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She was born on Wednesday, December 11, Is Hailee Steinfeld married or single, who is she dating now and previously? Hailee Steinfeld is an American actress and singer. She began acting in short films at the age of eight. She was homeschooled from age 11 through high school. They started dating in

Oct 29,   A stand-up routine by Jeremy Kaplowitz is having a moment on Twitter this morning. Performing at "Schtick or Treat," Kaplowitz does a set as year-old Jerry Seinfeld .

It was a very simple show to understand, some pundits would even say too simple. But within the 9 seasons, Jerry inexplicably manages to date a constant stream of beautiful women, some of them bombshells!

It's actually painful to imagine that some of them aren't going to make the cut. This list will certainly merit some scrutiny among all red blooded males. Here are the top 15 hottest women Jerry dated! Jodi, played by Jennifer Coolidgewas also known as "the masseuse. As Jerry explains: "It's like going to Idaho and eating carrots. I like carrots, but I'm in Idaho I want a potato. She was still having none of it and made it clear she doesn't respond to forced massages.

Ellen, played by Christine Taylorwas portrayed as perfect in every single way. But red flags went up for Jerry when he realized she didn't have any friends and he started to fear she may be "a loser. Finally, Jerry's parents meet her and vehemently approve of her in every way.

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This was the last straw for Jerry, because if his parents thought she was perfect, then there had to be something seriously wrong. Jerry and Donna met on the phone when her phone line got crossed with George's.

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He managed to score a date with her only Jerry could pull that off. He was so excited to meet Donna Chang because he had never dated a Chinese girl. Much to his dismay, her name was actually "Donna Changstein" and she shortened it.

And yet, the article mostly focuses on Seinfeld's quest to justify dating a woman 21 years younger than him. Near the very top of the story, People 's Karen S. Schneider recounts an interview Seinfeld did with Howard Stern, in which Stern, as he would, jokes about Seinfeld being the sort of boogeyman in a windowless van that parents warn. Nov 30,   The notoriously braless Sue Ellen Mischke played brilliantly by Brenda Strong, wasn't technically dating Jerry Seinfeld. This, was a huge miss for the writers obviously, because Mischke was one of the most memorable guest stars on the show. Brenda Strong as Sue Ellen Mischke. Apr 29,   Ironically, Jerry loses her to Todd Gack, a guy Elaine is dating, who is the founder of the "dating loophole." 4 Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) Elaine, played by the gorgeous Julia Louis-Dreyfus, may seem like a confusing choice to casual fans, but the back story of Jerry and Elaine's friendship revolves around the fact that they dated before.

Jerry ponders if this is simply a coincidence, or does she actually think she's Chinese? Throughout the episode she portrays Chinese stereotypes, such as having an interest for acupuncture and mispronouncing words, notably referring to the word "ridiculous" as "ridicurous.

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He tried to get her attention and she kept ignoring him. She finally turned around and sarcastically asked if she was deaf. To which she replied: "bingo! Laura has the ability to read lips, and George comes up with the bright idea to bring her to a party to read his ex girlfriend's lips to see what she's saying about him.

Gwen starts to converse with a man, and Laura springs into action, signing out the whole conversation while Kramer who apparently knows sign language reports to George. Kramer messes up one of the signs and says "sleep" instead of "sweep" and George goes on a rant, and ultimately gets poked in the eye and topples over a table. Another relationship thwarted for Jerry by his friends. Jerry didn't have the foggiest idea as to what her name was.

All he knew was that it rhymed with a female body part Mulva? Whatever her name was, this mystery woman was very attractive and still is. Within weeks after their first date, friends and neighbors grew accustomed to the sight of the Seinfeld limousine idling outside the Upper East Side luxury apartment building where Lonstein lives with her year-old brother, David, and her parents, Zachary, a wealthy computer-store owner, and Betty, a home-maker.

Soon enough, though, the couple went long-distance-Lonstein was off to college at George Washington University in D. The two decided to stay together, and on visits she would parade him around campus, while in L.

For months now, Seinfeld and Lonstein have quietly gone about the business of getting to know one another. At George Washington University in Washington, where Lonstein, now 18, enrolled in September, the couple walk arm in arm across campus when Seinfeld pops in for an occasional visit. He would also fly his young girlfriend around the country on shopping trips-a proper rich man thing to do.

Seinfeld dating myself

She is extremely bright. We just get along.

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You can hear the click. That was uncomfortable. My interest in her is very proper.

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Seinfeld also seemed to have the support of his colleagues. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in an interview in New York inafter Seinfeld and Lonstein broke up, said that she was in favor of the couple because it made Seinfeld happy:.

Come on - who cares? I thought it was great. It turns out she is a little bit too obsessed for Jerry. Langer, who had mostly guest roles throughout her career, currently resides in London with her family.

Jerry tells George that he slept with Elaine

Jerry shows up with no jacket, and when the club provides him with it, he forgets to return it, and you can imagine how that turned out. Gallego guest- starred in an episode from called The Suicide. Not exactly typical sitcom fair. Jerry, who visits the man in the hospital, ends up being seduced by his girlfriend, Gallego. Tracy Kollis appeared in an episode, quite fittingly named, The Ex-Girlfriend.

Jerry becomes interested in her and they become involved. At the end, he finds her quite annoying despite her good looks. Since the show she had many guest roles on other successful sitcoms including Clueless. She now owns a business with her husband these days.


The funny woman who attended the comedy sketch school, the Groundling, played in an episode named The Library. The acting coach and well-respected teacher actually passed away last year when she was only 66 after suffering from a horrible disease.

Oh Jerry, he keeps getting himself and everyone else in trouble. Elaine, then asks Seinfeld to apologize and so he does what he knows best and asks her on a date.

Jerry, of course crosses the line and she leaves his apartment. The 52 year old actress appeared as Gail Cunningham in an episode named The Shoes in season four.

Since the show, she has mostly appeared in low-budget films and had a few guest roles on a couple of television shows. Smart, sassy, and no-nonsense, Elaine was perhaps the best fit for Jerry, because they were friends for so long.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus scooped an Emmy Award for her performance, and quite rightly as well. These days, the woman who brought Elaine to life is starring in another comedy show, Veep, and continues to bring in the awards.

What made it worse for Jerry was that Newman actually broke up with her!

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Something must have been wrong with her for that one to happen. Renee played the role of Lois, a woman Jerry goes out with who happens to work for his old high school nemesis, Duncan Meyer.

Long story short, Jerry once had a race in high school against Duncan and won but it was only due to the fact that he cheated. Now, Duncan wants a rematch or else he will fire Lois.

Jerry races Duncan again and wins because he is once again delayed due to a car backfiring.

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It was all fun and games until Claire made a voice with her belly button. Sidra was very much the one who got away for Jerry, and their split was all his own doing. Being the architect of his own destruction, he listened to the advice of his friends and thought she had fake implants.

He became so insecure and obsessive over it that she wound up dumping him! Hatcher would go on to achieve great success in television, firstly in The New Adventures of Superman, and then later in Desperate Housewives.

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He was punching well above his weight with Lanette, and things went wrong once Jerry enlisted the advice of his friend George. Amanda has had a hugely successful career since her guest appearance on the show. Life isn't easy. We all know that, but we all believe that having more money would definitely help. Share We all make mistakes - in our life decisions, in our choice of clothes, in our choice of That is until the terrible twos come along. Sure, many parents What ever happened to the women Jerry Seinfeld dated on the show?

Anna Gunn as Amy. Angela Dohrmann as Donna Chang.

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Jennifer Campbell as Tia Van Camp. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes. Brenda Strong as Sue Ellen Mischke.

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