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Finding a great guy to date nowadays seems impossible for some women, so when she finds what seems like the perfect guy, she should go for it, right? What to do?! A girlfriend of mine found herself in this predicament. She had known him for years and he was a great friend of the family. They flirted here and there, but her brother just chalked it up to his younger sister having a little girl crush on one of his friends - until she came of age. Maybe I was just oblivious. But I would imagine that if I thought very highly of both my brother and my best friend, why would I have an issue with them dating?

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Who wants to picture their sibling getting busy with anyone, let alone with your best friend? I can see how it would get tricky and, possibly, messy.

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What if they break up? Are you caught in the middle? Make sure the guy in question actually likes you as much as you like him.

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Make sure you talk to your bestie first to see how they feel about the possibility of you two dating. Not that you need permission, but definitely consider their feelings and their point of view.

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Chances are they know him way better than you do and could possible spare you some heartache. You have your own bed so use it. Make sure to always check in with yourself and see where your emotions are, but if everything is going well, just enjoy the moment with them.

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This is your chance to let go and have mind-blowing sex. This is your best friend that you want to have sex with, remember that. So, before you jump into bed with them, you need to really think about this.

The last thing you want is a ruined friendship. Is having sex with them really worth the risk?

What to do when you hook up with your best friend

Now that you know the rules for sleeping with your best friend, try your best to follow them. Liked what you just read?

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It's Hard To Return To The Friend Zone You Can Lose Your Best Friend. When you're in the friend zone, things are cool. Everyone knows their positions and nobody is unhappy. Things are sweet. When you hook up, you momentarily leave the friend zone and enter the "hooking up zone". This is a really, REALLY fun zone for a few minutes. May 11,   A few months ago I drunkenly hooked up with my best friend's boyfriend. Let me give you a little bit of the back story: A group of us had gone away for the weekend and at the last minute my best friend, "Mia," was unable to go. At the end of a very drunken night, my best friend's boyfriend, who I will call "Darrell," and I ended up in bed together. Jan 09,   Whether you've been in love with someone for a while or got caught up in the heat of a moment, knowing what you should do when you hook up with a friend's ex can help you Author: Griffin Wynne.

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Learn the rules for sleeping with your best friend first. If you would like to brave the cursed situation of hooking up with someone whose friendship you value, then read on to look at the bright side of hooking up with your best friend. Chances are if you are best friends with a guy, he has thought about sleeping with you, touching you in an appropriate manner, and he has even thought about dating you.

Guys gravitate towards the familiar, and they sure appreciate the comfort-ability that goes along with having a girl as a best friend who just might be down with a friendly hookup.

Helping your girlfriend hook up with your best friend?

So next time you catch him randomly looking at you; really think about what he could be thinking about. There is a deep bond between best friends, and that deep bond is not lost when you call someone of the opposite sex your best friend.

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They know you inside and out and chances are your conversations have gotten deep over the years; they may know who your first sexual encounter was with and they may even know what your favorite position is. This is where that best friend bond can come in handy; so if you are going to take the leap of faith, at least use the knowledge you have of one another to make it unforgettable.

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Just like everything else in life, there are high risks involved when you choose to sleep with your best friend.

It could completely ruin your friendship and you may never talk to that person again.

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There is also the chance that you are such good friends that if the "friend with benefits situation" does not work out, you can bounce back easily into that oh so comfortable friendship zone. And if that does not work out, well, you always have other friends, right? Granted it is not the ideal situation and even if you think your friendship is strong enough to surpass this possibility, think again.

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It happens more often than not. You may miss each other, but sometimes there is just no going back. There is a good chance that this situation could be a simple one and done.

Jan 04,   You like him and he likes you, so what's stopping you two from hooking up? The dilemma: He's your best friend's brother. What to do?! A . Nov 21,   One of the worst things you can do after hooking up with your best friend is to make it awkward. Above everything, he is your best friend first and Author: Jenny Meyers. Mar 02,   Try this: when your friend isn't looking, knock one of her books off of her desk. Right in front of the person, then step away quickly. If they isn't a jerk, they'll pick it up. Now they'll know who you're talking about when you ask if they like your friend%(52).

Obviously the latter is what most people hope for and if you work at it, it can be your outcome.

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