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According to our records, Benjamin Spock is possibly single. He is most remembered for Pediatrician whose book Baby and Child Care, published in , is one of the best-sellers of all time. His zodiac sign is Taurus. Help us build our profile of Benjamin Spock! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions.

I would just never talk to this person again, if i were you.

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Don't date people who insist you make them your top priority, but refuse to make you theirs. Don't date people who "test your reaction" by telling you they don't care about you.

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You can want whatever you want, and you can need whatever you need. You cannot make him give those things to you. You either accept him the way he is, or you do not.

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This guy could not be telling you more clearly who he is without taking out a billboard. He does not want a relationship with you. Do you not care about his feelings? Is this guy just a scarecrow or a cardboard cutout and you're writing "boyfriend" on his blank face with a Sharpie? He's literally telling you he is not interested and then you're going "okay, but we're together. I also went through the phase of chasing the Guy and it didn't work out, and I am so relieved that it didn't!

Spock's family Genealogy: List Edit. Solkar, a astrophysicist and biologist who was responsible for first contact with humans. S'chn T'gai Skon, also known as Skon, the son of Solkar who was a mathematician.; T'Melis, first wife of Skon who was a soldier for the Vulcan High Command that died in combat.; T'Rama, second wife of Skon, daughter of Supek, and mother of Sarek and Silek. Kirk/Spock, commonly abbreviated as K/S or Spirk and referring to James T. Kirk and Spock from Star Trek, is a pairing popular in slash fiction, possibly the first slash pairing, according to Henry Jenkins, an early slash fiction scholar. Early in the history of Star Trek fan fiction, a few fan writers started writing about a romantic and sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock. LOS ANGELES - SEPTEMBER Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock in the STAR TREK episode, 'Charlie X.' Season 1, episode, 2. Original air date September 15, Image is a screen grab. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images) Without Spock, there would be no "Star Trek." The Starship Enterprise's part-Vulcan officer always captivated audiences with his wit and.

I have a feeling this infatuation will not last I wouldn't say he is a jerk, but he seems to put himself first and not know how to have a normal relationship. You aren't going to convince him out of this perspective, and it's extremely bad juju to date someone who is afraid of you. That he needs to give this a chance to see where it leads because relationships don't follow the same patterns Yeah.

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If you're finding yourself attempting to impose an objective sense of the concept of relationships at the beginning of a relationship you already aren't on the same page. Long story short: infatuation is not the same as compatibility. There's a certain reasonable level of effort required to start a new relationship, and this far, far exceeds it.

File this guy under "work in excess of reward" and move on. What I'm reading in this is a true lack of respect for you as a person, and a lack of respect for your emotions.

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Either one would be a deal breaker, but together? I think if you continue to pursue him you are opening yourself up to a lot of heartbreak and emotional misery.

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I mean, he may have a lot of other great qualities, but those are two huge negative qualities that are very hard to overcome. What confuses me is that he keeps going on dates and doing what couples do this whole time. He's just not that into you. It sucks, I know oh believe me I knowbut that's the long and short of it. He's meh about sex with you, he's emotionally closed off from you, and most importantly-utter dealbreaker for me-he is playing games with you.

Maybe he's damaged, maybe he has issues, and those certainly deserve compassion and understanding. But at the end of the day he is still responsible for his behaviour, and his behaviour is screaming "this is not a guy for you.

Jan 16,   Dating Spock January 16, PM Subscribe. He kind of acts like Spock at first impression with talking in monotone and being void of emotions and all. We really started talking since November which gradually led to talking almost everyday and going on dates once or twice a week. We hold hands and kiss. still on the kirk/spock thing. M ratings k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. still on the kirk/spock thing it's and i've lost control of my life. trek (read: 95aos spirk) sideblog for @geesenoises, a person who doesn't know anything about star trek. Mar 26,   With these Spock quotes, let's commemorate our favorite Vulcan, Science Officer, and First Officer of the Starship Enterprise. The unforgettable Mr. Spock, portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, goes down in history as the rational, logical, and detached voice of the show. Check out our favorite Mr. Spock quotes! "Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, .

The more stern side: dude told you he has other priorities and you're trying to dragoon him into staying together. Speaking from sad, bitter experience, you cannot push someone into being with you and have it be healthy in any sense of the word.

The sum total of your 'discussion' needs to be "I have realized I am trying to push you into a relationship you don't want. I'm sorry for that, and it's probably best for us to sever all contact.

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Take care of yourself. Walk away and think about what it is that is pushing you to try and drag him into something he doesn't want. That basically means he has filed you under "reward far in excess of effort" and is proceeding accordingly.

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I dated a Spock once. I fell for him hard and pursued him with very little reciprocation or encouragement on his side. I stayed in the strange limbo of a relationship we had developed for many months because I thought he had a low emotional IQ, as you expressed it here.

He seemed to have a deep intellectual life, which is what drew me to him, but he was often seemingly apathetic and showed little emotion. He kept going out with me and seemed to enjoy being with me, so I thought to myself, or rather dreamed, that he had feelings for me but struggled to show them or commit fully because he was afraid. In the end I got so frustrated and felt so hurt that I broke up with him and he never called afterwards. Maybe my experience is different than yours, but it does sound to me like your Spock is very self-absorbed.

Spock dating

When I realized that my guy was not afraid but rather was just as indifferent and estranged as he seemed, that he was in fact simply self-absorbed and not a nice guy, I started to break free of my infatuation. Your guy sounds a bit similar to me: immature, uninterested, or unable, to connect with you, and unkind. Looks like the prevailing opinion here is the same: he's not worth it, and I agree.

Two people in a relationship have to meet half way, to be vulnerable together, and perhaps above all, to be a priority in each others' lives. The fact that he told you he has other priorities seems to be the most hurtful thing of all he's done.

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That's an unkind thing to say and think about anyone who cares about you. He's manipulative and keeping you on eggshells. He's also telling you there isn't much to like about him. Maybe he's right. Thank you for your insightful comment poikj.

Are we dating the same Spock?

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This is everyone I dated in my twenties. I totally understand the infatuation, the connection, the feeling that you just might be the only woman who understands him - the real him.

What I had to do and it took a few times. She'd say "and then he just disappears and I don't know what's going on" and I'd reply, "Why the hell would you put up with that? He's obviously not ready for this and you are!

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I would guess his other two girlfriends left him because of this kind of behavior. He blames them and can't see he's the only common denominator.

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I don't think this is going to ever get better. This is who this guy is. You can't change him. Best case scenario, it's still unfulfilling and weird, but just not all the time.

Do you really want that?

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If you can muster up the strength, I'd try to cut off ties so you can move on and get over him eventually. It won't happen overnight, but cutting off contact is really the best way to do it, in my opinion. Or you can try to date him again, but know full well it will be frustrating and unsustainable and you may wish you hadn't put the energy into it.

Sometimes you just have to pursue a love interest you know is bad because you can't help yourself.

It sucks. He keeps going on dates with you because he's able to have the good parts of a relationship without doing any of the work. When someone tells you something about themselves, believe it. Here's what you say to him. I wish we were more on the same wavelength.

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I need someone who puts me on the top of his list of priorities, I need someone who loves sex as much as I do. I need someone who wants to be my boyfriend and I just don't think you're as into it as I am. It's been great, I wish you well. And look for someone who wants to be in a relationship with you. Trust me, save yourself the heartache. Jane Cheney Spock and Benjamin Spock are divo Mary Morgan Spock - Relationship.

Benjamin Spock. Recommended Naya Rivera. Related Lists.

10 Spock Quotes to Remember Leonard Nimoy. February 27, pm by THR staff "Live long and prosper" and "the needs of the many" are just a few of the actor's finest THR Staff. Who is he dating right now? According to our records, Benjamin Spock is possibly single. Relationships. Benjamin Spock was previously married to Mary Morgan Spock and Jane Cheney Spock. About. American Doctor Benjamin Spock was born Benjamin McLaine Spock on 2nd May, in New Haven, Connecticut, USA and passed away on 15th Mar La Jolla, California, USA aged Meanwhile on Vulcan, Spock's betrothed declares Kal-if-fee and he has to fight for her. While he is fighting her chosen mate he smells the most enticing scent he had ever smelled. He incapacitated Stonn and left the sacred grounds to find who he knew was his T'hy'la.

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