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Uses FlexMatch to create a game match for a group of players based on custom matchmaking rules, and starts a new game for the matched players. Each matchmaking request specifies the type of match to build team configuration, rules for an acceptable match, etc. The request also specifies the players to find a match for and where to host the new game session for optimal performance. A matchmaking request might start with a single player or a group of players who want to play together. FlexMatch finds additional players as needed to fill the match. Match type, rules, and the queue used to place a new game session are defined in a MatchmakingConfiguration.


Client not working? Flexqueue matchmaking seems pretty broken, I have to beat diamonds in solo and flex to get out of silver. FlexQueue: It feels kinda odd that I have to beat players that are in diamond in solo and flex just to get out of Silver.

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Yes it is unbalanced. I'm plat1 lp in flex now and I'm matched from flex silvers to flex challengers from time to time.

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One game the enemy team had 2 flex challengers who were the same rank in soloq too and in my team I was the highest flex ranked player. Many times a teammate adds me after a flex game to duo and we can't queue up due to elo difference.

Most flex chall are dia in soloq.

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I would search for the match history but it was like 2 or 3 months ago so op. I play on EUNE so do some search if you don't believe. Early this year, January maybe, I played a game against a Challenger and two Dia I'm Silver. Sometimes this shit matchmaking can be fun. Once I got donghuap and bobjenkins dueling it out in the top lane in my flex game! I've never played with anyone higher than diamond 3 in 3v3 and I'm in my promos to get into plat. This is the reason I stopped doing 3v3.


Even in normal games I get matched against plat and up. If they can fix it, I'd love to go back to 3's.

Nov 28,   Flex queue. How many can you play as: 1, 2, Disadvantages: Matchmaking problems still abound, and mismatched groups (duo bot lane vs. individuals, group of . Uses FlexMatch to create a game match for a group of players based on custom matchmaking rules, and starts a new game for the matched players. Each matchmaking request specifies the type of match to build (team configuration, rules for an acceptable match, etc.). The request also specifies the players to find a match for and where to host the new game session for optimal performance. To maintain match fairness, we're switching Flex's matchmaking to be more similar to Clash's which prioritizes balance across a much broader range of MMR. We're currently locking down which upcoming patch to ship these changes in. Preseason Ideas in Exploration.

Most of my friends including me have almost the same amount of games played in flex than soloq. Some tryhard on it, some just use it for normal draft 2.

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If you play one it doesn't mean you can't play the other. It does mean you aren't playing the other at the same time though.

Matchmaking. Check out these matchmaking and dating site affiliate programs! Help connect your site visitors to "that special someone." With dating, matchmaking, and community socialization websites rising steadily in popularity, you'll want to drive your traffic towards our ever-expanding lineup of matchmaking, dating and personal websites like! Jun 02,   It will also focus Ranked Flex's matchmaking to become similar to Clash, prioritizing balance across a broader range of MMR. Upcoming projects for It isn't too late to plan for the upcoming year, and Riot already has some ideas at hand. It plans to improve the progression system for promotional series, as well as ate inter-division. For more details working with matchmaking events, see Set up FlexMatch Event Notification. For more information on matchmaking ticket statuses, see MatchmakingTicket in the Amazon GameLift Service API Reference. MatchmakingSearching. Ticket has been entered into matchmaking.

Those people who are ranked. I bet you that they have at least 5 times the games of solo queue than flex queue. I have like ranked games on 4 accounts and not a single one of those ranked game is in flex :.

I have around games in soloq and around in flex. I can usually find easily someone to join my games, most of my friends are high ranked in flex.

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Probably because they never play it? Or we might be the special ones, who knows.

Flex Matchmaking Preface, I am Gold 1 in flex and just started my promos for plat. I am used to getting diamond and sometimes even masters players in my games who simply dont play flex often so their flex rank is low enough to end up in high gold/low plat elo games. I am FlexGhost29 I am part of of Fortnite clan called Flex. If you are new to the channel make sure to subscribe. Also if you subscribe you join the Raven army and make sure to sub to Flex Clan. Rank and Matchmaking Rating (MMR) Flex Queue and Organization - Hovering somewhere between a social competitive queue for groups and a quasi-competitive queue for those looking to try out some new things, it's unclear exactly what Flex is supposed to be best at. We're taking an immediate look at loosening up restrictions for group.

I use it for normal draft with friends. Gives an incentive to win normal draft. Although I only have like 40 games played compared to games in solo queue. During my flex promos my first game I was the highest elo in the game and everyone else was gold d5 at the time and my second game I had to play against two challengers and three d3s with a silver Janna otp support.

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Surprisingly I won the second and lost the first. That's really not the same issue as OP. He was like n placement games so likely still the same MMR as you in flex at that time. Remember the 2 Elo ratings are entirely independent of one another. Pretty weird situations for me too.

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G3 solo, silver 4 flex. But I think you just have a separated MMR, only for flex. And the occasionnal high lvl player runnig a flex game has just not his true ELO at all. And I sometimes get matched with people being diamond in flex so the same ranked queue.

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Enemy team had three plats: their botlane and jungle. It was a pretty sad stomp. It's literally there so people can just play ranked together.

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That's the sole purpose. I'm not taking flex seriously myself since I only play champs there I want to try out in a semi competitive environment, that doesn't justify that silvers have to play against legit diamonds in the same queue.

Also flex matters to the casual player in the same way soloqueue does in that it gives the same rewards.

IWD VISITS BRONZE (Broken Flex Queue Edition)

If you want to be "competitive" just play solo q. I'm pretty sure most of the people, including me, don't take flex seriously they're just using it as an escape from tilting in solo q, kinda like normals. I just play flex the same way I play normals.

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Usually if I want to try something out or a champ but it is still something legit. Ticket has been entered into matchmaking. This includes new requests and requests that were part of a proposed match that failed.

FlexQueue: It feels kinda odd that I have to beat players that are in diamond (in solo and flex) just to get out of Silver. Matchmaking broken again? Enemy Team: Draven is Diamond V in solo and flex. Jarvan IV Gold II flex and Gold III solo. Vladimir Diamond V in solo and flex. Cassiopeia Plat V in solo. Bard plat 4, plat 3. My team.

A potential match has been created. This is emitted for all new potential matches, regardless of whether acceptance is required.

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Players have accepted a potential match. This event contains the current acceptance status of each player in the match. Missing data means that AcceptMatch hasn't been called for that player. Match acceptance is complete due to player acceptance, player rejection, or acceptance timeout. Matchmaking has successfully completed and a game session has been created.

Matchmaking ticket has encountered an error. This may be due to the game session queue not accessible or to an internal error. Javascript is disabled or is unavailable in your browser.

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