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Tuvalu is an island nation in Polynesia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, Tuvalu covers an area of only 26 square km and had a population of 10, in In particular, these Tuvaluans are members of the Congregational Christian Church of Tuvalu, which is sometimes referred to simply as the Church of Tuvalu. Christianity is the predominant religion in Tuvalu. There is also a small population of Roman Catholics in Tuvalu. Each of the country's islands have alikis, who are traditional chiefs and members of the Church of Tuvalu. They are responsible for overseeing church duties on their respective islands.

They are responsible for overseeing church duties on their respective islands. A new Christian group named the Tuvalu Brethren Church has about adherents throughout the country. Most adherents of these religions live in or near the capital city of Funafuti. There are also Muslim and atheist populations in Tuvalu. Approximately 50 Ahmadiyya Muslims live in the country. The daily activities of the inhabitants of the Outer Islands all islands other than Funafuti remain primarily subsistence-oriented.

Fishing, agriculture, and animal husbandry occupy most individuals' days, supplemented by craft production for local consumption e. On Funafuti, these activities have lost their prominence, as many inhabitants, particularly non-Funafuti Islanders, do not have access to land, and fishing grounds are not readily reachable. Many residents are dependent on the salaries of relatives employed by the government and the few other bureaucratic or commercial bodies.

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Even on the Outer Islands, remittances from relatives employed elsewhere have long served to supplement subsistence through the purchase of store-bought food, fuel, and clothing.

Little is produced for sale on the Outer Islands; rather, surplus production is used to sustain networks of exchange between families and individuals. Land Tenure and Property. The original form of tenure may have been communal, as this arrangement still exists and is accorded symbolic priority.

From a system in which chiefs probably allocated land rights for use rather than ownership, more complex forms of title have evolved. Land may now be held privately, either by individuals or by groups, although this distinction is blurred by the fact that individuals are always members of groups that wax and wane as the individuals that constitute them are born, reproduce, and die.

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Commercial Activities. Small cottage-industry ventures emerge from time to time. They target food needs e. These efforts are marked by high rates of failure and turnover.

Chat online in Vaiaku, Tuvalu. With over M users on -, you will find someone in Vaiaku. Make new friends in Vaiaku at - today! Tuvalu has a strong tradition of volunteerism, whereby persons and families present food, services, and money to the community on occasions such as a child's educational achievement or a wedding. Feeding the entire island is also a common way of asking for communal forgiveness for a transgression (e.g., causing a serious fight). Welcome To Timeless Tuvalu Our Paradise Is Waiting As one of the smallest and most remote nations in the world, this unspoiled corner of the Pacific offers a peaceful, and non-commercialized environment that is ideal for rest and relaxation. The spectacular marine environment consisting of a vast expanse of ocean interspersed with atolls.

Major Industries. Large-scale ventures, such as the commercial harvesting of the bountiful marine resources, require capital investments e. Trade before Western contact was confined to occasional interisland voyages, which may have been accompanied by exchanges, marriages, and political tribute.

Foreign traders became interested in coconut oil and then in copra dried coconut flesh for the food and cosmetics industries. Copra is still exported but has greatly declined in importance, owing to inefficiencies of scale and fluctuating prices on the world market.

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Tuvalu's current principal export is its manual labor: since the s, international shipping corporations have employed Tuvaluan seamen, whose remittances make an important contribution to the economy. Division of Labor. Traditionally, there was little full-time specialization, though certain people were acknowledged experts at fishing, navigation, defense, canoe making, house building, and gardening, A Polynesian man wears a traditional costume at a ceremony on Tuvalu Island.

This division was often formalized into bodies of knowledge jealously guarded by particular descent groups. Traditional chiefs were not necessarily exempt from working at the common range of pursuits, although today high-status individuals e. Younger people, especially men, are expected to take on more physically demanding tasks, while older individuals attend to more sedentary work.

Specialization has taken hold mainly in the church and in government. Classes and Castes. On most islands, traditional chiefs aliki headed the major descent groups and sometimes deferred to one or two paramount chiefs.

In no case did chieftainship give rise to a caste system. The chiefs seem to have been as much religious leaders as political ones, but they shared religious authority with spirit mediums and diviners. While the latter were suppressed by missionaries, the chiefly system survived. Its power was greatly reduced under missionary and colonial hegemony but has never disappeared and is occasionally revived.

Embryonic class formation has appeared on Funafuti, caused by occupational specialization, the increasing importance of cash in the economy, and the fledgling development of business. Obligations to kin, however, continue to have a neutralizing effect on class-generated upward mobility.

Symbols of Social Stratification.

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Traditional chiefly status is said to have been symbolized by certain objects and prerogatives: pearl-shell fishing-lure necklaces, reserved seating against the head post of the meetinghouse, and the right to the head of all turtles caught. Many of these privileges are now bestowed on the village pastor. No clear markers of incipient class differentiation have emerged, other than the mostly subtle material and symbolic correlates of social achievement e.

The written constitution established a Westminster-style system. The British monarch is nominally head of state and represented locally by a governor-general, whose role is largely honorific.

Each island elects one or two members of a twelve-member parliament apart from Niulakita residents, who vote for a Niutao delegate. The leader of a parliamentary majority becomes prime minister and selects a cabinet from elected members.

Leadership and Political Officials. Achievement of national leadership positions follows quasi-traditional principles.

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It requires personal charisma, evidence of divine protection e. As in Western parliamentary practice, compromises and informal deals occupy a central role in Tuvaluan politics. Political parties with agendas and policies do not exist at either local or national levels. Political alignment is best understood as loosely structured and potentially unstable factionalism, configured by local-level kinship ties. Politicians receive the same deference as other high-status persons positive politeness, some avoidance, etc.

Social Problems and Control. A small police force maintains order on each island, where magistrate courts regularly sit to deal with drunken and disorderly conduct, breaking and entering, unpaid debts, and failure to keep pigs confined.

More serious crimes, such as rape and embezzlement, are sent to the high court on Funafuti.

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Informal mechanisms such as gossip, shaming, and public admonition are effective. Tuvaluans place high value on the maintenance of harmonious interpersonal relations, and have long taken pride in presenting themselves as a peaceful and law-abiding society.

This image began to come into question in the late twentieth century with rising crime rates, particularly in the capital, said to stem from increasing contact with the outside world, the greater availability of liquor, the decreasing power of traditional forms of social control, and the presence of returned seamen.

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Kinship groups and island communities continue to take primary responsibility for welfare and social services. Tuvalu has a strong tradition of volunteerism, whereby persons and families present food, services, and money to the community on occasions such as a child's educational achievement or a wedding.

Feeding the entire island is also a common way of asking for communal forgiveness for a transgression e. Competitive fund-raising and other forms of resource pooling occur frequently. The product of these efforts may be destined for a third party, such as a neighboring island in need or the island's pastor, or may be redistributed among the members of the group. Individuals, groups, and communities can gain considerable prestige from generous contributions to such efforts.

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Conversely, the system can place less fortunate individuals under substantial strain. Many types of organizations form and reform around specific identities and purposes: women's groups, dancing groups, religious groups, "development" groups.

Their purpose is often to raise funds or pool resources. Some, such as village sides and choir groups, are more enduring than others. Individuals may belong to many different groups simultaneously or consecutively, and may thus negotiate their allegiances strategically. While most groups are confined to particular island communities, some are part of national organizations with links to international bodies e.

A few international organizations, such as the Save the Children Federation and overseas volunteer agencies, have played a notable role in development. Division of Labor by Gender.

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There was and is a general gender-based division of labor, more marked in ideology than in practice. Men engage in open sea and lagoon fishing from canoes as well as the gathering of coconuts and palm toddy and the more strenuous forms of cultivation. Women share the activity of reef fishing and collecting and take responsibility for weaving and infant care, as well as for harvesting some crops and preparing food.

This division is less ideologically clear-cut in modern occupational fields, although in practice women are overrepresented in menial positions while men overwhelmingly control key positions in the labor market. The Relative Status of Women and Men. In daily life, there is relative gender equality. The coercion of women by men is strongly condemned, although forms of it e. Women's lack of power becomes evident in formal contexts.

They are seriously underrepresented in local structures of authority and power despite the occasional appointment of a female chiefas well as in the higher ranks of government, civil service, and the church.

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The choice of a marriage partner is today dictated by a mixture of kinship alliance and personal choice. Island communities differ in terms of their preference for endogamy marriage within one's group and exogamy marriage outside one's group but marriage between "avoidance" relatives up to third cousins is always strictly prohibited.

Marriage is one of the most important rites of passage in Tuvaluan society, since it legitimizes children and establishes new kinship links in relation to land rights and the flow of resources.

Very few people fail to marry. Polygyny having more than one wife was suppressed by missionization, and present-day attitudes concerning marriage, sexuality, and family obligation are strongly influenced by Christianity.

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Divorce and remarriage, rare until recently, are on the increase. Domestic Unit. Marriage establishes a nuclear family that usually lives with the husband's parents though sometimes with the bride's parents until after the first child is born.

Households of one or more such families are generally headed by the most senior man or sometimes woman. Household composition can vary greatly over time and space, and may include distant relatives on long-term visits.

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Children are often redistributed among related families by different levels of adoption, allowing grandparents or childless siblings to maintain multigenerational domestic units. Descent has an agnatic male bias, as shown in property inheritance. Thus, while the apex of a descent group is typically a founding set of siblings, and the estates that accrued to them could be inherited by males and females alike, eldest sons inherited most.

Kin Groups. Kinship is cognatic, with important links being traced through both parents in the construction of ego-centered kindreds.

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Extended families do not necessarily live contiguously. They continue to function as significant units as long as they share ownership of particular plots of land, from which they "eat together" kai tasia condition that encourages the sharing of other resources e. When such arrangements are weakened because of genealogical distance or a breakdown in interpersonal relations, the various branches agree on a division of the property held in common and gradually cease to share other resources.

Infant Care. Mothers are infants' primary care-givers, but a wide range of kin may be mobilized if necessary. Infants are generally showered with attention and affection; but they are also socialized to be attentive to surroundings, as in being held facing the center of interactional groups, and adaptive, as in being expected to go to sleep in the middle of well-lit, crowded, and noisy households.

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Child Rearing and Education. Children, especially girls, are involved in the rearing of younger siblings, who are expected to stop depending on the attention of mothers early. Physical punishment is used but it is rarely severe, with amicable relations restored almost immediately. Shaming and peer pressure generally prove more potent sanctions, and the peer group tends to play an important role in socialization. Education is highly valued, although most nonelite households do not provide children the space and time to study.

Competence in English, a requirement for advancement in the educational system, is a major stumbling block for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip tour Tuvalu, which is still a British Proctectorate.

Higher Education.

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Students who graduate from secondary school may attend tertiary institutions overseas in Fiji, New Zealand, or Australiausually with the financial assistance of donor countries. Few Tuvaluans have obtained tertiary qualifications, and those that have are guaranteed employment in the national bureaucracy. Across all contexts, everyday interactions between most people emphasize convivial informality, positive politeness, and indirection.

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