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Veronica Mars is the titular character of the series. After her best friend Lilly Kane was murdered and her dad lost his job due to accusing Lilly's father, Jake Kane , Veronica became motivated to solve the mystery herself. Young Veronica Mars watching a sock-puppet show performed by Keith Mars. By the time Veronica was six her mother's problems with alcohol were evident enough that Veronica would half-keep an eye on the levels in the bottles around the house, already understanding that there was a connection between them and her mother's behavior. Veronica spent much of her childhood around the Balboa County Courthouse.

When a weeping Veronica collapses into Logan's arms after discovering all of this, who could blame her? There's even a perfect mirror image of the season 2 premiere, with Logan holding Veronica on the couch instead of the reverse, and who doesn't love romantic symmetry? Even once Keith shows up alive, Veronica and Logan remain bonded by the insanely traumatic night they just shared, and they finally get back together once and for all. It's plain sailing for several episodes to come, until This was rough, but not unexpected.

After just eight episodes as a real couple, it's clear that Veronica and Logan aren't emotionally ready to be with each other, and that Veronica's too fiercely self-reliant to let her guard down in the way Logan wants her to. The only surprise is that it's Logan who ends things, telling Veronica he's not built to sit on the sidelines while she refuses to accept help.

He also tells her he'll always be there if she needs anything and kisses her on the forehead, and honestly that just makes the whole thing more agonizing. The Kickstarter-funded movie was always going to lean heavily towards fan service, given that it was literally funded by fans, and Rob Thomas did not hold back on giving shippers exactly what they wanted with this no-holds-barred kitchen sex scene, which sees Veronica and Logan reuniting after years apart.

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A little backstory: The movie picked up with Veronica in the thick of a new life in New York, only to be drawn back to Neptune by Logan, who's been framed for murdering an ex-girlfriend.

Needless to say, Veronica does her thing, gets his name cleared, and rekindles the LoVe flame right before Logan-who's now a smoldering military man who looks obscenely good in uniform, BTW-ships out on his next deployment. After all these years, the movie reconfirmed that Veronica and Logan still got each other in a profound way they couldn't deny as adults. There are a lot of great season 4 moments between the something Veronica and Logan, who have now been together and very much in love for five years-a handful of stellar sex scenes, that proposal, and the emotionally charged scene in which Logan calls Veronica out for trying to provoke him into regressing.

Executive producer, writer, and all-around goddess Diane Ruggiero-Wright has our backs. I wanted to physically see them do this. I wanted Veronica to be wearing some form of a dress. It doesn't have to be a puffy, circa wedding gown. But I wanted to see her have a wedding Usually the things that I fight for are out of the fangirl in me being like, 'Please, let me see this.

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Let me have this. Give us this. I love that the season 4 finale literally ended right after their wedding and nothing else happened at all! I mean, the title of this episode alone. How dare you, Rob Thomas?

I refuse to dwell too much on the details of this incredibly controversial ending, which reduced Logan to collateral damage in Veronica's story.

Veronica Mars is a American neo-noir mystery film produced and directed by Rob Thomas, who co-wrote the script with Diane keitaiplus.com is a continuing film adaptation based on the television series of the same name created by Thomas. The film stars Kristen Bell as the titular character, alongside a supporting cast that includes Jason Dohring, Francis Capra, Krysten Ritter, Percy Daggs III.

Suffice it to say, Patton Oswalt's unlikely supervillain plants a bomb in Veronica's car, and she doesn't realize until seconds before it detonates with Logan inside.

On their wedding night. While Veronica is still in her wedding dress.

Created by Rob Thomas. With Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III. After her best friend is murdered, and her father is removed as county Sheriff, Veronica Mars dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune. Jul 27,   A Complete Timeline of Veronica and Logan's Epic Romance in 'Veronica Mars' WARNING: This story contains major spoilers for season four of Veronica Mars on Hulu. were dating . Jul 20,   Spoilers for Veronica Mars Season 4 ahead. In the world of TV shipping, few couples can claim to be quite as epic as Veronica Mars' Logan and Veronica. Come on, Author: Sabienna Bowman.

The very first line of the original pilot which didn't air, but is available on YouTube and the show's DVDs is Veronica saying "I'm never getting married. This twist is especially disappointing after the fourth season developed such a compelling, thorny adult dynamic between Veronica and Logan, and illuminated how much Logan had grown while Veronica was still clinging to the past. All in all, I'm devastated.

If you've read this far, you're probably also devastated. So let's bask in Veronica and Logan's greatest hits and maybe just live in denial forever. United States.

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While Logan loves his mother Lynnhis relationship with his abusive father Aaron is largely hostile. Intimations of Aaron's abuse begin to emerge partway through Season One when he punishes Logan for embarrassing him by whipping him with a belt. Some episodes later, Logan's sister Trina sarcastically refers to Logan's claims of other abuses at Aaron's hands, including being burned with cigarettes and having his nose broken-claims which, despite Trina's skepticism, Veronica has reason to believe are true.

Nonetheless, Logan's feelings toward his father are made ambiguous by the inherent parent-child bond, Logan's unusually deep capacity for love and loyalty, and Aaron's own complex character, which includes intermittent and generally self-serving attempts to support his children, and some degree of parental protectiveness as seen, for instance, when he beats up one of Trina's abusive boyfriends.

Logan receives little comfort from his mother, who turns to pills to distract herself from her husband's adultery and violence.

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Logan hides his dysfunctional home life from his friends at school, where he acts out his frustrations by bullying weaker students and flaunting his status as a member of the wealthy '09er community in front of less affluent students. Ultimately, the Echolls family self-destructs when one of Aaron's sexual conquests, having seen him having sex with another woman, stabs Aaron at a Christmas party, leading to the exposure of his chronic infidelity.

In reaction, Logan's mother Lynn leaks stories of Aaron's other affairs to further damage his public image and, when Aaron confronts her, vows to divorce him.

Chapter 4: The Good Times And let the good times temporarily roll. We're big fans of friendly/dating Veronica and Logan - even though there wasn't nearly enough of that in Veronica Mars' three. Jul 27,   Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls were not originally meant to be together?, but have become one of TV's most beloved romances. Here's a full timeline of their relationship. Veronica Mars is an American teen noir mystery drama television series created by screenwriter Rob keitaiplus.com series is set in the fictional town of Neptune, California and stars Kristen Bell as the eponymous character. The series premiered on September 22, , during television network UPN's final two years, and ended on May 22, , after a season on UPN's successor, The CW, airing for No. of episodes: 72 (list of episodes).

When Aaron retaliates by threatening to use all of his resources to destroy Lynn's life if she leaves him, she drives to the Coronado Bridge and jumps off, to her apparent death. His wife's suicide shames Aaron so much that he retires from acting and concentrating on trying to save his disintegrating relationship with his son although it is implied that this behavior is only an attempt to get money from Logan, whom Lynn left all of her money to.

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This uncharacteristic attempt at kindness fails, however, when Veronica reveals that Aaron had murdered Logan's girlfriend, Lilly Kane, in an attempt to retrieve tapes that he had made of himself and Lilly having sex. After trying to kill Veronica, Aaron goes on trial and, with help from con artist turned '09er trophy wife Kendall Casablancasmounts a successful defense.

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The defense blames Duncan for his sister's murder, denies the affair between Aaron and Lilly, and accuses Veronica of lying about Aaron's attempt to kill her. Logan himself has bolstered the defense case by having bought the sex tapes, which had been stolen and put up for bid by a sheriff's deputyand erased them to prevent them being posted on the Internet.

Despite both Logan's and Veronica's testimony regarding the content of the tapes, their evidence is discredited, and Aaron acquitted. Once acquitted, Aaron makes a last-ditch effort to reconcile with his son by forcibly reminding Logan that, as a free man, he now controls the family fortune Logan had gained power of attorney over his father's wealth while Aaron was awaiting trial. Ominously, Aaron threatens to cut off his wayward son's finances, but never has a chance to carry out his threat.

Duncan Kane, furious that his sister's murderer had gotten away with the crime, arranges for Aaron to be murdered by Clarence Wiedman the head of security for Kane Software in his hotel room. Logan discovers his half-brother when he gets help from Veronica to investigate the disappearance of trust money left to him after Aaron's death. Logan eventually agrees to meet with his long-lost half-brother.

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However, Logan has been tricked by a reporter who knew of the love child and acted as Charlie to get the insider's scoop for a Vanity Fair article; the story is ultimately dropped when Logan makes a pre-emptive appearance on Larry King Live and announces the scandal. Logan's real half-brother ignores all of Logan's calls, angered that Logan exposed him to media scrutiny and destroyed what normal life he may have had. In Season 4Logan and Veronica are planning their impromptu honeymoon since they just got married.

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Logan walks out to move their car on the street, when a bomb in a backpack, left there by Penn Epnergoes off. Logan dies instantly, leaving Veronica behind as a heartbroken widow. Prior to Lilly's death, Logan and Veronica were friendly and, with Lilly and her brother Duncan, were part of a close-knit clique at the center of Neptune High's 09er social scene. The two were portrayed as being close, although even Veronica did not know about Logan's abuse at the hands of his father.

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The seeds for the inevitable falling out between the two friends began when Veronica caught Logan kissing a new transfer student the daughter of a famous rap music producer and told Lilly about it. When Lilly refuses to speak to Logan, he quickly realizes that Veronica had ratted him out. Later, Logan would confide to his school's guidance counselor that this was the catalyst for him turning on Veronica: He rationalizes that had Lilly not broken up with him, he might have been with her when she was attacked and fought off the attacker, saving her life.

When Lilly is murdered, Logan holds his tongue, but two subsequent events give him an excuse to vent his hatred for Veronica.

The first is when police video footage showing Lilly's dead body is stolen from the Sheriff's department and posted all over the Internet. Consumed with anger, Logan gives Veronica an ultimatum: Publicly denounce her father, or be declared "dead" by Logan and the 09er crowd.

Veronica stands by her father, and she is effectively blacklisted at school and in the community, turning her into a pariah. His disdain for Veronica comes to a head when Veronica crashes an 09er party. Shortly after Veronica's arrival, Madison Sinclair gives Veronica a drink that had been given to her by her own boyfriend, Dick Casablancas.

Unbeknownst to Madison, Dick had spiked the drink with GHB supplied to him by Luke Haldemanin order to ensure that he could have sex with the normally chaste Madison that night.

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After Veronica succumbs to the effects of the drug, Logan organizes for his fellow party-goers to take "body shots" off the now helpless and perhaps unconscious girl. When Duncan Kane comes to Veronica's defense and drags her away from Logan's mob, Logan secretly uses the same drug on Duncan, drugging his drink in an attempt to get the unusually tense Duncan to relax.

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In his drugged state, Duncan wanders past the bedroom where a drugged Veronica is lying unconscious; they then have what Duncan at least believed to be consensual sex. The date-rape drugs ensure that Veronica would only have vague memories of the night, but when morning came Veronica is quite aware that she had been raped. Duncan flees in the morning because he still thinks that Veronica is his half-sister. By their junior year, Logan and Veronica are unambiguously adversarial.

Logan mocks Veronica's mother an alcoholic who abandoned her family ; Veronica counters by arranging for Logan to be suspended by planting drug paraphernalia in his locker.

Jason Dohring Had No Idea He Was Going To Become Veronica Mars' Love Interest

While they appear to hate one another, for Logan specifically this metaphorical 'dance' between them is rooted in more than just disdain-he frequently watches her for inordinate amounts of time and it becomes clear he has a crush on her even if he does not recognize this himself.

The seeds of their future relationship are further firmly planted when they share a meaningful look during Lily's memorial video.

Veronica mars dating timeline

The Wrath of Con. With Lilly dead, Duncan becoming emotionally distant and apathetic towards the 09er social scene, and Veronica persona non-gratathe beginning of their junior year shows Logan becoming the de facto leader of the Neptune High 09er community. Surrounding himself with a new inner circle that includes fellow social snobs Madison Sinclair and Dick Casablancas, Logan begins a reign of terror that plays into the ever-present class warfare among the teens at Neptune High.

His grief for his dead girlfriend and the worsening physical abuse he is secretly suffering at the hands of his father leads Logan to misbehave more frequently and extremely, spurring Veronica to christen him as Neptune's "obligatory psychotic jackass". The only common ground that exists at this point is Duncan Kane, who Logan has remained friends with even though Duncan himself refrains from participating in the bulk of the activities of Logan's new clique.

Duncan is moody, very depressed, withdrawn from his peers, and still in love with Veronica. Logan attempts to use Duncan's presence in social situations to reach out to Veronica, in hopes that Veronica might bring his friend back to life. But Veronica refuses, partly out of disdain for what Logan has become and partly out of a desire to stay away from Duncan due to the cold way Duncan ended their relationship before Lilly's death.

This only intensifies Logan's hatred of Veronica. The relationship between Logan and Veronica begins to thaw when Logan volunteers to make a tribute video for the Kane family for their slain daughter, to be played at the dedication of a memorial fountain at Neptune High. Despite his desire to create a tribute to his ex-girlfriend and best friend, Logan is frustrated at the fact that the Kane family only provided him home movies and photos of Lilly to work with.

In Logan's eyes, none of the material captures Lilly's true nature, the side of her that her friends, her brother, and her classmates knew and loved. When Veronica learns about Logan's project, she offers him a videotape shot a year before Lilly's death, the night of the group's 10th Grade Homecoming Dance, showing Lilly with Duncan, Logan, and Veronica having fun.

Logan thanks Veronica and uses the footage of the four in the video tribute. Logan and Veronica's relationship thaws for good after Logan's mother commits suicide. Believing that his mother could still be alive, Logan hires Veronica to investigate the possibility. Veronica agrees, and while the investigation fails to provide the answer Logan is looking for, the time together is enough to cause the two to abandon old grudges.

Their relationship further grows when Logan saves Veronica from a young undercover ATF agent, who is seeking to frame a local bully for plotting to blow up Neptune High. At this point, Veronica and Logan begin dating, though Veronica insists that they keep their relationship a secret because Logan's clique still hates her, and because she fears how their mutual friend Duncan would react. Their relationship goes public when Logan's father makes a cheesy attempt to make up for lost time with his son by throwing a surprise "birthday" party.

A Trip to the Dentist Logan and Veronica walk into his house kissing, only to find his friends including Duncan waiting for them. As his friends react in shock at Logan being caught red-handed kissing the girl he had spent over a year demonizing, Logan openly tells the 09ers present that if any of them refuse to accept Veronica as his new girlfriend, they are "pretty much dead" to him. Logan's willingness to stand up for Veronica to his friends helps soften the blow when Veronica learns that Logan indirectly provided the drugs that led to her being raped.

While she is initially furious at Logan, her anger lessens when she learns that Madison Sinclair was also responsible albeit unknowingly. When Veronica confronts Logan, she forgives him for his part in it, and Logan reveals that he had given Duncan the drugs that led to his having sex with Veronica.

However, she readily forgave him again. Things fell apart for Veronica, however, when she finds hidden video cameras in Logan's pool house, where he had taken Veronica in order to make out. At the time, she does not know that they were Aaron's cameras and that Logan had no knowledge of them.

Furthermore, Veronica learns that Logan had Dick and Cassidy Casablancas provide a false alibi for him for the day that Lilly Kane was murdered.

Leave It to Beaver. Despite his brother's demands that the two keep their word to Logan about his alibi, Cassidy eagerly tells Veronica that Logan had left the Casablancas brothers early during a trip to Tijuana to see Lilly. Logan had learned that Lilly had a new boyfriend Weevil, though by this point, Lilly had dumped Weevil and moved on to Logan's father Aaron.

As her father clears Abel Koontz the man convicted of murdering Lilly of the murder, Veronica convinces Sheriff Lamb to arrest Logan for Lilly's death. Logan is oblivious to the fact that Cassidy had betrayed him, and calls Veronica to come help him. Sheriff Lamb then breaks the news to Logan that Veronica is to blame for his arrest. After being released on bail, Logan confronts Veronica and the two have an emotional conversation in which Logan pleads his innocence:.

In order to find the note that Logan wrote Lilly, Veronica sneaks into a party being thrown at the Kane estate dressed as a waiter. Duncan catches her checking the vents in Lilly's room a popular hiding spot of Lilly's and after a tense confrontation, convinces Duncan to let her retrieve the letter. Instead of a letter, they find a set of videotapes, featuring Lilly having sex with Aaron Echolls. Veronica rushes to get the tapes to the authorities and deals with a now deranged Aaron Echolls attempting to murder her, in order to stop Veronica from exposing him as the murderer.

Meanwhile, at the same time, a drunk and despondent Logan heads to the Coronado Bridge to tempt fate and possibly jump. He is prevented from doing anything serious by Weevil and his fellow PCHers. Weevil, much like Logan, is still haunted by his love of Lilly Kane and is consumed with anger at Logan, wanting to inflict vigilante justice to ensure Logan would pay for "murdering" the woman he loved.

Weevil is taken out of the fight immediately when Logan takes advantage of a temporary distraction and kicks him in the head, rendering him unconscious. Logan's drinking leaves him with blurry memories of what ultimately happens next: Thumper suddenly turns against Felix Toombskilling his fellow biker and planting the murder weapon on Logan to frame him for the crime.

The murder is part of a complex scheme by Thumper to curry favor with the Irish crime family known as the Fitzpatrickswho were furious that Felix was dating the daughter of a high ranking Fitzpatricks gang member.

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