's band being named after the game The Clash at Demonhead as well as The Clash ; Kim dressing in Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion for the final battle as a point of humor; the scene that was shot, performed, and edited entirely like a Seinfeld episode; and using the "this is a league game" line from The Big Lebowski.

Scott playing the bassline of what he calls " Final Fantasy 2 " is also considered an easter egg; he plays the bassline from the game Final Fantasy IVbut this game was known as Final Fantasy 2 outside of Japan in the s because the second and third installments had not been released internationally at the time.

In her adaptation discussion, Zeitlin Wu notes that in the graphic novel, the fourth fight Scott vs. Roxy Richter was a frame-for-frame recreation of the introduction to Ninja Gaidenand in the film this same frame-for-frame remake is used as the introduction of the final fight against Gideon.

A Scott Pilgrim vs. Comic-Con wrapped the Hilton Bayfront for the event. Outside the convention hall was also a 'Scott Pilgrim Experience' fair, which included merchandise and copious free garlic bread. The film was widely released in North America on August 13,opening in 2, theaters. It was released to the rest of the country on April 29, On March 25,the first teaser trailer was released.

Cera stated that he felt the film was "a tricky one to sell" and that he didn't "know how you convey that movie in a marketing campaign. The DVD features include four audio commentaries from director Wright, co-writer Bacall, and author O'Malley; Wright and director of photography Pope; Cera, Schwartzman, Winstead, Wong, and Routh; and Kendrick, Plaza, Culkin, and Webber ; 21 deleted, extended, and alternate scenesincluding the original ending where Scott ends up with Kniveswith commentary; bloopers ; photo galleries; and a trivia track.

The Blu-ray release includes all DVD features, plus other special features, including alternate footage, six featurettes, production blogs, Scott Pilgrim vs. It also includes footage of Wright and Cera's publicity tour through Japan and a round-table discussion with Japanese film critic Tomohiro Machiyama.

It was released on September 2, Simon Abrams reviewed the DVD and Blu-ray releases, writing that the DVD image quality is good and that "you wouldn't really be able to notice that there's anything wrong" unless you had seen the Blu-ray version, which is in cinema quality. A video game was produced based on the film and books. In MayWright announced plans to screen the film again in theatres for its 10th anniversary, some time following the COVID pandemic.

Entertainment Weekly created retrospective coverage for the anniversary, including interviewing several stars and people involved in the production of the film. Wright said in the piece that he is "incredibly proud of the movie. The fact that you're not doing a 10th-anniversary article about The Expendables says it all". Bodner, Zeitlin Wu, and Burke also note that Wright, with the film, became one of the only directors since the s to use, in Bodner's words, "the comment box, marks action linesand onomatopoeia text as sound effects" in a filmic work, using such techniques both conventionally labeling time and place and unconventionally for the medium.

In the unconventional use, Wright disrupts the realism and diegesis of the film with comic book markers. Regarding the onomatopoeia used, Bodner notes that only once does such text-as-graphic actually replace a sound effect Todd's hair deflating, paired with the word "SAG"with the approximately 40 other instances having both sound and the onomatopoeia representing it.

Peterson, "to slow the reader down and create greater visual depth and texture to the scene". Harvey to agree that "word and picture can be coupled to reveal the hero's cheery bravado even in the very midst of thundering action". Another technique that Bodner describes as giving the film its postmodern reading is how Wright seems to alter the film form to reflect elements inherent to comic book sequences, specifically that "[Wright] consistently but judiciously [quotes] panel content throughout the film - generally [ Discussing the comic book translation in her writing on the process of the film's adaptation, Zeitlin Wu notes that "many storyboards [for the film] were taken directly from the comics", saying that one method of overcoming the temporal-spatial and illustrative-representative differences in graphic novel and film media is to combine the comic panel and storyboard grid.

He adds that, as pastichethis scene serves a dual function to foreshadow the magical realism that will appear. In a similar form-bending way, there are two scenes "the first battle of the bands and Lucas Lee's 'grind' down the rail" where Wright uses high-volume noise to recreate the silent form of comic books, as in a film the loudness drowns out any other sound and requires the use of text in the same way that the purely visual comic book form does.

In his chapter "Tell It Like a Game: Scott Pilgrim and Performative Media Rivalry", Jeff Thoss writes on the various transmedial cues, saying that "the film attempts to outdo the comic book series in its emulation of video game features both on the level of the storyworld and on the level of its representation. But as neither of these two works emerges victorious, their so-called rivalry appears less as a real competition than as a way to illuminate the specific narrative affordances and limitations of comics, films, and computer games".

Looking particularly at the Scott vs. Matthew Patel fight, he writes that there is "not only [the] remediation of arcade fighting and beat 'em up video games, [ However, he also joins Zeitlin Wu in describing it as a comic and video game element, [12] likewise noting the "strong spatiality of the comics medium through its panel layout" represented in the film, especially the "black gutter-like division between the three 'panels'" in the scene.

From this multitude of referents, Fehrle describes the film and the Scott Pilgrim franchise as " hypermediated ". The sequence following Scott breaking up with Knives is analyzed in different ways. Maria J.

In the film, this is followed by characters passing in front of Scott to lead into a wipe, which Bodner says "is common in the film and acts as the inked line that makes the panel border".

The website's consensus reads, "Its script may not be as dazzling as its eye-popping visuals, but Scott Pilgrim vs. Peter Debruge of Variety gave the film a mixed review, referring to the film as "an example of attention-deficit filmmaking at both its finest and its most frustrating", saying that it was economical with its storytelling and successfully incorporated the many big fight set pieces, but that it missed opportunities to build Scott and Ramona's relationship.

It is, in fact, two or three too many. A character can 'die,' then simply rewind video and come back to life. Or change his mind about his true love and then change it again.

Scott Pilgrim's battle isn't against the world; it's against an erratic moral compass. Scottwho made the film a New York Times "critics pick", also reviewed it positively, suggesting it was "the best video game movie ever". Debruge praised the ensemble cast and Wright's directing skills that make each of the many characters distinctive. However, he criticized Cera's performance, saying that "his comic timing is impeccable, [but] he's finally played the wilty wallflower one too many times".

Cera doesn't come alive in the fight scenes the way Stephen Chow does in [ As a negative, Debruge added that "anyone over 25 is likely to find [the film] exhausting, like playing chaperone at a party full of oversexed college kids", remarks echoed by Honeycutt, who called the film "juvenile" and thought that "a wider audience among older or international viewers seems unlikely.

Its kinetic nature and quirky sensibilities might be a turnoff for some. Its speedy, funny, happy-sad spirit is so infectious that the movie makes you feel at home in its world even if the landscape is, at first glance, unfamiliar.

Schager wrote that Edgar Wright is an "inspired mash-up artist, and Scott Pilgrim vs. He opines that Wright has also managed to include additional scenes that further inform Scott's characterization and add humor to moments from the comics.

After seeing the film at a test screening, the American director Kevin Smith said he was impressed by it, and that "it's spellbinding and nobody is going to understand what the fuck just hit them", adding Wright "is bringing a comic book to life". In an editorial for Rotten Tomatoes, Nathan Rabin wrote that the film has a cult following, and in a Met Film School feature, Danny Kelly listed it as one of the six most underrated films ever, saying it is "a crime" that more people did not go to see it.

And for that matter, it's better than most movies not on this list"; he suggested it suffered at the box office due to poorly executed marketing and people becoming sick of Michael Cera. It also made the final shortlist of seven films for nomination in the Best Visual Effects category at the 83rd Academy Awardsbut did not receive a nomination.

The film has been placed on several Top Ten Films of lists, including as number 1 by Harry Knowlesand on several lists by Empire.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Michael Bacall Edgar Wright. Jonathan Amos Paul Machliss. See also: List of Scott Pilgrim characters. In his chapter on the comic in Icons of the American Comic BookDave Wallace wrote that "Wright was the perfect choice to helm the Scott Pilgrim movie, given his experiences of directing British sitcom Spaced.

Like Scott Pilgrim, the characters of Spaced viewed the world through a filter that aggregated various elements of pop culture". The Artscape Wychwood Barns venue is used as the nightclub for the after party where Scott fights Roxy.

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Wright also has an incredible eye for casting, filling his film with people who could, and often soon would, be superheroes. See also: Scott Pilgrim vs. Whenever the image flashes in the finished shots - every punch, sword clash or something - those were actually flashes that we had on-set with photo flashbulbs.

We got through over 7, bulbs - you can only use them once - and then we add our own flash with CG. When someone dies and bursts into coins, we'd empty buckets of silver Mylar so the actors had something to react to.

Main article: Scott Pilgrim vs. Transmedia storytelling is essentially delivering a narrative using a blend of different creative techniques. These wouldn't work in just any movie, including other comic adaptations. These additions are what makes Scott Pilgrim such a true comic book adaptation. Even if you'd never heard of the source material, you'd be able to feel the comic book influences.

Brie Larson pictured at the film's UK premiere and Kieran Culkin pictured at the San Diego Comic-Con panel have been described as the film's "scene stealers", while reception to lead Michael Cera was mixed.

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