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Oh what a beauty this scent is! Guerlain aficionados and indeed the company itself believe it to have been ahead of its time and thus underappreciated. Now, my dear, I do have the flacon strie but I also have a bottle, still I have quite a few of my Guerlains in this design including Vol de Nuit. Sorry I don't have a picture to post. Thank you as always for a lovely piece! I'm so impressed with your wealth of information.

Then, later, if you want, you can delve into the detailed sections for any further information that may pop up as a factor in your searches. Happy hunting, Anne!

Oct 11, † At one point I obsessed with dating Guerlain bottles and tracking down specific years, but I don't remember anything about a PDT for Samsara. If the seller claims such a weird date, he obviously didn't do his research. August 30, at pm Reply. (please note: this short "Guerlain Guide" is at 90accurate and tested with dozens of boxes and bottles; however, no one is perfect, and some mistakes could occur. This guide was written by a genuine perfume lover as a tribute to beloved Guerlain perfumes, without any other purpose). RARE Eau De Guerlain PARIS Perfume Bottle *Owned By Movie Star Jane Withers* Wild Cat Collectables. $ Antique Matchmaker. Vintage French Shalimar By Guerlain Eau de Toilette Perfume Bottle w/ Orig Case Box. Antique Matchmaker. $49 OFFER. NOLA Pearl Girls. Vintage Mitsouko Guerlain Perfume Bottle.

I also got a Marly box in a satisfyingly dusty purple. The juice has darkened a little bit, but not nearly as much as your Avion bottle judging from the pics. I paid a decent price, too and the seller was fantastic, it arrived in mint-condition. I am having a Mitzah-like meltdown I think. Thank you SO MUCH for all the information, I would never even have thought about looking on American without you and your massive amount of knowledge, much less been able to actually find a worthy bottle.

Ahhhh I have realized a years-long dream. After reading your reaction, I feel as emotional as you do, cherie. Anything compared to your Mitzah reaction is wonderful news.

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There was such an indescribable euphoria, such giddiness, such an overwhelming feeling that it practically swept over my brain and body, impacting my nose. At least, I hope that is how it was for you, too. My suggestion to you is to go after a really old bottle of the EDT as well. It also has advice to switch the cork stopper for the crystal one when opening the bottle after the first use. Very true. One might not know if a bottle with a glass stopper is an Avion one or not. As I noted in the ate to Part I, the seller subsequently found and sent me the glass stopper in its little square box with the writing you describe, and the other cardboard box, so in this case, too, everything had been kept together.

Ultimately, though, the only real thing that makes an Avion bottle stand out is its rarity and, in my opinion, none of that matters as much as what the fragrance smells like. For me, at the end of the day, age and its impact on the scent will always be more important than packaging. What a cool read this series has been!

In contrast, old Emeraude just knocks me out.

many thanks for

Love the stuff. I have never tried any Seriously Vintage Shalimar, though, and maybe that makes the difference but probably not, given my usual tastes. Thank you for the kind words on the research.

What an incredible and exhaustive body of work. I am impressed and grateful for this guide. I read every word and checked out the Guerlain blog. I was not a Shalimar lover, but your guide sent me on a quest to find the magical 60s extrait or an aged EDT.

I am dead sure is not a Gobain bat; it looks more like Pourchal and is just over 3 inches. The perfume has a long, lemony raw bergamot topnote before going to vanilla and jasmine. No amimalic note detected.

I estimated it at early 80s.

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None of this would be possible without your guide. Thank you! Do you like the scent of the one you bought? Are you tempted to go after some even older versions now? Vintage Shalimar can become quite an obsession, at least it did for me in terms of hunting out older bouquets.

The more I wore it, the more I wanted to explore the scent across time. I wondered what all the hype was about until I read your articles. Are you referring to the labels that look like postage stamps? White with blue writing and often a number in a square within? I wish I could. And the stamp thingy is two colors, mostly blue, some orange. The stopper is lovely, grooved, frosted glass. Hi Kafka, maybe here you could find some useful infos.

What a Superb finding! Dear Andre, you and Elena are fantastic, a truly invaluable resource to the entire perfume community. My kudos to the both of you.

Which one do you buy?

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What is the price differential between the two? Both of those factors would influence my eventual decision. Speaking solely for myself, the size and price of a bottle cannot be ignored. The size matters in particular because I have a tendency to hoard and to be extremely miserly when I only have a small amount of a fragrance that I adore.

I become so reluctant to use it up that I often end up not wearing it at all. These vintage fragrances, the really old ones, are in very finite supply. And if, on top of all that, a bottle is old as well well, the quantity is even more finite.

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That goes for a s bottle just as much as a s one, by the way! Ha, Option C! And a very good Option C, too if one has the money to do it. Either way, I like your style, Guy. When I was scouring for vintage Shalimar throughout this past week, I found myself gravitating towards the oldest bottle I could find that I could definitively date, rather than the one with the darkest color I could find.

Ah well, too late now! The juice looked deep and syrupy. I took a chance and bought it because it was a reasonable price considering the bottle is half full. The photos of 2 of my bottles showed nothing that was clearly delineated, but one of them clearly had markings when I received it and saw it in person.

Everything looked like accidental scratches. The photo, though, shows a sort of squiggly line which I had thought was just another scratch in the glass which might actually be the leftover remainder of a Baccarat symbol etched into the glass. My point is, lack of visible markings on the bottom of your bottle is probably a fading issue and the seller is highly unlikely to have taken the time to photograph the base in a way that would highlight any faint markings.

The more standard bottle for the length of the late s and s in Parure Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum was the long refill bottle in the Habit de Fete gold canister with the cut-outs (left and right of the top photo): 50ml for Eau de Parfum and 93ml for Eau de Toilette. Before that there was the flacon goutte (shaped like a large tear, hence teardrop bottle) with a mushroom-like cap.

When you receive your bottle, you may want to see what camera close-ups reveal. I have a bottle that I was given boxed in the early 70s from my grandmother not new which has never lived outside of the box and even still the etching on it is quite faded. BTW, congratulations on what sounds like a great bottle! Mind if I ask how much you got it for?

I also bought another bottle with very little juice from another seller for Note to Kafka, perhaps we could have a place on your blog to post recent purchases and then crowdsource the age estimates through the comment section.

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Dear Kafka, I saw umbrella bottle on -extrait with volume 7ml. In zigzag box and it says on the bottom of the box N 7. The box inside looks like white or cream cardboard. Do you know anything about it? Best regards, Nataly. So, all I can tell you is that the box indicates the perfume is from somewhere between and the early s.

The N is just missing a small o it seems, possibly faded over time? This link has a partial catalog listing of the vintage catalog numbers. Too much turkey.

Thank you, my dear! This was great and very helpful. It always slips my mind and I end up calling it internal product codes. I just called my 30 year old son Angela too, who is my 35 year old daughter. Old ladies and turkey are no laughing matter. All parents do that at some point with their kids. Did you have a good Thanksgiving, my dear? On my end, I think I surpassed myself this year with my stuffing and my cranberry sauce. Granted, the latter had enough booze and wine in it to kill a hound dog, but still it was damn good, even if I do say so myself.

Thank you very much for your comments.

Dating guerlain perfume bottles

Good Morning Kafkaesque I love all your reviews and all your in depth research on bottle makers and dating of Guerlain. I also have been on a quest for a few years.

I have a picture of a Cristal Romesnil Shalimar bottle that I sold last year, almost to the day. I had no idea how much it would be worth to me at that time. I was really focused on Baccarat at that time. I am not able to copy the photos from my original listing so I hope you can get to it from this link. Since the time I originally listed it, I have learned so much more about Guerlain Vintage. If you are able to get the picture of the base from the link, you will now have the elusive Cristal Romesnil acid etched logo photo.

I had read at that time they stopped making Shalimar bottles by but I am not so sure that is accurate.

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Here is evidence those bottles exist. Thank you for the kind words on the reviews, but also for the link.

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I finally got near a computer and did a manual Google search for that listing by number and saw the photo. Most of all, though, what a beautiful bottle of Shalimar you had! The liquid is such a beautiful brown colour!

Vintage Guerlain Shalimar Perfume Bottle/Purple Box 1/2 OZ Sealed 3/4+ Full $ Free shipping. Make Offer - Vintage Guerlain Shalimar Perfume Bottle/Purple Box 1/2 OZ Sealed 3/4+ Full Vintage Guerlain Vol De Nuit Baccarat Style Perfume Bottle & Stopper - 3" Ht. $ If your bottle is marked Gaillard, J. Viard or J. Villard, it was made during s. Lucien Gaillard was a contemporary of Lalique and designed many Art Nouveau perfume bottles for notable French perfume houses such as Clamy and Violet. Posted in Floral Oriental, Guerlain, Orientals, Perfume Profiles or Interviews, Vintage Fragrances | Tagged Baccarat crystal Shalimar bottles, Cristal Romensil Shalimar, Cristal Romesnil Shalimar bottle, Dating Shalimar bottles. Dating vintage Shalimar on , Guerlain batch codes, Guide to Vintage Shalimar, Guide to Vintage Shalimar by year.

Thank you as always for a lovely piece! I'm so impressed with your wealth of information.

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I feel like you are laying out history that will be easily accessible for future generations! It's practically public service. Thanks so much! Parure is one of my all-time favorites. This is phenomenal info to have, in case I run across any bottles fingers crossed :-D Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

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Dear Elena! What a treat this morning: an article about Fidji which i recently discovered in the new version, which i really like, but now i have to hunt down the vintage. I actually have it in perfume form in the umbrella bottle, which i do not see mentioned in your article. D, you're absolutely right: Parure is a wonderful true Guerlain, very underrated because it circulated like a secret, never much promoted and then abruptly cut off.

I don't have a mental picture of another at this moment. You're most welcome, glad you enjoyed! Musette, you're most welcome. I get a kick out of laying out perfume history, it's ingrained in me, can't help it.

GUERLAIN PERFUMES / FRAGRANCES ( donít get upset for nothing ) ?? ??

Wendy, thanks for commenting and so happy you liked the articles. It's always a pleasure seeing people getting a kick out of them or having meaningful commentary to make.

I have added it with a link to my Umbrella Flacon article. Thank you! The only one NOT coming in that design is Nahema, strangely enough. Fragrance is the colour of a soul, an impression that becomes one with the individual, and an integral part of their being.

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Everyone dreams of finding their "perfect fragrance". The perfume that conveys the infinite nuances of a personality and provides ultimate and unique satisfaction.

The perfume that conveys the infinite nuances of a personality and provides ultimate and unique satisfaction. One that makes you unique, incomparable. At Guerlain, custom designed fragrance is a tradition that dates back to Since , GUERLAIN has been driven by the Culture of Beauty. As a perfume designer, each and every essence leads to a form of inspiration and audacity that GUERLAIN alone can enhance. Oct 18, † That stem is a tell-tale giveaway of a newer bottle by Saint Gobain, and is a dating factor that I've relied on a lot. According to the Guerlain Perfumes blog, Saint Gobain bottles also had "wide feet" and, if you look at the base of the bottle here, you can see they're talking about. The bottle .

One that makes you unique, incomparable. At Guerlain, custom designed fragrance is a tradition that dates back to Guerlain has proven itself to be an outstanding listener, even to the most diverse personalities, and this tradition continues today. For the last twenty years, Guerlain fragrances have been produced in Orphin on the outskirts of the Rambouillet forest.

Here, traditional craftsmanship is integrated into the efficacy of automated production lines. The site's employees work together to produce 1 million litres of "juice" and package 13 million bottles every year. Everything is "home made" to extremely high standards of quality and excellence. It is a tribute to the profession that has forged the House's reputation since Perfumer.

Showcased with its outstanding staging, which was made possible by the House's unique heritage, this new space is an invitation to explore the mysterious world of Perfumery.

La maison Guerlain. Our Spas and Institutes. Our Commitment.

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Les Rendez-vous du bonheur. Les Parisiennes. Les Parisiens. Les Eaux Exclusives.

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