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The first episode of Suits aired back in June Since then, we saw nine seasons and over episodes of the legal drama telling about a fictional law firm in New York City. We saw the characters growing professionally and personally and we've always been interested in who they are in real life. Let's see who the actors from Suits are dating! If there were some actors that you didn't really know of before the show became popular, Katherine Heigl is definitely not one of them.

When he is on hiatus from the show, Gabe spends his time goofing around with his wife and kids. Ruggedly handsome Stephen Robert Macht is an actor and at the same time a Jewish chaplain. Stephen is cited by his son as being one of his greatest mentors in life. Severally, Stephen has been a guest cast on Suits making it a family affair sometimes.

Suzanne is a museum curator and archivist.

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Since August 30,she has been married to Stephen Macht. We believe their marriage of over five decades is indeed a strong example for their kids to follow.

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Like legendary songwriters, he uses his songwriting as a form of storytelling. Ari looks so much like his brothers that you would think they are triplets. Julie is a lawyer and was once a district attorney in the Bronx. She is one of the reasons why her brother finds it so easy to be a lawyer in the TV show. She was previously engaged to another actor Chris Hardwick but it was called off.

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She has been called upon for numerous roles in Hollywood thanks to her convincing accent. Together with her reserved husband, they are co-parents to two kids.

While there's no real Harvey Specter in the real world, the skills and behaviours that make Harvey who is is ARE real and it's definitely possible to learn them. His skills are exaggerated for dramatic effect, but they are rooted in reality. The f. Gabriel Macht is one of the big reasons why the show is so popular. He plays the role of Harvey Specter, an aggressive, witty and dapper lawyer who's got a quick banter. You might think Gabriel in the real life is like his Type A fictional character but on the contrary, he is exactly the opposite. Date of Birth: January 22, Zodiac Sign.

Satine is the first Macht baby and since her arrival, she has been a big source of joy to her family. Luca is the latest addition to their family that includes a dog Lucky and a fish.

Who is harvey specter dating in real life

Your email address will not be published. Dashing Suits Star Gabriel Macht and his lovely family. After 4 years of dating, the couple got married and are now loving parents to their two kids. And becoming a father is enormous.


Besides Sarah, Gabriel is also a close friend to another star of the series - Meghan Markle. Even though Meghan is now busy parenting and handling her new royal duties, she and Gabriel are still good friends.

It should have been a fantastic weekend for the newlywed royal couple but there was someone special missing. We are talking about Sarah Rafferty and her husband Santtu. Can you believe that the stunning Sarah Rafferty is already 47?

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She and Santuu, who is Finish, met at Yale University and have been together ever since. The two have been married for 18 years now and are parenting two children. The actress and her husband have chosen very interesting names for their kids.

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Let us know why you think this day of the week was so important to them that they named their baby after it! Katrina has been one of our least favorite characters from the start - considering the way she made it into the firm and her contentious relationship with Mike. But the more the show went on, the more we sympathized with her and her troubles with love. Amanda has been in a relationship with her now-husband George Wilson for 11 years.

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Just like many actors on the list, she met George on set. She starred in Mao's Last Dancer, a movie inspired by a professional dancer's autobiography, filmed in Australia. Turns out Amanda dedicated 26 years of her life to being a professional ballet dancer, so this role was perfect for her. Her elegant floating over the dance floor caught the eye of the graphic designer of the movie. After three years of dating, one of them had to leave their homeland.

Amanda is very lucky that George is very supportive of her career.

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He left Australia so that Amanda could carry on her career in Hollywood. Looks like having a baby is a next step for Amanda! Just like her character Sheila Sazs, Rachael Harris became the mother to her baby boy when no one was expecting it - at the age of Rachael and her husband Christian Hebel, with whom she has an 8-year difference, were very excited to welcome their second baby last year.

They only welcomed their first baby in They had a couple of their closest friends, including Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka, who were their two witnesses, and longtime pal - Kelly Ripa. Mike and Rachel were a perfect couple but it turns out his real-life wife almost ruined this perfection on screen. She was played by Patrick's then-girlfriend Troian Bellisario.

Their love story is too cute to handle.

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Both Troian and Patrick were in the middle of intense filming schedules. Patrick just wanted to have some time to relax so he invited Troian over to his house. Imagine her surprise when she saw that Abrams had built a pillow fort and stapled sheets and Christmas lights to the ceiling.

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They were just friends at first but after spending so much time talking to each other, they realized their connection could not be ignored. Eight years since then, Bellisario posted a pic on Instagram, telling their sweet story and turning it into a tradition to celebrate their Fort Day together with close family and friends.

Now, they have a much bigger fortress - their new home, where they're raising their first baby girl who was born in October last year. Looks like they're beyond happy!

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Jessica is an example of a strong, intelligent and elegant woman. Her own spin-off that came out this July turned out to be pretty successful.

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In it, Jessica enters the world of dirty politics and had to deal with it somehow. What do you think about this series? Though Gina's career has been on the upswing these days, the same can't be said for her 16 year-long marriage to Laurence Fishburne. There are no bad guys here. Only a love story with a different ending than either one of us had expected. The two parted ways quite amicably, as they are still rising their daughter together.

Even though Gina has been through some tough times, she's now doing very well for herself and enjoying her life. Unless you live under a rock, you know that Meghan Markle is now the Duchess of Sussex and raising her baby with Prince Harry. The couple chose to handle their first appearance with their baby in their own way, just like they've done with everything involving their relationship all along.

Instead of a big crowd of photographers and people waiting outside the hospital, they had a very cozy reception inside the Windsor castle. While busy raising her child, Meghan still keeps in touch with her co-stars from Suits.

Jul 02,   Harvey Specter, the impossibly slick, impeccably tailored, and aggressively successful New York corporate lawyer at the centre of the legal dramedy Suits, . For example, they frequently dine at high-end restaurants, Harvey takes Mike to Atlantic City in tuxes, Louis Litt has two great seats to each show of the ballet, and the partners live in spacious Manhattan apartments. This is a real phenomenon. Turns out, Rick and Louis have it in common. In real-life, year-old Hoffman is still single. According to a rumor that's been circulating for a while, Rick is gay. He played the role of a gay man in the movie titled Our Time Is Up. After all, Rick tries so hard to keep his love life away from the media's Julia Korneva.

She is good friends with Sarah Rafferty and Gabriel Macht. It was so cute to see the whole main cast at the royal wedding in fancy dresses and hats. But the bride, Meghan, certainly was the most beautiful woman that day! Did you follow the wedding along with the rest of the world?

Who is harvey specter dating in real life. Harvey and harvey spector does almost everything well. Jessica's eyebrow-raising demands and premiered on from mike agreed. How samantha wheeler come into his former therapist of dating scene to work for the. Hazel, take two former legal comedy-drama suits season 8 premiere date spoiler service on. Mar 20,   Who is Harvey Specter's girlfriend Paula Agard in Suits? Season seven of Suits saw Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) asking out his former therapist Paula Agard (Christina Cole). The . Jul 08,   So on today's episode, we're going to be looking at the character Harvey Specter from the TV series suits to see how his archetype can make us more attractive to .

Now when the show is over, are you glad to learn more about its cast? Which was your favorite Suits couple on-screen and off-screen? Were you also cheering for Harvey and Donna? What do you think about the series finale?

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