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Goan Recipes- Goa's got everything a hot tourist destination does: sun, sand, beach and most importantly, good food. Authentic Goan food is one of the biggest reasons tourists flock to this glorious state. It's spunky; it's got personality and is seriously addictive! Goan food is extremely different from the food of other regions and this can be attributed to its rich and diverse cultural heritage. It's a potpourri of flavours: beef, pork , coconut, jaggery, cashew and an endless variety of seafood. A lot of Goan dishes like Prawn balchao and Sorpotel are well known and relished around the world.

This recipe calls for liver and any cut of pork. If you choose to omit the liver, simply substitute more pork. Tangy and spicy, this curry is almost a staple food in Goa.

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It gets its creaminess from the grated coconut, and, unlike many Indian curries you see in American restaurants, is thick and textured from all the spices. These prawns are deliciously battered in semolina wheat, also called rava.

Rava is a ubiquitous ingredient in South Indian cuisine, especially present in many breakfast foods. These golden, crispy fried prawns make a terrific appetizer. This prawn pickle is a characteristically Goan dish. Unlike more popular dishes like vindaloo, you won't often see this on menus in other parts of the country.

The prawns are pickled in chile, ginger, and vinegar. Allow at least three to five days before enjoying. This delicious curry is hot and sour, and traditionally made with shrimp or even shark, but due to sustainability concerns, that is changing.

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Use shrimp or a firm-fleshed fish here, like cod or mackerel, for best results. It's a comforting meal with plain steamed rice. This fiery shrimp gravy is almost like a pickle in that packs a bit of heat. It, like many of the dishes on this list, reflects Goa's Portuguese heritage. Do as the Goans do and serve it with hot plain boiled rice.

Sannas are Goan rice cakes not unlike idli found in other parts of South India.

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Neither sweet nor savory on their own, they're the perfect fluffy starch for soaking up spicy curries or rich pork vindaloo. A traditional rich Goan dessert, bebinca is a must have at any celebration, be it a birth, wedding, Christmas, or Easter. Making bebinca requires patience. Thanks for visiting! The Goa coastline. Goa, the smallest Indian state on the west coast, has remained the dream destination for many all over the globe. Its pristine beaches, unique cultural mix, warm and hospitable populace, charming locales, food, and upscale accommodation have drawn national and international tourists for decades.

My relationship with Goa has largely been gastronomically platonic.

Oct 14, Goan Desserts. You cannot finish a Goan meal without their signature desserts. Dodol. Photo courtesy of Amir Ridhwan/Shutterstock. Coconut is a predominant ingredient in most of these, be it Bebinca, which is a ten-layered pudding-cake made from flour, coconut, egg yolk, and sugar, or batica, which is served with scoops of ice cream. During.

My first visit to Goa happened when I was I went as a tourist from Eastern India with my parents and sisters, and except for the fact that I had almost burned my feet at Calangute Beach, I barely remember how we spent the holiday. My second visit was when I was more aware.

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I had taken up a two week reporting internship and barely managed time out of my schedule to explore Mapusa, the city I was in.

From both visits, the impressions that have lasted the time in my consciousness surround Goan food.

Goans (IPA: [/'gojka??/]; Goan Konkani: ???????, goykar?; Romi lipi: Goenkar; Portuguese: Goesas) is the demonym used to describe the people native to Goa, India, who form an ethno-linguistic group resulting from the assimilation of Indo-Aryan, Dravidian, Indo-Portuguese and Austro-Asiatic ethnic and/or linguistic ancestries. They speak different dialects of Konkani natively. B eing a Goan, Goan cuisine has been my specialty. This cuisine is very close to my heart and is my all time favorite. This page is one place for all those people who search for Goan recipes on my website. I will be sharing Goan recipes which I have learnt from my Mom, Mom-in-law, aunts and friends from Goa. Find Your Goan Matrimonial Partner Hassle Free And At Low Cost. Account Creation And Contacting Of Members Is Free Of Charge Online. Simply Register, Verify Your Telephone & Start Writing to Members FREE! Join s of Other Goan Brides & Goan Grooms, Who Are Already Registered On Our Goan Matchmaking Website.

Ironically, I do not remember what I ate there, but the food was unique, very different from chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, or shahi paneer and the rest of the lavish Indian fare. Goan food was hot, red, with a dash of sweet and sour from the vinegar and coconut; it was fiery yet comforting.

And addictive. It evidently had a Western influence, albeit that of Portugal, yet both cuisines are seas apart. As a result, in whichever part of the world I am, I rush at the smell of yummy Goan food.

And there was no exception to this rule when the restaurant in a reputed hotel in my city invited three specialist chefs from Goa and threw open a Goan food festival.

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Chicken Xacuti - A homey Goan curry. The first day of the festival coincided with a Sunday. That was the best day to attack the rawa fried chicken, pork vindaloo, crab xacuti, chicken cafreal, chicken balchao - not to mention the many sweet dishes. So excited I was after the buffet, I had to connect with my friend in Goa, who is also a reputed chef and immensely knowledgeable about food per se, Vasquito Alvares, affectionately called Vasco. With his help, I draw up a list of must know, must eat foodie items here.

Goa was essentially a Hindu region that was taken over by the Portuguese in Init was re-occupied by India.

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Naturally, the Goan cuisine is greatly influenced by the Portuguese, and the Hindu stream still continues to be alive, simultaneously. Goa has a large population of Christian Catholics, who are the patrons of the Indianized-Portuguese delicacies. Their diet has pork as staple and their cooking style uses a lot of vinegar.

The Hindu line of cuisine is also called Saraswat and predominantly includes fish and seafood. If you are visiting Goa, and want to taste its authentic cuisine, ditch the make shift restaurants on the beaches.

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Pomfret Curry, Goa, Western India. Just so that you can pretend to be knowledgeable in the cuisine, and prevent being fooled by overzealous eatery owners, here are a few terms you must be familiar with:. Like several other Indian cuisines, Goan cooking is also down trending.

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As people get busier, traditional Goan dishes that were cooked in earthen pots and wood fire over long durations are naturally on the decline. A few local chefs are working hard to keep the local tastes alive.

Goan Seafood Recipes. Prawn and Lady Finger Curry Prawn Rissoles Caldine Curry Goan Fish Curry The Exotic Prawn Xeque Xeque Shark Ambot Tik Apa De Camarao Crab Xacuti Prawn Balchao Sweet & Sour Prawns Samarachi Kodi Bangda Curry or Goan Mackerel Curry Prawn Masala Chilly Fry A Simple Prawn Chilly Fry Prawn Pan Rolls. The act of proposal is the first step in a Goan wedding. The encounter takes place in the early hours of the morning in most of the communities. Some of the wealthy people plan it during the evening hours. In a typical kunbi community the proposal is said poetically at the Goan wedding. Goan Catholics (Konkani: Goenchem Katholik) are an ethno-religious community of Christians following the Roman Rite from the state of Goa on the west coast of are Konkani people and speak the Konkani language. Seafarers from Portugal arrived in Goa in CE, and Catholic missionary activities soon followed, as Pope Nicholas V had enacted the Papal bull Romanus Pontifex in CE.

My friend Vasco, explains with examples:. Goan feijoada is one of my favorite dishes.

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For Vasco, feijoada and chicken cafreal form his comfort foods. A restaurateur, a caterer, and an entrepreneur, Vasco spent five years in cruise ships and every time he returned for a break, he would demand pulao and chicken cafreal for his first meal at home.

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Delicious chourico. The Galinha Cafreal, probably the most loved Goan dish both to visitors and natives, has its origins in Africa. It apparently came to Goa with African army men bringing with them their cuisine.

How the name came to be is an even bigger mystery. There are a million versions of this dish, each chef adding their own personal touch, not necessarily improving it but simply over complicating this simple preparation.

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The original recipe was just a paste of piri piri chillies and sea salt rubbed onto the chicken before it was roasted on an open pit, and basted with coconut milk every few minutes. The Cafreal available today, depending on the restaurant, contains everything from rum to red wine to Worcestershire sauce and even garam masala. The misconception that it is a green colored dish has made the best of chefs even add mint.

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If you are in Goa, or anywhere near a Goan restaurant, you must sample Sorpotel, which is again a derivative of a Portuguese stew. Characteristically thick, spicy, and red, the Sorpotel tastes even better with a little aging - set it aside for a day or two and then relish. The coconut based gravy of Xacuti tastes similar to the Malaikari preparation from West Bengal, although with its characteristic zing from the tart ingredients.

The Xacuti, pronounced as sha-coo-ti, is mild yet with a distinctive flavor. Vasco says these are all homely meals eaten by Goans almost every other day. Courtesy of their distinctive style, however, these have reached the global dining table. The Goan sausage, Chourico, is salted and sundried and Vasco warns us not to confuse these with frankfurters and cocktail sausages.

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Cooking these sausages is like cooking rice - it is easy to cook and it is easy to mess up. The best way to cook these sausages is to cover them with water, toss in some onions, and simmer till all the water is replaced by that lovely bright red sputtering fat that it should fry in for a few minutes.

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There are countless ways to eat them though the easiest ways is perhaps to shove some in a warm crispy Undo or Poi.

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