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Yoo Seung-ho is one of the most popular actors in Korea. In , Yoo Seung-ho began to move away from his image as a child actor, and took on more mature teen roles. He began his two years of military service in , taking an enforced break from the entertainment world during that time. Yoo Seung-ho entered the South Korean military on March 5, , and was discharged on December 4, 21 months. After his discharge, he returned to acting and has been doing it ever since. But has he actually dated any of them? Or was it just a one-time spark and chemistry on the screen?

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Finally, he concluded as follows. Back then, there was a rumor going around about Park Shin-hye and Yoo Seung-ho. There have been lots of rumors and stories about them.

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He also admitted Park Shin-hye was his ideal type. Yoo Seung-ho and Park Sing always make a lovely couple.

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The two just laughed about it, though they both revealed that their other was their ideal types. People who watched the drama and love their chemistry especially the popular kissing scene wish they were really dating, but when asked about the rumor, the couple answered that they were just close friends.

This was his first television interview after he returned from the army, and he explained about his ideal type.

Before this interview, Yoo Seung-ho also talked about his ideal type in another interview. He described her as a girl around his age. I like women who have long, wavy hair.

Yoo Seung-Ho and Chae Soo-Bin Now. At the moment, Yoo Seung-Ho and Chae Soo-Bin aren't working on a shared project with each other. Yoo Seung-Ho is busy with a drama called Bok Soo's Back, which going to air around December , and Chae Soo-Bin is busy with the drama Where Stars Land (English title) or Fox Bride Star (literal title). Mar 13,   In an interview, Park Shin-hye talked how the actor looks, "Yoo Seung-ho is handsome / cool but I think it's cute." Kim So-hyun In , the two actors worked together in a K-drama called The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, many fans hoped and believed that Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun had started dating. The two just laughed. Chae Soon-bin is currently rumored to be dating 'I Am Not A Robot' co-actor Yoo Seung Ho. The drama aired on MBC from 6 December , is a romantic comedy all about a woman who pretends to be a robot and a man who is perfect in everything.

No wonder he said that she was his type. Is this a coincidence, or were they really dating back then?

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What do you think? When I started doing adult roles, I had a hard time and received a lot of criticism. The actor also shared that he had received offers for special admission into several universities, but rejected them all due to his acting career.

I still feel that way, so I have no thoughts of going to college.

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I can do a good job with gangster roles. After hearing that the AI robot is almost like a human, Kim Min-Gyu is interested and asked Hong Baek-Hyun to deliver the prototype to his home so he can test it himself. However, things happened and the AI robot got broken.

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They were thrown into a panic and were just about to give up, when Hong Baek-Hyun came up with a crazy idea. He confessed that the robot was actually modeled after his ex-girlfriend, so he suggested that they send his ex-girlfriend instead of the real robot.

Mar 29,   The people who entered in her life include some big names like Baek Gyun and Uhm Ki Joon. But after the premiere of 'I am not a Robot' series, her name is frequently allegedly linked with Yoo Seung-ho. Chae Soo-bin Before Fame. Soo-bin graduated from Konkuk University and started to think about her career. Jan 23, - Jelang tamat, MBC akhirnya merilis video preview drama I am Not A Robot episode Di episode I am Not a Robot sebelumnya, Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin) tidak lelah terus mendekati Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho) yang merasa Kim Min Kyu akhirnya melembut dan memaafkan Jo Ji Ah serta tim santa maria. Akan tetapi, mereka mulai menghadapi kesulitan . Feb 06,   Chae Soo Bin "Yes, I'm dating" [Where Stars Land Ep 26] - Duration: 6. Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So Hyun and L Infinite for Ruler Master of The Mask in NHK BS Premium Japan

At first, things were out of control because the team opposed the idea and Jo Ji-Ah Chae Soo-Bin the ex-girlfriend disagreed, but eventually, everything was settled and the plan proceeded.

He then believed that the robot is the key to his recovery.

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However, things were not as smooth as he imagined it to be when he found out about the truth. Nonetheless, in the end, it was revealed that through all the misunderstandings and miscommunications, Kim Min-Gyu and Jo Ji-Ah fell in love with each other and they ended up having their own happy ending together.

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