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Power was clearly the main brief, and given the lack of restrictions Stateside, designers were given free reign to let their technical drawings do the talking. As joint ventures go, this was definitely one for the record books. Given the right internal components and set-up, the resultant swept volume of air means this model is capable of generating an impressive 24ftlb in. Of course, FAC power levels require an Firearms Certificate , which can be an unnecessary fuss in the eyes of many; but for those able to satisfy the criteria, the HW80 represents a satisfying venture into high power airgun shooting. The up side to this, is that in most respects, the HW80 is over-engineered; meaning all the components are working at a level where they are placed under far less stress than would otherwise be the case.

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We did, of course, check that all the screws were tight. And the lock-up felt good, too.

WEIHRAUCH HW80, HW95, HW98HW77 & HW97 Front Stock Screw Part No. Weihrauch HW80 Air Rifle. for-$10 Test! Add to Cart. for-$20 Mount/Zero Scope! Add to Cart. 1-Year Service Contract - only $ Add to Cart. 2-Year Service Contract - only $ Add to Cart. This product is out of stock. Estimated in-stock date /5(15). Weihrauch HW80K can be regarded as one of the best spring powered air rifles around thanks to its full power, and full size action which provides unparalleled performance in both hunting, and target action is built around a 30mm main tube which provides a large swept volume upon firing.

However HAM Tester Eric Brewer, an experienced and FT match-winning springer shooter was very happy overall with the accuracy he achieved with the gun, as you can see by his comment on the test target below! Of course, the Weihrauch HW80 air rifle is fitted with the famous Rekord trigger. This two-stage trigger is adjustable for first stage travel and trigger creep by removing the stock.

Jun 21,   The Weihrauch HW80 air rifle is one of the - now relatively rare - breed of "quality first" spring/piston-powered break barrel air rifles. It makes no attempt to compete with other products claiming "Zillion FPS" Muzzle Velocities or with a marketing name - and acronym - for every part of the gun%. Weihrauch Sport has been making superior airguns for over years and is one of the most successful airgun makers today. Their state-of-the-art German facilities combined with generations of fine airgun craftsmen have created a unique marriage that brings us the best of all worlds. Weihrauch's heavy-weight classic has certainly come a long way. What started out as an exercise in kinetic energy output, has certainly stayed the course, with appeal across the board. Immaculate finish, and precision engineered components, coupled with that oversized configuration, continue to give the classy HW80 a deserved reputation.

However that prominent screw behind the trigger blade allows the user to adjust pull weight. Due to the design of the Rekord trigger, both first and second stage pull weights are adjusted at the same time by the same screw.

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As always, we tested this Weihrauch HW80 air rifle with the trigger as set by the factory. As always, the Rekord trigger has a comfortable, ridged, metal blade that has a comfortable and natural feel for the ball of the trigger finger.

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However, the cocking action was smooth and consistent. It was also aided by the long barrel.

The R1/HW80, and its several variations, gave rise to a lighter, easier to cock model: the R10/HW Weihrauch then produced an under-lever spring piston rifle, the HW This gun opened fully for loading directly into the breech of the barrel, like a Feinwerkbau match keitaiplus.comarters: Mellrichstadt, Germany. Date Your Weihrauch Product. Would you like to found out in what year your Weihrauch product was manufactured? Then please fill in the form below and get an estimated year of production (based on the contents of the database entries on this site). = Confirmed by Weihrauch = URL opens in new window = Unlikely year/date of purchase = Unapproved / unconfirmed entry = Unable to determine production year = Purchased year altered by Webmaster Serial number Model Caliber Manufactured Purchased Secondhand Country Shop Date added; HW Yes (NL) HW

We measured the cocking force as 34 Lbs. This is very close the FPS of the test gun using 7. It was far exceeded by the he lighter, 5. The robust construction, the excellent accuracy and the powerful mainspring guarantee an extraordinary efficiency and penetration power especially at longer distances. Is the Weihrauch HW80 the best break barrel air rifle available, as Weihrauch says?

Well, it certainly was and still may be. So, yes, the Weihrauch HW80 probably is the best break barrel air rifle available today - as the manufacturer says. The average Standard Deviation - shot to shot variation across a string - was It fell to 9.

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It varied between about This is a tighter spread than we normally encounter. The trigger pulled at an average weight of 3 Lbs 2 Oz. Such variability is obviously well controlled by Weihrauch. Again, we would expect this to improve with use.

As a traditional, un-slienced air rifle, the Weihrauch HW80 air rifle gives an average level of report, appropriate to its power level. Note that the ultra-light, alloy pellets were distinctly LOUD, however! Lead pellets did stayed under the Speed of Sound and so were much quieter. And, of course, this issue would not apply to larger calibers where the maximum Muzzle Velocity would be less than 1, FPS. There are plenty of airgunners who like to shoot using iron sights.

In fact, the manufacturer includes no less than six different interchangeable elements. These are easily interchanged and give the owner a wide variety of options for open-sight shooting. Naturally, the Weihrauch HW80 air rifle can also be fitted with a scope.

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Very good! The Weihrauch HW80 air rifle has a simple, classic design. The stock is simple yet comfortable.

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However it can be shot by left-handers also. The stock is fitted with a comfortable rubber recoil pad and this aids in taming the not inconsiderable recoil of the Weihrauch HW80 air rifle. It feels fast because it is fast! That makes the Weihrauch HW80 air rifle a gun for the experienced shooter. However he also was very clear that the HW80 was smooth straight out of the box.

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He was also impressed with the lack of twang from the spring. The all-up weight of the test gun and scope was 10 Lbs 13 Oz. This, combined with the heavy pull and long overall length of The HAM Team likes the simple, classic design of this gun.

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We also like the deep - almost black - effect of the blueing and the perfect, polished finish of the metal parts. This is typical for all the Weihrauch-manufactured airguns HAM has ever tested. However, it is readily available online from Pyramyd Air and other premium airgun dealers.

Weihrauch HW80 Air Rifle Free US Ground Shipping. Sale Price: $ Compared at: $ You Save: $ Manufacturer: Weihrauch (HW) 1 review(s) Add to Wishlist. Purchase. Select. Quantity-+ Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. The selected item is 5/5(1).

Although this is a long air rifle, you may need to remove the iron sights if you have a very long scope with flip-up lens cap. The manufacturer supplies a generic instruction manual for the Weihrauch HW80 air rifle. This is in English, German and French and contains a huge amount of information. This was the first mass-produced German.

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Double and triple barrel shotguns, over and under shotguns, and large bore hunting rifles rounded out the line and established an excellent reputation for quality.

InWeihrauch began international sale of bicycle parts and mechanical door closers. At the end of the war, Zella-Mehlis became part of the Soviet occupation zone and Inthe Weihrauchs were forced out of their homes and factories by the communist government.

Otto Weihrauch became a mechanic and later a gunsmith in Zella-Mehlis. Hermann Weihrauch, Jr. There, with the help of his long-time hunting club friends and former customers, and his son Hans, he started the Weihrauch business all over again in the barracks of a pre-war laundry.

Spare parts for bicycles were their first and main products. When German companies were again allowed to manufacture airguns in the early s, Weihrauch made their first air rifle, the HW Model 50V. This airgun had to have a smooth bore because the Allied Occupation Government would not allow rifled barrels. However, because they were not allowed to produce firearms, they put their efforts into making the finest sporting airguns in the world.

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Even after the firearm manufacturing ban finally was withdrawn, the Hermann Weihrauch KG company continued to produce sporting air rifles of the highest quality. The little HW 25 was slanted towards the youth market while versions of the HW 30 and HW 50 continued as solid mid-market air rifles.

Weihrauch HW 80 K - Air Rifle Review

The HW 55 was one of Europe's leading barrel-cocking target rifles. The rather uncommon HW 55T version with its ornate Tyrolean-style stock, usually sporting fine walnut of exceptional grain, has always been a favorite among offhand shooters and collectors.

In they introduced a full size sporting air rifle in the guise of the HW35 which was to become their most successful model and was the first to feature the famous Rekord two stage sporting trigger developed from the target trigger of the HW55T, a trigger design that remains across the range unchanged to this day, the HW35 furthermore boasted a locking barrel catch and an automatic safety located at the rear of the cylinder, the HW35 was such a successful model that despite its relatively modest power output it still remains in the company's range, almost unchanged to this day.

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The EL54 was an early attempt at achieving magnum power in a spring-piston air rifle. It is an HW 35 with an ether injector attached on the right side of the compression chamber tube. A medical ether ampule was inserted into the device and crushed. Each time the rifle was cocked and loaded, a shot of ether was injected into the compression chamber, where the heat of compression ignited it, raising gas pressure in the compression chamber.

After Hermann Weihrauch, Jr. The company celebrated with the introduction of the HW 70 air pistol. The company had begun plans, and first production, of a repeating air pistol before World War II, but the war aborted its regular production.

Although pre-war HWZ sales literature shows an illustration of that thirty-shot top-lever spring piston air pistol, only one specimen of that HWZ LP-1 air pistol is now known. He surprised Hans Sr. The close connection between the owners of the Weihrauch company and Beeman Precision Airguns led to one of the first if not the first joint ventures between a German-based manufacturer and an American airgun distributor.

After a period of importing Weihrauch-designed airguns, the Beemans had decided that they needed to introduce a German-made air rifle with American styling and features.

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They had determined that their main need, in addition to new styling, was a power level above anything that had been known before in the airgun field. They had been very impressed with the quality of the long running HW 35, but puzzled by its power, which was lower than that of the Feinwerkbau Model That gun, for which Beeman had developed a large market in the U.

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Based on their computer simulation studies, the Beemans proposed a new air rifle model with the quality of the HW This cooperative development program resulted in the Beeman R1 sold outside of the USA as the Weihrauch HW 80 in a lower power version with a more European-style stock.

The new model quickly became the best-selling adult sporting air rifle; it is credited with bringing the American airgun market into the world of adult airguns.

Due to delivery problems with the longer, more complex R1 stock, the first HW 80 rifles were available some weeks earlier than the R1. This led to the incorrect conclusion made by some that the R1 was a copy of the HW Although the Beemans provided the full specifications and design features of this pistol, there was an initial misunderstanding about the external appearance.

The factory presented a rather bulky, high top, " Desert Eagle -like" design which the Beemans did not think would appeal to the American market. They felt that it should follow the very popular and trim lines of the Colt automatic pistol. So the Beeman Company quickly made a plaster-of-Paris, life-sized 3D model which the Weihrauch technicians used as a model for the final design. The Weihrauch engineers were far ahead of their time in a different way because of another misunderstanding: they thought that, because the Beeman plans were blank in the powerplant area, that Beeman had suggested a single-stroke pneumatic air system instead of the desired, more powerful spring-piston action.

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The huge commercial success of the P1 design was aided by its many features: high power, accuracy, solid metal construction, three caliber choices, different choices of finish, and especially its great flexibility: the ability to fire at two power levels, integral scope rail, and the availability of a Beeman-designed shoulder stock.

Weihrauch then produced an under-lever spring piston rifle, the HW This gun opened fully for loading directly into the breech of the barrel, like a Feinwerkbau match rifle.

This was a great improvement over under lever air rifles which utilized a loading tap from which the pellet had to leap into the barrel. The HW77 and HW77 Carbine, with their rigid barrel and easy cocking and loading, became extremely popular in countries with lower power limits.

The field-style air rifle designs for the American market were a great success because only a very small minority of adult airgun shooters were involved in any competition or group shooting activities.

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Field target shooting was the most popular of the American group airgun shooting sports, but even that involved much less than one percent of adult airgun shooters.

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