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They are Inklings , but unlike most Inklings, they have two main hair colors. Despite being called the "Squid Sisters", they are actually cousins. In the original Splatoon , Callie and Marie are a pair of pop idols who host Inkopolis News , where they announce what stages are available for online multiplayer as well as giving information on ates and Splatfests. During Splatfests, Callie and Marie can be seen in Inkopolis Plaza performing atop trucks, much like their Assist Trophy function, although each Squid Sister has their own truck rather than performing on the same stage, due to each of them backing one of the Splatfest teams. These concerts can also be viewed through the use of amiibo. Marie now hosts the story mode in Octo Canyon , while Callie, kidnapped and brainwashed by DJ Octavio , serves as part of the final boss.

Thanks for watching guys! Really nice animation.

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Your art style is really cute and good choice of music. My only criticism is the sound effects when you highlight an icon are a bit too loud.

SMT - Two Squids and a Baby

I'd tone them down a bit or only have them activate when you click on the icon. Anyway, hope you make more and good luck in that. The animations are great!

agree with you

If i could give a ten star i would cuz the music is soooo Perfection like i love it. First time I've just put a hentai game background music on repeat. I want to say if you did it jeezus great job but if you didnt please let that music artist know that Sorry i got carried away I love your animation loop although some time i have this bad habbit of mine is to Use Tab to see what secret interactive boxes you have Tags: splatoon 2, splatoon, nintendo, nintendo wii u, nintendo switch, squid sisters, squidkid, switch, video games, video game, game, games, marina, pearl, off the hook, marie, callie.

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Splatoon 2 - Callie Sticker.

The animations are great! I'd love you made an ated version where it's more than just the squid sisters,how about Annie,off the hook,agent 3 both normal and controlled by tartar,agent 8,agent 4 and maybe the addition of music variants for each of the characters and a cum inside or outside option. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. High quality Squid Sisters gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

By Kasumi Yamazaki. Tags: splatoon, squid sisters. By Rockyplant. Tags: splatoon, nintendo, callie, squid, squid sisters. Callie Sticker Sticker. By Blushily. Tags: squid sisters, squid sisters, callie, splatoon, splatoon 2, nintendo, woomy, callie. Callie sticker! Tags: splatoon, nintendo, marie, squid sisters, inkling. Marie Sticker. By oilpanic. Tags: callie, splatoon, squid sisters, splatfest.

Callie Samsung Galaxy Snap Case.

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Aug 07,   SPLATOON Squid Sisters! Callie and Marie Plush! - Super Coin Crew - Duration: Super Coin Crew 43, views. May 24,   KFC Has Made An Honest-To-God Dating Sim Where You Can Woo Sexy Colonel Sanders. Squid Sisters Uploaded by Squig Rattlehead Squid Sisters Uploaded by Collaterale1 Squid Sisters Uploaded by w01v35w0rd Facebook Comments + Add a Comment. Comments 4 total + Add a Comment.5/5(43). Drawing Squid Sisters Marie and Callie Splatoon Nintendo Switch/A3 quality print/poster lamina de Splatoon Mar y Tina Lookfishart. From shop Lookfishart. 5 out of 5 stars (12) 12 reviews $ Favorite Add to Squid Sisters + Off the Hook acrylic keychains EldritchNeighbor. From shop EldritchNeighbor.

Tags: splatfest, america, us, jp, japan, eu, europe, pink, green, squid sisters, callie and marie, callie, marie, aori, hotaru. Splatfest Team Callie v.

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Theme squid sisters dating consider, that

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Squid Stickers - Callie and Marie Sticker. Splatoon Splatfest Tee Mask.

Heyo squid kids! So uh, after watching that concert of Off the hook with the squid sisters, I immediately draw this cuz I am so amazed by their new design! Though idk if I can draw pearl and Marina. Jun 13,   ??????TAP TO SPLAT! ??????? Look at the new membership advantages: ** Would.

Tags: squid sisters, splatoon, callie, marie. By wynndawnstrider. Tags: splatoon, inklings, the squid sisters, callie, marie, squid sisters, judd, nintendo, kelkilou. By kelkilou. Tags: splatoon, nintendo, callie, squid sisters. Callie Sticker. Tags: squid sisters.

Squid sisters dating

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agree, very useful

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Apologise that, squid sisters dating think, that you

Callie of the Squid Sisters Sticker. By Hanae-Strutenel. Tags: marie, splatoon, squid sisters, squid, nintendo.

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